But, I would bet they make more eventually as they tend to. There are still digital products available too, and stores may have a few on the shelf. First off: I like it. I like it a lot.

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But, I would bet they make more eventually as they tend to. There are still digital products available too, and stores may have a few on the shelf. First off: I like it. I like it a lot. It is a nice bookm with a ton of really cool fluff to further flesh out Iyanden, a great color section with examples of paint schemes and unique Iyanden markings, etc.

This book really brings the sub-faction of Iyanden to life. I have read a lot of belly aching online about the fact that there are only 2 pages of rules. Seriously, these are a few rules that pack a lot of punch and variety into the book.

You get a new Warlord Table that is really, really good. All of those are super useful assuming you have at least one wraith unit. You can also make a Wraithlord or Wraithknight your Warlord, which is cool. Wowzers, that is really, really good! It makes Wraithblades hit even harder and a Wraithknight with Battle Focus is so solid! Also, Wraithguard with D-Scythes becomes even more devastating than they already were!

Plus you can take Spirit Seers as a single HQ choice. You also get access to some really cool special issue wargear! Some of these are real gems. It is important to note that while you can take items from this or the special Eldar lists, a single model can not choose from both. The ability to cherry pick to an extent is really, really good. Holy moly, that combined with the Restore power could be incredibly useful. The Celestial Lance is a pretty solid weapon, to me designed for an Autarch on a bike or with Wings.

It both shoots and assaults pretty well so long as you get the charge, you will be doing some work. It also causes models killed by it to explode for extra damage. The Guardian Helm of Xellethon is solid as well. It means you auto pass LoS! It also allows you to use either of those types of models to accept a challenge.

That could be really useful for dealing with per powerful characters like Draigo or Abbadon. Let them munch a single Wraith model while you unit kills theirs. My favorite though, is the Soulshrive! This thing is straight up bananas. Holy crap! Put this on an Autarch on a bike, have him turn two assault a squishy unit to go Super Sayan, and then run around bringing the heat on anything he touches!

That is pretty solid, right there! While that is essentially the extent of the rules, they subtly add a lot to the army. This really allows you to play the army in a very different way. It is still Eldar, but you can have a distinctly Iyanden force. Or, if you like to power game, you can pick and choose the best abilities to build exactly the list you want to build.

However if we see a Biel Tan supplement for example, I hope we can at least get a single Aspect as a troops choice or something similar. What really excited me about this though, is that the book sold out. Hopefully this means that we will see more of them!

And why not? I mean, we already have seen an exponential increase in build opportunities and with multiple supplements for each army, plus allies, plus Forge World…. Your imagination becomes the limit to what you can do. It is pretty awesome to think about what could be done with this. While on the Imperial Vox Caster pod cast the host, Bill, asked me if it was legal to attach Illic Night Spear to a unit and infiltrate using his special rule which allows you to ignore the normal range restrictions on infiltration.

And considering infiltration occurs after normal deployment, you can put this unit where they will do the most damage. Edit: Has this broken combo been broken? I have always played the rule that an IC with infiltrate can join a unit in deployment and grant the ability onto them.

However, Pg. In order to be placed in coherency with a unit, both the unit and the IC must have infiltrate. Now, to me the implication is quite clear that the opposite should be true, however, perhaps GW is more clever than we give them credit for and this was a way to say an IC with Infiltrate can only Infiltrate with a unit that has the rule but they can outflank a unit that does not.

Possible, but I think the rules for an IC joining a unit were just poorly written as the first sentence of an IC joining a unit stating they can begin the game already with a unit seems to tell the story.

What do you guys think? I am glad to have an argument to stop this broken combo but are we throwing the baby out with the bathwater?

A lot of other units will get affected by this, too. The way the rule is worded it is unclear of the modification to infiltrate applies to him specifically or to his rule. It is an important distinction because if it modifies the rule he would be able to grant his improved infiltrate onto his unit.

If it pertains to him, then no. Posted on June 20, by Reecius in 40K , Editorial. Tags: editorial eldar iyanden supplement. To clarify, ICs join the squad by being placed in coherency with them.

Ah, I see your argument. OK, I see that. I feel that the intention of the rule was the opposite as on Pg. That to me says quite clearly what the rules writers intended but by strict RAW they achieved the opposite result, hahaha. Additionally, that rule says only Illic can ignore the range restrictiton.

I suppose though that you could make the argument that the amendment to infiltrate he has only applies to him. It is not clear at all though. They should have worded it as: Walker of the Hidden Path functions like infiltrate while allowing Illic to ignore range restrictions although this does onto confer on to any unit he joins. Yup, shrike can do it as he has a FAQ dedicated to making it work. Also crazy Spirit seer combo, get the gem that lowers costs by one warp charge at the loss of the invul save from the eldar book for the guy taking the primaris so he can still double buff.

Yeah, I was thinking about that, too! Crazy little fact too, it appears that those powers stack?! The Infiltrate question is annoyingly unclear. The point of the rule is arguably just to limit the effect to Codex Space Marines units. This was my take on it, too. That is the way we have been playing it here perhaps incorrectly as it just seemed obvious as to the intent. We actually never even questioned it, this is the first time I have heard a counter argument against it, actually.

And still have d2 more units that can infiltrate.. Instead of relying on rolling a 3 for my d3 and having to use all 3 on a single blob. What makes you say that? I was trying to come up with the same argument, but his rule state he has infiltrate that also does x,y,z.

There are no restrictions in there. It is not very clear. My first read was that he had a modified infiltrate that otherwise followed the normal rules for infiltration. I expected better from you Reecius. You know full well that 40k is a permissive rule set, and you MUST be given permission to do something rather than be disallowed from doing it.

In addition, the rules actually DO state that you are not allowed to do this. That rule is specifically disallowed by the rules from being conferred onto a unit Illic joins. I agree that there are a lot of people trying to muddy the waters on this and trying to make it something that is open to interpretation. I mostly blame that on early rumors that said this was possible.

Now that the codex has been released, the rules are very clear that it is indeed NOT possible. All these arguments about when does infiltrate get conferred are completely moot. And that rule is NOT conferred onto a unit that Illic joins.

His rule states that he has Infiltrate, then goes on to modify infiltrate. Infiltrate is conferred onto a unit so long as one model has it. You may be right, I think you have a good argument, but the key to having a rules debate and not an argument, is to not take an absolute stance.

Things break down at light speed when we do that. Or did we just toss that out the window.


Iyanden Codex Supplement for Eldar Warhammer 40k

Post a comment. It is full of content yet replete with missed opportunities, it is inspired and lazy, exciting yet unfulfilling. There is more fluff here than has ever been seen before for the much besieged craftworld. The detail is impressive and it is clear that a lot of effort and care has gone into embellishing the fluff for this particular craftworld. It would be a fine thing were all factions featured in the inevitable subsequent supplement books to receive the same level of attention. Quite simply nothing is left out. The various battles are well detailed, the circumstances of Yriels exile and timely return are somewhat fleshed out, fluff fans will be please.


Iyanden - A Codex: Eldar Supplement

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Eldar Iyanden Supplement Review and a CRAZY Eldar Combo (Rules Debate! Edits in Red)


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