Quick Links. This Instruction Manual basic is intended for users who "just want to run the inverter". The Instruction Manual applied is separately available from where you purchased the inverter or your Mitsubishi. Peripheral devices

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FR-F to EC. Thank you for choosing this Mitsubishi Inverter. This Instruction Manual applied provides instruct ions for advanced use of the FR-F series inverters. Incorrect handling might cause an unexpected f ault. Before using the inverter, always read this instruction manual and the inst ruction manual basic [IBENG] pack ed with the product carefully to use the equipment to its optimum. This section is specifically about safety matters. Do not attempt to install, operate, maintain or inspect the inverter until you have read through instruction manual basic and appended documents carefully and can use the equipment correctly.

Do not use the inverter until you have a full knowledge of the equipment, safety information and instructions. Assumes that incorrect handling may cause hazardous conditions, resulting in death or severe injury.

Assumes that incorrect handling may cause. Note that even the. Please follow strictly the instructions of both levels because they are important to personnel safety. Electric Shock Prevention. Otherwise you may get an electric shock.

Otherwise, you may access the exposed high-voltage terminals or the charging part of the circuitry and get an electric shock. You may access the charged inverter circuits and get an electric shock.

The capacitor is charged with high voltage for some time after power off and it is dangerous. Earthing must conform to the requirements of national and local safety regulations and electrical codes.

Otherwise, you may get an electric shock or be injured. It is dangerous to replace the cooling fan while power is on. You may get an electric shock. Fire Prevention. Mounting it to. This could cause a fire.

Injury Prevention. Otherwise, burst, damage, etc. Additional Instructions. Also note the following points to prevent an accidental failure, injury, electric shock, etc. Install according to the information in the instruction manual. This can result in breakdowns. Otherwise, the inverter may be damaged. Ambient humidity. Storage temperature. Indoors free from corrosive gas, flammable gas, oil mist, dust and dirt.

Altitude, vibration. Maximum m above sea level for standard operation. A failure to do so may cause some machines to make unexpected motions. Prepare an emergency stop circuit power off, mechanical brake operation for an emergency stop, etc. A failure to do so may restart the motor suddenly. Connection of any other electrical equipment to the inverter output may damage the inverter as well as equipment. Doing so may lead to fault or damage of the inverter.

Otherwise nearby electronic equipment may be affected. Surge voltages attributable to the wiring constants may occur at the motor terminals, deteriorating the insulation of the motor.

Each parameter returns to the initial value. Before changing its setting, fully examine the performances of the motor and machine. Identify the cause of the trip, then remove the cause and power on the breaker. General instructions. Many of the diagrams and drawings in this instruction manual show the inverter without a cover, or partially open. Never run the inverter in this status.

Always replace the cover and follow this instruction manual when operating the inverter. Peripheral devices. Appendix 1. For customers who have re placed the older model with this inverter. Appendix Replacement of the FR-F series. Appendix 2. Control mode-based parameter function correspondence table and instruction code lis t. Always read the instructio ns before using the equipment.

PU operation. External operation. Combined operation. FR-PU07 and external operation. Mitsubishi standard motor. Mitsubishi constant-torque motor. A and other countries. Product checking and parts identification. Unpack the inverter and check the capacity plate on the front cover and the rating plate on the inverter side face to ensure that the product agrees with your order and the inverter is intact. Voltage Class. Type Number. Displays the rated current.

Cooling fan. Refer to page For removal and reinstallation of covers, refer to page 5. Inverter and peripheral devices. This will cause the inverter to trip or the capacitor, and surge suppressor to be damaged. If any of the above devices are connected,.

In this case, set the EMC filter valid to minimize interference. Check the motor capacity of the inverter you purchased. Appropriate peripheral devices must be selected according to the capacity.

Refer to the following list and prepare appropriate peripheral devices:. Input Side Magnetic. Applicable Inverter Type. Reactor connection. S-N11, N Rated product. Select the MCCB according to the inverter power supply capacity. Install one MCCB per inverter. Refer to the Instruction Manual basics. Magnetic contactor is selected based on the AC-1 class. The electrical durability of magnetic contactor is , times.

Whe n the magnetic contactor is used for emergency stop during motor driving, the electrical durability is 25 times. When using the MC for emergency stop during motor driving or using on the motor side during commercial-power supply operation, select the. When the breaker on the inverter primary side trips, check for the wiring fault short circuit , damage to internal parts of the inverter, etc. Method of removal and reinstallation of the.

These screws cannot be removed. When reinstalling the operation panel, insert it straight to reinstall securely and tighten the fixed screws of the operation panel. FR-FEC or less. Although installation can be done with the operation panel mounted, make sure that a connector is securely fixed.

FR-FEC or more.


List Of Alarm Display; List Of Alarm Display - Mitsubishi Electric FR-A700 Instruction Manual

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