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USB ports bugged since kernel 4. Currently December there is no factory image, which can be flashed from the webinterface of the original firmware. Attention Backup. Using a functional serial communication program like minicom makes running OpenWrt easier and more understandable.

You just need a running U-Boot and can do everything from there. First, let's have a look about the available flash memory. This is from my device after flashing U-Boot permanently:.

That's fine, we won't touch that. Unreliable serial connections can and will make your upload garbage. Let's check the CRC32 sum. U-Boot has a handy variable for the starting point of our upload:. Compare with the local copy, upload again if needed. Now we erase the blocks beginning from the first block after U-Boot up to the size of the uploaded image:. Attention bootloader [bl] u-boot [ub] [lo]. To do this take a copy of the original bootloader code first k of the backup firmware and attach the squash image to it:.

Then reset and write the just created flash. This takes some more time to transmit and then takes some time again to get written to the flash. Be patient!! The openwrt image is on the flash but it doesn't start automatically because u-boot isn't on flash yet. Currently the failsafe mode on the router doesn't work. Looking through the serial console one can see that it actually can boot into failsafe mode but it doesn't bring up the network.

For arvdpw22 this file is in. However be careful, for whatever reason I am not sure that make detects changes to dts files so be sure that if you are recompiling make actually notices the change and does everything.

Maybe a. U-Boot Please backup your original firmware! Not only that you might want to go back to the original state later, but your firmware may also contain data that is unique to your device like MAC addresses not sure about that but though. Ro dump twice as recomended by the autor of brntool you have to plan 2 hours to backup your device. Now you are able to dump the original firmware as shown below. As you see, the two files are the same. For Wifi to work, you must preserve the original board config partition.

It consists of the last sector of your flash: 0xb07f - 0xb07ffff. If your wifi doesn't work, you propably have accidently erased that data. Hopefully you created a backup of your original firmware. That backup should be 8MB bytes long.

The last 0x bytes are the ones we are needing here. You can extract them using dd. Assuming you are on the machine where the original firmware backup is stored and it is named original. I don't know if it actually helps overwriting it ever again, but it hopefully won't hurt to protect that part of the flash:. For me at this point wifi still wouldn't work after restarting the box.

I tried that manually without success. I can now successfully scan for nearby wifi networks. As with most Lantiq devices there is a boot mode allowing you to recover via the serial port even if the bootloader is broken. One convenient approach might be to use flying wires from the ground and 3V3 pins of the serial port, and temporarily and carefully!

If you expect to do this more than a few times, consider soldering wires going to header strips for jumpers or switches. If you're making the connections manually, you may carefully! With the connections removed, the device will remember this boot mode until power-cycled soft reset will remain in UART mode.

Be ready to interrupt normal boot by pressing space to get a U-Boot prompt. This only puts U-Boot in memory until power-off. To make any permanent changes replacing brnboot with U-Boot, upgrading U-Boot, or replacing the stock image with OpenWrt you'll need to flash something using instructions elsewhere on the page.

Be aware that U-Boot may be protecting some areas; if so you'll need to unprotect them before you can write to them, e. Ok, prompt received Writing: mw d4e0 ffffffff at: 0xd4e0 Waiting for prompt Ok, prompt received File successfully written.

You should run command 'crc32 d4e4' on the modem and the result must be 17ceed2d. Load address: 0x Loading: OK Uncompressing Kernel Image OK Starting kernel Total pages: [ 0. The port behind the small cover meant for an UMTS stick is connected to bus the other two are connected to bus According to bug , just the port behind the plastic cover is working in Chaos Calmer and earlier?

The switch has 6 ports. Port 1 is not connected. There are 4 buttons on the device. One on the side was originally meant to switch the WLan on and off. One on the back was meant as a reset button.

A protected one on the back side was meant to get back to the original configuration. And then there is a 4th button above the DSL-port on the back side.

For compatible USB to serial cables see: port. Image[1] at 0xb00b, len, type:0 Image[2] at 0xb, len, type Image[3] at 0xbc00, len, type Image[4] at 0xb03c, len, type Image[5] at 0xb, len, type Image[6] at 0xbc, len, type Firmware image at 0, ART image at -1 Run-up Normal Firmware Unzipping firmware at 0x PCI clock Bootcode version: V1. RTL ver. PCI: Enabling device f. PCI: Enabling bus mastering for device f. Unzipping from B to TRAP coldStart : send ok!

Version BusyBox v1. Use the "passwd" command to set up a new password in order to prevent unauthorized SSH logins. Site Tools Search. Sidebar Welcome to OpenWrt. Supported Devices. Submitting patches. Reporting bugs. Wiki contribution guide. OpenWrt Forum. Trademark Policy. About this site. Contact Us. Install OpenWrt Chaos Calmer via serial port - minicom version. Layout of the original Flash Image. Linux 4. Establish a serial connection. Backup the original firmware.

Install U-Boot as bootloader. Install OpenWrt. Attention Backup Using a functional serial communication program like minicom makes running OpenWrt easier and more understandable. OK Looks good!


1. NTsplit anschließen 2. Vodafone DSL WLAN Modem 200

It was also sold in the past by German fixed-line phone company Arcor, prior to the aquisition of Arcor by Vodafone. Please verify if this status and wifi issues mentioned below are still valid today. If they are not valid any longer, remove them. The Device is not thorougly tested with OpenWrt. Do not follow the Informations here if you don't have a backup router inplace, you may end up with a bricked device… you've been warned. Links to signed firmware binaries are broken and it is unclear how to create a signed firmware image.


Arcadyan ARV752DPW22 (Vodafone EasyBox 803A)


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