Subject: Protectionist measures taken by emerging economies. Subject: Alarming levels of thorium at the military firing range lying between Cordenons, San Quirino, Vivaro and San Giorgio della Richinvelda, in the province of Pordenone. Subject: Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Subject: EU funding to Irish semi-state companies. Subject: Protection of the lynx in the Vosges France.

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Subject: Special scheme for small enterprises concerning VAT obligations. Subject: Increasing immigration pressures on the EU's maritime borders. Subject: Greece's borrowing requirements up to Subject: Non-perishable food and consumer safety.

Subject: Problems concerning the transport of goods beyond the EU's eastern border. Subject: Municipality of Buonconvento — possible infringement of the rules on the sale of building land through public auctions. Subject: New bluetongue emergency in Sardinia — non-compliance and inefficiency.

Subject: EU legislation to ease transport congestion, and determination of the level of E-tolls. Subject: Common strategy for the Danube region — flood protection. Subject: Preliminary draft bill on national parks. Subject: Import controls on IUU fisheries products. Subject: Environmental education: challenges for Europe. Subject: Removability of waste batteries and accumulators. Subject: Risks of money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Subject: Factory closures and layoffs in Europe for no economic reason. Subject: Availability of information and documents on the websites of the Commission and the other EU institutions in all 24 official languages. Subject: Increasing the energy efficiency of urban transport systems. Subject: Heavy pollution of the River Nestos. Subject: Protecting small, external vendors from restrictive standardisation practices inside standard-setting organisations. Subject: Rising interethnic tensions in Croatia.

Subject: Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance. Subject: Possible funding for repairing the damage done to agriculture by wild or feral animals. Subject: Inditex's agreement for decent work. Subject: Review websites and protection of EU businesses and consumers. Subject: Post-programme surveillance and economic governance. Subject: Gibraltar and collaboration on tax, financial services and money laundering matters. Subject: Study on the potential for reducing mercury pollution from dental amalgam and batteries, final report.

Subject: Helicopters ferrying workers to offshore drilling installations. Subject: Impact of energy supply decisions on consumer prices. Subject: Negotiations on infrastructure projects. Subject: Infringements in relation to the energy package. Subject: Coordination of infrastructure projects. Subject: Construction of regional liquefied natural gas terminals. Subject: Deployment of flexibility resources. Subject: Taxation of cash transactions in outdoor contexts.

Subject: Incredibly lucrative pension scheme for EU officials. Subject: EU support for parenting associations. Subject: Voting rights of dual nationals in European elections. Subject: Chinese investigation into European wines. Subject: Bringing the curtain down on the financial transaction tax proposal. Subject: Reduced funding for food aid in the EU. Subject: Social housing that complies with energy standards. Subject: Off-the-shelf financial instruments for energy.

Subject: Specific advisory body for the Adriatic. Subject: Inventory of environmental and tourism protection measures. Subject: Recognition of formal and informal learning, internships and voluntary work. Subject: Report on vocational training systems. Subject: Portable biosensor for detecting certain types of cancer. Subject: Cosmetics and cleaning products may be responsible for skin allergies.

Subject: Child exploitation in Tanzanian gold mines. Subject: Use of letter box companies in the transport sector. Subject: UK traffic light system for nutrition labelling of foodstuffs.

Subject: Postponement of the bonus ceiling for bank managers. Subject: Clarification regarding communication protocol security. Subject: Large-scale selling of lubricating oils and liquid lubricants to natural persons. Subject: Commission support for employee takeovers of companies in crisis. Subject: Air pollution and the risk of lung cancer. Subject: Possible treatment for autism and depression.

Subject: New treatment for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Subject: Techniques to tackle erosion following forest fires. Subject: Early treatment of high-risk cancer. Subject: Legal vacuum with regard to immigration and refugees in the EU. Subject: Pesticide contamination of fruit and vegetables exceeding acute reference dose.

Subject: Fisheries partnership agreements — Cape Verde. Subject: Fisheries partnership agreements — Comoros. Subject: Fisheries partnership agreements — The Gambia. Subject: Fisheries partnership agreements — Greenland. Subject: Fisheries partnership agreements — Guinea. Subject: Fisheries partnership agreements — Equatorial Guinea. Subject: Fisheries partnership agreements — Kiribati. Subject: Fisheries partnership agreements — Gabon. Subject: Fisheries partnership agreements — Guinea-Bissau.

Subject: Fisheries partnership agreements — Mauritania. Subject: Fisheries partnership agreements — Micronesia. Subject: Fisheries partnership agreements — Mozambique. Subject: Fisheries partnership agreements — Senegal. Subject: Fisheries partnership agreements — Seychelles.

Subject: Fisheries partnership agreements — Madagascar. Subject: Fisheries partnership agreements — Morocco. Subject: Fisheries partnership agreements — Mauritius. Subject: Fisheries partnership agreements — Solomon Islands. Subject: Institutional advertising in a very limited number of media outlets. Subject: Limit on purchases made in Louis Vuitton stores.

Subject: Cost of the procedure for answering parliamentary questions. Subject: Design and construction of Sofia's high-speed northern bypass using European funds.

Subject: Obstacles, borders and charges impeding freedom of movement. Subject: Solar panels — lobbying by Member States. Subject: The future of a European strategy for the Atlantic area. Subject: Poverty and the shrinking welfare state in Europe. Subject: Increased labour demand in the healthcare sector. Subject: Portuguese companies avoiding tax via the Netherlands. Subject: Common binding principles to govern administrative procedure in the Union's administration.

Subject: Prospects for the creative and cultural sectors CCS. Subject: Legal guidelines on the protection of minors. Subject: Equal treatment of Italian teaching staff. Subject: Maintaining milk production in mountain areas, less-favoured areas and the outermost regions following expiry of the milk quota system.

Subject: Action by the Commission in response to pressure on Eastern European partners. Subject: Multidisclinary approach to the treatment of cardiac patients. Subject: New type of low-cost battery as a possible reserve for renewable energies.


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