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Option 1: You could write a letter to USCIS to let them know that this attorney who filed your I does not represent you anymore and future correspondence be addressed to you directly and also to revoke the G Option 2: You could hire a new attorney to represent you. In that case he would file a new G, the USCIS does send a letter confirming that they accepted your new attorney representation. Meanwhile, until this happens, all the correspondence will go to the old attorney who could potentially screw up your case.

As you'll be taking your chances anyways. I hope someone from LIVE is reading this post? I called his office two times, I will make it a point I am calling him every week. Rajeev Please let us all know if you have any update that Sen.

Menendez have plans for S. It can happen to you next week, sorry, but its possible. Lets say you lost your job next Friday usually Fridays right. And getting your next job will take you another 6 months, if lucky. What will you do. Will you write to Obama and team then?. I know some of us are unfortunate to be in the situation, not me, but who knows??.

So, can we just imagine to be in such a situation and bring more and more attention to the new goverment. Just act as if you lost your job and in despair. Start writing. Dont just dream for the 11th or 13th for VB dates. Lets put some action. Sorry if I sound depressing, but lets act before its too late..

There is a RFE on my case and according to my employer, USCIS have asked my employer, whether they still have the position opened or not, along with my job duties etc. I am on project so job side no problem. Do you people see any problem revoking the H1 at this stage? Thanks Santosh. He needs to wake up and look at the plight of legal immigrants. Obama has told immigration officials that a legalization program would be part of legislation the White House would propose, said Mr.

Mayorkas, who became director in August. I called once after my PD became current this month, that was last Wednesday 9th. The IO that I spoke to would not give me any information. All she said was "You will hear from us within next 60 days". So I guess it all depends on the IO that you speak to. So it actually works. Hope you hear some good news soon. Did you send then a letter requesting it? Congrats on the GC!! Did you call them -TSC to remind them to process your application as your dates recently became current?

I got married this year to a person from ROW category. As such, my dates are current and I applied for my wife and also asked my application to be considered in ROW. No LUDs on my case so far I have gotten receipts for my spouse. How long did it take for your MTR process from the time you submitted till the time your attorney received the I re-opening letter?

Specifically, how long after sending MTR did you get the receipt notice that MTR was receive and how many days after that did the letter to reopen arrive? I have an d MTR in the works in TX service center and trying to find how long they are taking these days. But online status for I is not changed yet Does anyone has any idea of what process they follow for MTR reopening and I status update? Guys i need some more information than this, and this is really urgent. Please share your views about this.

I am really worried. If they deny her H1 B visa can she re-apply for H4 again or would this be a issue as well? I cant answer your other Q's but I believe that she is still eligible for H-4 visa based on your H-1 status. I don't know if you can apply right away or wait until their enquiry is complete. O Box is this an issue? My company applied for 3 year extention after 6th year and was approved in 2 weeks under premium processing.

Yes but some discussion is going on behind the scenes. I would not be surprised if some such relief were included when we see the final legislation on Feb 15th. Schedule A, by definition is an area where lawmakers have sympathy. It is guilt free since their own gov't surveyers are designating those areas as in short supply.

Right now the achiles heel for us is that just mainly India is affected. Hence the focus on this probem to the lawmakers seems like just a an Indian IT guys issue.

You heard the good senator Biden's comment about what he felt about that, when he slipped up in Dunkin Donuts. I feel that is at the core of the problem. Hence they see it as a favour for us rather than a competitive benefit to this country. Where did you get this info from? Eb2 India has following pending cases Guess based on some data from senator and labor data. So india will get 25k to reach Mid and China will get 10k to cover till I have H1 visa and my company started processing my GG.

They published some ads, and in August applied for the LC. It turned out that they used EB3. They said that LC would be ready by February next year. Then it will take 4 years minimum for other steps. I have couple of questions: 1.

How long does it take if to process it using EB So yea years 2. How long does it take if to process it using EB2? I am from Russia. Thats been the typical time, and also processing dates cameout today and NSC is for instance claiming they are now doing July cases 3. Is it possible to switch to EB2 somehow? If I apply one more time now using Eb2, would it be faster? I will lose time for LC processing. At what step of GC processing can I change a compamy that I work for?

Hi, I found from lawyer that there is no such thing called 10 days grace period after your last date of your H1. That is a big misconception. You can stay only in this country if you travel outside US and stayed more than 60 days. Mr Tancredo is a ultraconservative rep and is against any immigration. Just ignore him. My bad it was Tom Tancredo. Newer Post Older Post Home. Total Pageviews.


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