Valid from 1 June until publication of new catalog. Handling of products For handling, indications and contraindications please visit our dedicated website for all our instructions for use at ifu. By doing so, however, Nobel Biocare does not waive any right to the trademark or registered mark and nothing herein shall be construed to the contrary. Disclaimer: Some products may not be regulatory

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Valid from 1 June until publication of new catalog. Handling of products For handling, indications and contraindications please visit our dedicated website for all our instructions for use at ifu.

By doing so, however, Nobel Biocare does not waive any right to the trademark or registered mark and nothing herein shall be construed to the contrary. Please contact the local Nobel Biocare sales office for current product assortment and availability.

Grow your business MyNobel helps you treat more patients better with customized sections for practices and labs. Access tools that help you boost customer flow, improve treatment acceptance and stimulate patient advocacy.

Grow your skills Book your place on a training session and access all the details from courses you completed. Get customized news and tools, and download product images, brochures and much more.

You can also save helpful documents in your own personal library. Manage your purchases Have all your business in one place. Not only can you place an order, you can also access all order-related information and manage the whole purchasing process at your own convenience.

We focus all our knowledge and expertise on supporting you with our joint goal: treating as many patients as possible in the best possible way. Everything that we do aims at empowering you to treat more patients better. How do we ensure this? By concentrating on three key pillars. Learning for Life Our comprehensive training programs cover every step of the treatment workflow and every stage of your professional development. Hands-on sessions play a key role in our training courses.

Partnering for Life We help you develop your practice or laboratory. Together we can increase your patient flow through initiatives that provide efficient workflows, more referrals and better collaboration with treatment partners.

And we can also show you how to use networking platforms and study clubs to your advantage. Many of our innovations have become the industry standard. And we continue to invest in research and development. Our goal: Empower dental professionals like you to give your patients their quality of life back.

For every indication, treatment protocol and patient need Get all the dental solutions and treatment concepts you need from a single source.

Whether your patients are missing a single tooth in the posterior, demand a highly esthetic anterior restoration, or need a full-arch restoration in order to speak and eat properly again, we have the products you need to treat them. However, what is state of the art today is not necessarily a leading solution tomorrow. We will continue to bring you new products and solutions that meet the latest and highest standards of patient care.

From root to tooth Nobel Biocare offers implants for all indications and preferences — with straight and tapered designs, with machined and textured collars, and with three different connections. The latest addition to the creos range is the creos xenogain bone substitute. Together with the creos xenoprotect resorbable collagen membrane, it offers clinicians a comprehensive set of xenogenic options for a wide variety of indications and preferences. For the North American market, we also offer the full range of allografts.

It enables the quick and easy design of the desired restoration, whether tooth- or implant based. An open system, DTX Studio software allows the import of images from any X-ray device, intraoral scanner or desktop scanner.

The diagnostics module offers a clear, clean interface with multiple workspaces to assist with accurate diagnosis, while tooth-position-based navigation helps the user to structure their findings. Connecting your dental world DTX Studio software is a single digital platform connecting diagnostics and treatment for dental patients. This means clinicians, radiologists, operators, assistants, hygienists and dental technicians can all benefit from the same software solution.

On all Nobel Biocare implants including prefabricated prosthetic components. For further information visit nobelbiocare. However, if you need to revise a solution that was phased out years ago, you and your patients can rely on our global presence and our extensive replacement parts offering. Nobel Biocare is committed to the highest standard of scientific evidence in the spirit of our pioneers.

Our products are proven both in mechanical testing and clinical studies. At that time, implant treatment was neither well known nor accepted.

It required scientific evidence to convince the medical community that implant treatments were safe, reliable and enduring. Today, implant-based oral rehabilitation sets the standard of care, and Nobel Biocare products are among the most documented in the world.

There are more than independent scientific publications with data on our solutions. Bar graph shows the frequency of the various radiographic baselines utilized. Only by setting the baseline at implant insertion can the study report the full marginal bone level change. High reporting standards Studies on Nobel Biocare products follow very high reporting standards.

Unlike many other implant providers, we set the radiographic baseline at implant insertion rather than at prosthetic delivery a few weeks or months later. This means that we report total marginal bone level change without omitting the pronounced initial bone response to implant surgery. Illustration printed with permission. Everything has to meet the highest standards including biocompatibility, strength and longevity.

The commercially pure titanium used for our implants, for example, is much stronger than regular c. We increase its strength significantly through our proprietary cold-working process. All our products undergo thorough testing according to ISO standards, helping to ensure that they withstand the test of time.

Although dental implants may look similar, their performance is not the same. One dental practice had to learn this the hard way. When they switched from implants with TiUnite surface to implants with a chemically altered surface, their quality control study revealed a doubling of their implant failure rate, even after excluding the first implants due to the learning curve.

This triggered an immediate switch back to TiUnite implants, which saw failure rates return to normal levels. Monitoring failure rates of commercial implant brands; substantial equivalence in question? Clin Oral Implants Res. Your patients want only the very best products to go into their mouths. All Nobel Biocare products including our NobelProcera individualized prosthetic restorations are developed and produced according to the medical devices quality management system standard ISO All components complement each other in a precisely harmonized system to meet the requirements of long-term clinical performance and cost efficiency for both clinician and dental laboratory.

A key aspect of performance assessment is that a system is only as strong as its weakest link, and that the performance of any component depends not only on the component itself, but also on its interactions within the system.

As a result, the appropriate test of any component is within the system of which it is part. For this reason Nobel Biocare conducts research and testing not only on individual components such as implants, abutments and screws, but always on the entire system too. Only with this approach can we ensure that our solutions function safely and reliably for many years. The importance of a precise fit All our restorations, be they on Nobel Biocare or other implant systems, are designed for a precise fit between abutment and implant.

Selecting an abutment with a precise fit is decisive for system performance, as this ensures that occlusal forces are distributed evenly and that uncontrolled peak stresses are avoided. Any mismatch can lead to extreme load and stress conditions that may cause individual components or the entire system to fail.

Precisely harmonized system with an even distribution of forces — NobelProcera Abutment on NobelActive implant with conical connection. Precise fit between abutment and implant collar. Forces are evenly distributed and uncontrolled peak stresses are avoided. Small changes in any of these parameters can lead to extreme load and stress conditions, which can cause implants to fracture. Clinical screw with unique diamond-like carbon coating TorqTite.

Depending on the abutment, connection type and platform size, screws are with or without coating, ensuring a tight and stable fit between abutment and implant. Although not always visible to the naked eye, use of third-party components not designed and tested for the system can result in uncontrolled forces, and may cause individual components or the entire system to fail.

Avoid complications by choosing implant restorations that are designed, tested and proven as a complete system. Depending on the abutment, connection type and platform size, screws come with or without a surface coating.

The absence or presence of the coating and the coating type all impact the preload the tensile force created when tightening the screw. At Nobel Biocare the selection of the appropriate screw type is individual for each and every implantabutment system, ensuring a tight and stable fit for long-term performance. Mismatching components can result in uncontrolled forces, which can cause individual components or the entire system to fail.

Mismatching components can lead to uncontrolled peak forces, which can cause implants to fracture. It connects the latest technologies and equipment — from patient imaging acquisition to diagnostics, planning, implant surgery and restoration.

Learn more at dtxstudio. Contact your local sales representative to order the DTX Studio software license that fits your needs. Available in a vial, bowl or syringe, in two granule sizes and a variety of volumes. It has excellent resistance to hydration, maintaining the required stability and space during healing. It gives you the flexibility to choose the appropriate bone graft material according to indication or personal preference.

This enables immediate implant placement and Immediate Function where it might otherwise be challenging. Natural-looking esthetics The back-tapered coronal design and built-in platform shifting are designed to optimize bone and soft tissue volume. Adjustment of implant position during placement Reverse-cutting flutes with drilling blades on the apex enable experienced clinicians to adjust the implant position during placement for an optimized restorative orientation, particularly in extraction sites.

Access to innovative restorative solutions Take advantage of innovative solutions available only for the internal conical connection, such as the cement-free NobelProcera ASC angulated screw channel Abutment and the FCZ fullcontour zirconia Implant Crown. Strong conical connection The advanced internal conical connection with hexagonal interlocking offers high mechanical strength.

Enhanced osseointegration Unique oxidized TiUnite surface maintains implant stability during the critical healing phase through fast bone formation and promotes long-term success. Screw taps are also available and should be used if the standard dense bone protocol is not sufficient to fully seat the implant without exceeding the recommended maximum insertion torque.

Multiple-unit restorations are neither indicated nor accommodated by restorative components. All measurements in mm.


Nobel Biocare

Order our products correctly and efficiently with the help of our various catalogs. Depending on which products you use, you can download the complete product catalog or one of the short overviews for specific product groups, solutions and individual implant brands. Alternatively, you can order directly on our online store. Already a Nobel Biocare customer?


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