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All I know is I wish the whole of humanity would read these works. To say that reading them has changed my life would be a most magnificent lie. To detractors of these works, and skeptics as I was one previously , look up the Wikipedia article and simply read the work. The writer is very generous to describe the most unnoticeable details like the flowers in the kitchen of the Blessed Mother, the color of walls and design of clothes and etc These books made me experience what it feels like following Jesus on the road.

It's like "Flying House" or "Super Book". My spiritual growth will never be fruitful without Poem of the Man-God. If you want to love, you must learn, the more you know the more you love, the more you love the more you can serve. I'm also guilty reading it more than once, I think up to my last breathe I will continue reading these books because every time you read those chapters it will give you new discoveries and excitement.

This will make you fall in love with God and all the characters in the life of Jesus. Thank you for making it free for all of us. I was determined to somehow bring this priceless work to a wider audience as I was astonished at the number of people clergy mainly!

The more the merrier!! Dated: February 14th. The work was also presented to her as an additional advance gift towards our 40th Wedding anniversary which comes up later on this year!! Reviewer: Anonymous - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - January 10, Subject: Good book I would highly recommend Valtorta's books. Found no dogmatic or moral error. See the link that the person before me posted.

Lots of good information and lots of free eBooks. Reviewer: ClaraEV - favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 25, Subject: Maria Valtorta The Church is slow to accept, but is not forbidden to read, and everyone who reads becomes more loving to everyone, and blessed, because this is the words of Jesus dictated, and the visions described. Reviewer: Brasi75 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 21, Subject: "You can read" A visionare of Medjugorje Marjia asked to the Virgin Mary about Maria Valtorta and She said "Yes, you can read, the writings are true!

Also St. Padre Pio when her spiritual daughter asked him if is advisable to read these new books he said "No, I wouldn't advise it, but I command you! Reviewer: mr. I have read 4 volumes, and still read the fifth volume now.

And I dare to say it is true. Reviewer: Diogena - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - September 10, Subject: The Poem of Man-God by Maria Valtorta I was novice when our mistress talked about this book I pondered it but I did not have a chance to read that time but when I returned in the Philippines I discovered that we have three volumes in our library.

I had finished to read the 1st volume I could say that it is an extension of the bible. It gives me more chance to know Jesus more as being Man and God. I like the book and I do encourage my co-sisters to read it. It brings you to conversion. Thank you because we have found the 3rd and the 4th volume in this site, I mean thru this library. Thank you very much for your concern in sharing this books. We really wish to have these two volumes and now it is granted.

Thak you Lord! Reviewer: aMoofie - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - July 28, Subject: Unprecedented Expansion of the Gospel It's been an immense joy to have found these books. They have changed my life in ways I can't describe. I have read all of the volumes many, many times, and have read them out loud from beginning to end to my children. I've also been fortunate enough to acquire copies of the Notebooks, and several other Valtorta books.

The Lord also made it possible for me to help in the project a bit, because I was asked to translate Maria Valtorta's "Prayers" from French into English. Deo Gratias. For those who don't know, there are quite a few more books circulating which have information not contained in Poem. A web search will help reveal what is available. Finally, for the nay-sayers - Maria Valtorta's cause has been accepted by the "Congregation for the Causes of Saints".

Reviewer: ElizabethAnnVendal - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 9, Subject: Poem of the Man God I can't begin to say what these books have done for my spiritual growth. The heart of the Law is in these books. And the way to freedom is in these books as are in our gospels.

These books made me take a very hard look at myself and humbled me. Mary's and Joseph's "yes" in the face of doubt. The humility of those entrusted with God made man is astounding. Humility vs. Conquering the very first sin. Exposing Love in it's truest form. Combating everything that modern society uses to allure the masses. Some of the lowest ratings will come from the theologians. My opinion is this: does it raise your spirit? Does it humble you? Does it bring a desire in your heart to be a truer Christian?

This book will do that for you. I can't give it five stars. I would give it Read it! Live it! And love the Word of God! Reviewer: Guy Gruters - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 20, Subject: I have read all five volumes more than ten times I completely agree with the "Description. I also would give anything to see each person on earth read this work.

Please do not listen to the detractors. No new teachings, just those of the Bible, but so beautifully explained. And like the Bible, each time you read them, they become even more beautiful. The greatest set of books ever written! Good men gravitate to the writings of those among us who have earned a reputation for wisdom. To ignore the contribution of Maria Valtorta is a testament to our present moral depravity.

She wrote under the weight of an excruciating physical and emotional affliction. I consider it a privilege to have read and reread this Work. It is, in my opinion, one of the strongest proofs that God still acts among us!

Reviewer: Anila Korbi - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 18, Subject: A life-changer! A gift from Heaven! It sort of allows one to travel back in time and space and be thus able to firsthand see and hear Jesus walking and preaching years ago in Palestine.

I can't see how a true lover of Christ may want to waste such a unique time-travel opportunity with their Beloved! Reviewer: kmarch - - August 20, Subject: Access Volume 4 The Volume 4 link has been repaired and is now accessible. It changed my life! I originally read it as a skeptic, I realized no one could write such a work, with 8, cross references to the Bible, a knowledge of the Holy Land, it was written out of order!

Reviewer: galonga - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 3, Subject: Changed my life Let me honestly say these books changed my life. In them you see Jesus in such a simple, human, and understandable way, that it is impossible not want to follow such a person.

At first I was cautious about these, and I read them looking for things which would contradict the Bible, but after literally months of reading they only confirm the Bible and even explains it many times.

Do yourself a favor and read them: you'll find a Jesus like you never imagined he could be.


Poem of the Man-God Volume 1

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Error rating book.


The Poem of the Man-God, Vol. 1

Since this website is about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the most accurate version of it, it seems appropriate to mention another Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is a much more complete and detailed "life of Christ" than the New Testament. The new version is ten books which contain some of the most detailed accounts of the life of Christ you will ever hope to find anywhere. Here is an article written by Fr. Kevin Robinson, which offers new information for those who are skeptical of this book. Many conservative and traditional Catholics have been misled by an article circulating since , referring to Cardinal Ratzinger's letter of and a summary of the seven "reasons" for condemnation of The Poem of the Man God in


Poem of The Man-God by Maria Valtorta (5 volumes)

Table of Contents. Joachim and Anne Make a Vow to the Lord. Birth of the Virgin Mary. The Purification of Anne and the Offering of Mary. Mary Is Presented in the Temple. Death of Joachim and Anne.


The Poem Of The Man God

The current editions of the book bear the title The Gospel as Revealed to Me. The book was first published in Italian in and has since been translated into 10 languages and is available worldwide. It is based on the over 15, handwritten pages produced by Maria Valtorta between and During these years she reported visions of Jesus and Mary and claimed personal conversations with and dictations from Jesus. Valtorta's handwritten episodes which had no chronological order were typed into separate pages by her priest and reassembled as a book.

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