Were the Levites Hyksos? Both the Levites and the Hyksos garner their fair share of attention in their respective disciplines, biblical scholarship for the former and Egyptology for the latter, but never the twain shall met. The association with the Hyksos, the West Semitic warriors from across the river with a year tradition of being in Egypt at the time of Ramses II, with the Exodus is millennia old. As recounted by 1 st century CE Jewish historian Josephus, the Egyptians already had a centuries-old tradition linking the Hyksos to the Exodus. The idea of their being some relationship between at least some Hyksos and the Israelites is more acceptable in Egyptology than in biblical studies. It would mean real people in the real world in a real political context of some kind left Egypt and settled in Canaan, ideas that are unacceptable to biblical scholars.

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This is a difficult time for most of us, maintaining social distancing, with less access to many of the entertainments and obligations that occupy normal […]. By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff. Egyptian artifacts and sites show that the Biblical text does indeed recount accurate memories from the period to which the Exodus is generally assigned.

By: Noah Wiener. In the 16th century B. Judith M. Levy, Thomas Schneider and William H. By: Robin Ngo. Excavations conducted in a Hyksos palace at Tell el-Daba ancient Avaris in Egypt have for the first time provided archaeological evidence for a gruesome practice previously known only from texts and temple reliefs.

Watch a full-length lecture by Manfred Bietak, director emeritus of the Institute of Egyptology at the University of Vienna. It is written by Tom Levy and his team from the University of California, San Diego, who have been excavating at the Edomite copper-mining site in Faynan, Jordan, since According to the Bible, the site was visited by the Israelites on their Exodus journey from Egypt Numbers By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy.

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Manfred Bietak born in Vienna , October 6, is an Austrian archaeologist. Bietak is best known as the director of the Austrian excavations at two sites in the Nile delta : [2] [3] Tell El-Dab'a , which was identified as the location of Avaris , [4] the capital of the Hyksos period; and Piramesse , which was the capital of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt. A palace precinct of those kings, furnished with Minoan frescoes was one of the most important discoveries. Since he conducts excavations at the Middle Kingdom Palace at Bubastis. Bietak studied archeology at University of Vienna, obtaining his Dr. In , he took part in the archaeological rescue expedition of UNESCO at Sayala in Nubia , and he also supervised excavations there; in he was the director of the expedition. In , he founded the Austrian Archaeological Institute in Cairo ; he has been the director of the institute until


Professor Manfred Bietak

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Manfred Bietak

Manfred Bietak discusses what Egyptology can contribute today in assessing the sojourn in Egypt. Watch the full lecture video below, including the introduction by Thomas Schneider, or click here for more information on the conference, including dozens of additional video lectures. Lecture video courtesy of conference host Thomas E. After the Hyksos were expelled from Egypt, Manetho reports that they wandered the desert before […]. Keynote […]. After a Hyksos were diminished from Egypt, Manetho reports that they wandered a dried before […].


manfred bietak


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