Home Recent Discussions Search. October 25, AM 0. Yes I have run a 12 day Cat 1 stint and I know that a few others have as well. There is a Body Recomposition group on here which might be worth joining it.

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Results 1 to 21 of Here is a brief review of how it went for me. What is the RFL diet? Everyday, I ate: 1. For how long? I did the diet for 8 days. In other words, 8 days of this diet, for me, accomplished 3 weeks of a typical calorie deficit diet. Pros of the diet Never hungry that much chicken and veggies kept me full all day long and honestly I struggled to finish my chicken on some days, but always forced it down lol Very fast weight loss with minimal muscle loss Cons of the diet Bland food, doesn't matter how you season the chicken and veggies it is very bland No variety May lead to continuous binging if not disciplined see explanation below Side Note: Fat free cheese, egg whites and some other foods were permitted in the diet, but I chose to do it with chicken and veggies only.

How this diet may lead to binging To do this crash diet properly, you need to be very disciplined. There is simply protein, that is all. If you crave something, you can't fit it in your calories whilst following this diet. This diet restricts you completely from any foods you enjoy. If you want to try this diet you have to be very disciplined, but if you are disciplined and in a hurry, then this diet could do wonders for you.

Lyle McDonald advises no longer than 12 days for relatively lean individuals longer for overweight people, but I forgot the time period. I was not time restricted myself, but I simply wanted to try the diet and see how it works for me. I just finished my cut, and I thought, why not add a week of RFL testing to fully complete my cut. So I did. I might try it again in the future if I'm time restricted, but otherwise I don't think it's worth the severe restriction of food.

Any questions feel free to ask. How much weight lost, and how much do you think was fat vs water? You left out the most important part. How much did you actually lose. Theoretically 3lbs of fat and probably some water, but how much in reality?

Edit: Dmac beat me to it. P urukhai29, sentinel3, AncientYouth. These are the agents of a purposeless existence. Avocados, turkey burgers, brown rice and eggs etc are the agents of a purposeful existence. I was in nutritional ketosis and on relatively low calories before starting this diet, so I didn't really cut any carbs when transitioning on this diet. For that reason, water loss would imo be minimal it would just come from the further decrease in calories. Originally Posted by ChickMagnet Right on man I made it to 6 days and called it quits out of fear of extended muscle loss.

I never meant to do it past a week. Here my 2 cents: My maintenance is probably around , I did calories although some days were like drinking protein shakes, chicken breast and fat free cottage cheese.

Drank club soda and took fish oil. You become dull-hungry and find it more difficult to control your emotional state, I wanted to see what removing the psychological aspect of food feels like. It's not pleasant. If I was in the room with people eating I had to leave, and spent good deal of my day just doing something to keep myself distracted. If you are a beginner you are basically asking for a binge episode followed by confusion on how to properly lose weight, do not follow this unless you have experience with hunger control.

I did this trying to lose those last pounds and transitioned into less restricting cutting with IF. Good luck! Thanks Matman Soulron good work sticking to it for 6 days. I fully prepared for the 8 days I did this diet. I made sure I had no social occasions to attend and told my gf to leave me alone for a week lol!

My family doesn't take xmas seriously so there was no big food bonanza that day either. However, for NYE I will be having a cheat day I have it times a year to reward my total 12 week cut including RFL , then eat at maintenance for 2 weeks before transitioning into a bulk.

Good luck with your goals man. Originally Posted by cnh Was wondering about this? Did you lose 5 and then gain back 1. Or did you lose a total of 3. Keep us updated. I went from doing it for 7 or 8 days a couple years ago. Obv lots of water, iI don't remember what I gained back. I figure I lost 3, maybe 4 lbs of fat. Still, I agree it wasn't worth the distraction that it ended up being.

By the second week I was having the cravings of a stereotypical pregnant female. How do you know that fat was lost and no muscle was lost? Idk i havent read the book, so if this is obvious i apologize. Last edited by kmankolb; at PM. I will update in the coming days. Muscle loss will be minimal, if any, at all. Huge protein intake and although fat is deficient, it is only very temporarily, so there is negligible negative effect.

In terms of my workout, I stuck to the same weight I was lifting before I started the diet, but with much lower intensity, but same reps ie, had more rest in between sets. I did no cardio because the deficit of itself is plenty. Originally Posted by kmankolb. I didn't keep track of calories, but ate till I was full This was the most calorie dense thing I ate, and it was quite big. Dips and bread, lamb doner, chicken doner and mince pattie with chips.

This alone would have been close to calories imo the dips and chips were shared. Anyway, I dont know if this is coincidence or not, but after this day, my weight went back to exactly where it started before RFL ie, gained the 3. I would have put on a lot of water weight that day, I was carbless for weeks, my body would have absorbed all carbs and sodium meat would have had lots of sodium.

What I had yesterday was far from my "typical diet. Supplement Wars! Replies: 64 Last Post: , PM. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.


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Results 1 to 21 of Here is a brief review of how it went for me. What is the RFL diet? Everyday, I ate: 1. For how long?


Has any one tried the RFL Diet by Lyle Mcdonald

The guy was there arguing the science from day one on UseNet. He is also the author of www. More than anything else, Lyle is a science nerd; he is a science junkie. Just for example, the Ketogenic Diet had over references.


Lyle McDonald’s Rapid Fatloss Handbook: Before and After, Results, Review

HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook. I know this board is more pro-Poliquin, who's had disagreements with McDonald in the past, but after reading Mark Sisson's recent posts on self-experimentation I'm up for giving this a try. Let's see how it goes. Required macros: Quote: Daily Macro's gr kcal Protein Quote: Here are your results for the data you entered.

HIOKI 3522-50 PDF


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