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Mechanical Engineering 2. Production Engineering 3. Subject No. EME Strength of Materials 3 1 0 30 20 50 4 6.

EME Thermodynamics 2 1 0 15 10 25 50 75 3 7. EME Thermodynamics Lab 0 0 2 10 10 20 30 50 1 Students will be required to audit it with in the period of their study. There will not carry over facility for this course and the failure student will be required to repeat this course in next-semester.

EME Applied Thermodynamics 3 1 0 30 20 50 4 5. Code EXAM. EME I. EHU Industrial Management 3 0 0 30 20 50 3 2. EME Fluid Machinery 2. EME Fluid Machinery 6. EME Project Management 3. EME Tribology 5. EME Industrial Ergonomics 6. EME Project 0 0 12 - 8 EME Operations Research 2. EME Energy Management 6. ESE Code ct. EME Operations Research 8. EME Energy Management Time series and forecasting moving and semi-averages , Statistical quality control methods, Control charts, , R, p, np, and c charts.

Peter V. Kapur, Mathematical Statistics, S. Steady and unsteady, uniform and non-uniform, laminar and turbulent flows, rotational and irrotational flows, compressible and incompressible flows, subsonic, sonic and supersonic flows, sub-critical, critical and supercritical flows, one, two and three dimensional flows, streamlines, continuity equation for 3D and 1D flows, circulation, stream function and velocity potential, source, sink, doublet and half-body.

III Fluid Statics : Pressure-density-height relationship, manometers, pressure transducers, pressure on plane and curved surfaces, centre of pressure, buoyancy, stability of immersed and floating bodies, fluid masses subjected to linear acceleration and uniform rotation about an axis.

VII Boundary Layer Analysis : Boundary layer thickness, boundary layer over a flat plate, laminar boundary layer, application of momentum equation, turbulent boundary layer, laminar sub- layer, separation and its control, Drag and lift, drag on a sphere, a two dimensional cylinder, and an aerofoil, Magnus effect. Som, S. Garde, R. Ltd, New Delhi, 2nd Edition. Student, Education, Fluid Mechanics by Jagdish Lal 9. Vijay Gupta and S. Modi, P. Atomic models, Periodic table, Chemical bondings.

Miller indices. X- ray crystallography techniques. Toughness, Hardness, Fracture, Fatigue and Creep. Preparation of samples and Microstructure exam and grain size determination. Types of equilibrium diagrams: Solid solution type, eutectic type and combination type. Iron-carbon equilibrium diagram. Various types of carbon steels, alloy steels and cast irons, its properties and uses.

Various type Brass, Bronze, bearing materials, its properties and uses. Aluminum alloys such as Duralumin. Soft and hard magnetic materials, Magnetic storages. P-n junction and transistors. Basic devices and its application. Diffusion of Solid.

Messier effect. High Tc superconductors. Mechanical behavior and processing of plastics. Future of plastics. Gupta, Materials Science, Umesh Publication. Raghvan - Material Science, Prentice Hall. Theories of Failure. Direct and shear stresses in beams due to transverse and axial loads, composite beams. Struts with different end conditions. Volumetric strain. Stresses in rotating shaft and cylinders. Stresses due to interference fits. UNIT-V Curved Beams: Bending of beams with large initial curvature, position of neutral axis for rectangular, trapezoidal and circular cross sections, stress in crane hooks, stress in circular rings subjected to tension or compression.

Mechanics of Materials by Pytel 2. Strength of Materials by Ryder 3. First law analysis for closed system non flow processes , Analysis of unsteady processes such as filling and evacuation of vessels with and without heat transfer, Limitations of first law of thermodynamics, PMM-I.

Simple Rankine cycle. Thermodynamics by J. Holman, McGraw Hill. Engineering Thermodynamics by P. Thermal Engineering By R. Rajput, Laxmi Publication. Engineering Thermodynamics by C. Material Science Lab Experiments : at least 5 of the following 1. Making a plastic mould for small metallic specimen.

Specimen preparation for micro structural examination-cutting, grinding, polishing, etching. Grain Size determination of a given specimen. Comparative study of microstructures of different given specimens mild steel, gray C.

Heat treatment experiments such as annealing, normalizing, quenching, case hardening and comparison of hardness before and after. Material identification of, say, 50 common items kept in a box. Faradays law of electrolysis experiment. Study of corrosion and its effects. Study of microstructure of welded component and HAZ. Material Testing Lab Experiments : at least 5 of the following 1.

Strength testing of a given mild steel specimen on UTM with full details and s-e plot on the machine. Other tests such as shear, bend tests on UTM. Impact testing on impact testing machine like Charpy, Izod or both.

Spring index testing on spring testing machine. Fatigue testing on fatigue testing machine. Creep testing on creep testing machine. Torsion testing of a rod on torsion testing machine. Study of non-destructive testing methods like magnetic flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, eddy current testing machine, dye penetrant tests.

Machine Drawing-N.



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