The journal content is indexed in CrossCheck , the CrossRef initiative to prevent scholarly and professional plagiarism. Motivation: The need to develop marketing information systems results from the generally accepted need act according to marketing concept. When defined as a specific type of management information, marketing information refers to any kind of data that can be used in the process of marketing management in order to attenuate the uncertainty of decisions undertaken in the context of strategic marketing and operational marketing. The dynamic character of market processes and phenomena causes that decision-making always entails a certain dose of risk.

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She was a quite young professor, not only commonly liked, but also treated as the authority in her field of work with great perspectives for the future; she had full university qualifications with considerable academic achievements with whom the University that is intensively developing its scientific and educational activities on the international scale bound great hope.

She achieved her Master of Science in with the specialisation foreign trade economics. Further academic degrees, physical doctor and the habilitation thesis of the economic sciences, were gained by Her in and respectively at the same University. Her scientific interests developed and were connected with the problems of the international comparative research of consumption and markets, the definition of innovations on the international scale, and finally the international marketing research and their cultural factors.

Professor Kornelia Karcz was the author or co-author of over scientific and didactic publications. Karcz, Z. PWE, Warszawa , , co-author Z.

Theoretical Bases, the Case Studies. Akademia Ekonomiczna, Katowice written with prof. Altkorn, T. She was the author of numerous papers for domestic and international academic conferences in Portugal, France, Ukraine, Belgium, Czech Republic, and Poland. She managed a few research grants dedicated to the problem of the market subjects behaviour within the realities of the process of European integration. She developed intensively the cooperation with different academic and research centres among the countries of the European Union e.

She combined the international and educational research activity. At Her own university with which she was connected since the beginning of her professional career, from she was employed at the post of the associate professor, a year before she became the manager of the International Research Unit of the Market and Consumption at the Management Faculty. She conducted lectures and graduate seminars with the specialisation of the international market and marketing research, consumers behaviour, intercultural communication management, problems with the economic integration.

She had also classes at the postgraduates She was a thesis supervisor of 8 PhD dissertations and a reviewer of several other doctoral theses. To Her greatest professional achievements, except the scientific ones, belong the authorship, implementation, and coordination of the programme of studies in English entitled Programme in Business and Economics, transformed in the graduate specialisation called International Business at Management and Marketing Faculty.

She coordinated these studies from to as a Vice-rector Plenipotentiary for the English path. In the years she was also a Deputy Dean for Science at the Management Faculty, being responsible for planning and realisation of research projects at this department. She cooperated very closely with the university Research and Expertise Centre, she was the author and co-author of many scientific projects for business and municipal authorities.

She worked also in lots of committees of the University Senate. In this short paper it is very hard to enumerate many other works and achievements of Professor Kornelia Karcz, for example the editorial activities of our magazine. The scientific and educational works of Professor Kornelia Karcz permanently became the part of the legacy of Her discipline and Her politeness towards students combined with requirements and the patterns of the creative action in the scientific and didactic work with scientists and the administrative personnel will stay in the memory of Her academic environment for a very long time.

He held the posts of a director of the Political Economics Institute , a deputy dean of the Faculty of Industry , and a rector. He acted very actively outside the university. In years he was a vice-chairman of the Silesian Scientific Institute, from he was a member and correspondent of the Polish Academy of Sciences a chairman of the branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Katowice , between and he had the function of the vice-chairman of the Upper Silesian Society of Friends of the Sciences.

For his active scientific and social activities he was awarded with many distinctions, for example the Cavalry Cross of Order of Poland s Rebirth and the Commander s Cross of Order of Poland s Rebirth. Professor s academic achievements consist of 28 books concerning economy, articles, studies, and dissertations, around 50 scientific expert reports, finally over journalistic articles.

He also wrote many academic reviews. He took part in press interviews. He promoted almost graduates with Master of Science degree and 15 doctors. The wide range of interests of the Professor was connected with the broad scope of problems: 1.

On all these research planes he was extremely creative and prolific. He was an indisputable authority in the theory of salaries and money management in Poland. The rules of Doctoral Studies determine the organization and course of studies and the related rights and duties of a doctoral student. Churchill Sq. Reasons for establishing the studies Doctoral studies represent. Republic of Albania Parliament Law N0. The Reykjavik University School of Law offers doctoral studies in law.

The name of the degree is Ph. Regulations The following guidelines and procedures are observed when recruiting personnel at the University of Oulu. The English version of the curriculum for the Doctor of Philosophy programme Psychology is not legally binding and is for informational purposes only.

The legal basis is regulated in the curriculum published. Virginia E. Schein, Ph. Schein is recognized internationally for her groundbreaking research on gender stereotyping. Mission Develop relevant policy for International activities that will enable to provide. Andrzej K. The Institute. Grzegorz M Michalski ph. Michalski gmail. Office What is a PhD?

In Italy, it is an Academic. Regulations regarding the organization, development and financing of research activities Chapter1. Organization and Content Art. The present regulations have been established according to the previsions. The English version of the curriculum for the Doctoral programme Catholic Theology is not legally binding and is for informational purposes only.

Study on the organisation of doctoral studies in EU neighbouring countries Albania www. Classical Independent Model which incorporates three levels of education and gives relevant degrees such as bachelors. These regulations are prepared, basing upon the ratified edit of Doctoral degree regulations.

The doctoral studies, hereinafter referred. The objective of occupational therapy is to. Piece of History 2. Inspirations and patterns 3. International Business Program 4. Program Name - Tourism and Hospitality Management 2. Degree Offered - Ph. Program Leader - Prof. Maya Margvelashvili Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University,. The English version of the curriculum for the PhD Program in Economics is not legally binding and is for informational purposes only.

The legal basis is regulated in the curriculum published in the University. Seung-soo Han was born on 28 December in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, Korea where he received his secondary education. He received. Making Every Child Matter Centralne Biuro Antykorupcyjne Al. Ujazdowskie 9 Warszawa www. Introduction The research systems in the.

PhD program at the Vetmeduni Vienna. Objectives of the PhD program 2 2. Admission to the PhD program 2 3. Bodies of the PhD program at the Vetmeduni Vienna. Nuclear and Sustainable Power Engineering Ph.

On Official Notices. Megatrend University Introducing the Megatrend University History The Megatrend University was founded in as the first private university in Eastern Europe Megatrend primarily concentrated on business. Journal of Laws No. General Regulations 1 1. The present Rules and Regulations apply to all the departments, levels and forms.

Introduction The National. They replace earlier versions of the Degree Regulations. Doctoral degree regulations of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Rostock dated 16th September Based on 43 3 in conjunction with 2 1 sentence 3 of the State University. Log in Registration. Search for. Size: px. Start display at page:. Mabel Sparks 4 years ago Views:.










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