Worried about plagiarism? Read this. Help Login Sign Up. Jonathan Rauch's essay is a deviation from the traditional point of view. This well written essay discusses the fact that society is rather trying to eliminate hate and prejudice when in fact society should be trying to educate people against prejudice. Rauch makes an excellent point when he says "..

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Pluralism may bring different topics such as racism, sexism, and homophobia. Rauch argues rather than eliminating hate and prejudice society should educate people against prejudice. He believes by eliminating prejudice really means having everyone to have the same prejudice. To be prejudiced. It is a fact that, in general, we see prejudice as an unconstructive word, full of negative meaning.

The title brings two ideas simultaneously: comfort for the ones who are racist, or repugnance for those. Rauch defends the right to express all forms of bigotry. By utilizing specific examples where prejudice is at center stage. During the Olympics, John Carlos and Tommie Smith raised a gloved fist to protect against injustice in this country that is still ongoing today. Kaepernick is trying to bring awareness to his social issue involving police brutality.

Kaepernick is aware that. A name is a mark of classification, the center for self identity. People go unexcused in affectingly labeling themselves and others with words that were used to belittled. Rauch Points out if misguided ideas and ugly expressions be corrected or criticized it would help public safety. By teaching the ignorant mass opinions that there is different types of people in the world or not categorizing. He believed if prejudice were to be eliminated everyone would be forced to have the same beliefs or the same as the person in authority.

To be prejudist means to have preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual …show more content… Clarify his reasons to make the best of prejudice not to eliminate prejudice as a whole because that would mean eliminating our amendment of freedom of speech.

Not only would our freedom of speech be taken away but would be harming our society as a whole. By making them even weaker to new ideas or development. He appeals to ethos in a way that he is an actual victim on prejudice. He knows personally the feeling of being hurt by words and what they cause him to fear. Rauch is also part of the minority by being openly gay and a Jew during a time. In a time where same sex marriage is still not legal.

Rauch also uses pathos through out his essay. He gives readers an appeal to his emotions. Makes the readers feel that they have to feel for those who are being prosecuted. Rauch uses both being a Jew and a supporter of gay marriage in order to argue in favor for intellectual pluralism. Rauch argues where there is genuine freedom of expression there will be a racist expression. He is not concerned with eradicating but to making the best of prejudice. If the words were to be ignored the people would not be hurt.

To know the difference and accept the world if we want freedom. He argues that the best way to fight against prejudice is to stop pointing fingers.

By pointing fingers we become prejudice ourselves. Do not call someone prejudice because it will only make. Show More. Read More. Popular Essays. Jekyll And Mr. Open Document.


Jonathan Rauch's In Defense Of Prejudice

Harper's Magazine, May Ahmed, the bulk of your blog reviews what Rauch says. What the assignment asks you to do is to offer your opinion of the dichotomy Rauch creates. You do get to that at the end, but the point here was to engage with the idea, not to restate it.


In defense of prejudice


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