Contact Us 65 Parameter settings let the user select the rating that best suits the application needs. Selecting ND allows the drive to operate a more powerful motor an entire frame size larger than with HD. Side-by-Side installation and J's impressively compact design make it possible to fit the entire setup into even the narrowest enclosures.

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Applications which receive loads repeatedly require derating. If you don't want this, you can disable it by clicking here. America U. Europe Germany Sweden U. The Solution Concept i 3 -Mechatronics i cube Mechatronics.

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Global warming which is caused by the increase in energy consumption has been recognized as a global issue, and ordinary people are also becoming more and more conscious about the countermeasures. In particular, in the small-sized AC Drive field, a strong demand is growing for miniaturization and cost reduction of AC Drive itself with the demand for the reduction in machinery size.

Ultra small body and side-by-side installation helps you to design and set up a more compact control panel. Parameters can be set easily in the setup mode. The verify function makes it easy to check those parameters changed from their default values. Our product adopts the Swing PWM method that suppresses the electromagnetic noise to eliminate harsh noise.

Satisfactory stall prevention and speed search functions act in advance to prevent the AC Drive trip from kicking in and to keep the machine running. Overexcitation braking enables emergency braking without the use of a braking resistor.

Furthermore, the internal braking transistor provides more powerful braking capabilities only by adding a braking resistor. Various environmentally tolerant products are available to protect the AC Drive against humidity, dust, oil mist, and vibration. Makes for a safe check of capacitors or the fan during the maintenance period via the monitor.

Feel free to contact our call center for any inquiries and information about our products. Our specialized engineers will respond you politely with their true opinions. Models that can be connected to a single-phase V commercial power supply are being prepared. J can be used in various applications. The following equipment is especially applicable. Rating corresponding to relatively light-load machines, such as fans and pumps, is called normal duty ND rating.

In comparison with this, rating corresponding to heavy-load machines, such as conveyors and small-sized elevating devices, is called heavy duty HD rating. When an AC Drive has both ratings, an optimum capacity corresponding to each load can be selected. Standing for the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, this directive prohibits electronic equipment sold in Europe from containing specific hazardous substances such as lead.

Control devices such as AC Drives are exempt from its regulation as of today, but some countermeasures are desired from the viewpoints of the reduction of environmentally harmful substances. In normal PWM control systems, harsh metallic noises occur when the carrier frequency is low, and electromagnetic noise increases when it is high.

Our original SwingPWM system reduces harsh noises by making the carrier frequency variable and not increasing it to make the noises disappear in those at the plant. AC Drives with a single-phase power source input has three-phase output on the output side. A single-phase motor cannot be used.

The values at the carrier frequency of 2 kHz. To increase the carrier frequency, the current needs to be reduced. The values at the carrier frequency of 10 kHz. The values at the carrier frequency of 8 kHz. Voltage class.


J1000 Drive

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