Section 2. Section 3. Annexe A : Limites de suites. TD 2 : Nombres complexes. TD 2 : Mesures. TD 3 : Fonctions mesurables.

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You may read Publications: science, money, and human comedy on my blog. Underlined item if participation to the organization or scientific committee. The following list is automatically generated on the fly by arXiv services and included in the present page. These documents are un published in the prestigious Journal of Unpublished Results.

This course provides a modern overview on logarithmic Sobolev inequalities. These inequalities have been the subject of intense activity in the recent decades in relation with the analysis and geometry of Markov processes and diffusion evolution equations. This course is designed to be accessible to a wide audience. It is divided into seven lectures.

The examination will consist in reading a research paper in the field and giving a short talk on it. This course is divided into 7 lectures of 3 hours. Each lecture is devoted to the study of a particular stochastic model. The selected models may vary from one year to another, and the selection for included Fisher-Wright models, Random walks models, Galton-Watson branching models, Random matrix models, and Growth-fragmentation models.

The examination consists in giving a mini-lecture on an article in the spirit of the course. The course is in English, and some lecture notes in French are available below. You said Miscellany? Show pagesource Old revisions Back to top. Algebraic-geometric rigidity in analysis and in random structures.

Associate editor of Electronic Journal of Communications in Probability Member of the boards of Mathdoc and MathOA. Mathematical genealogy project. Mathematical Physics spin systems, interacting particle systems, statistical physics.

Former doctoral students on Mathematical genealogy project. Jeanne Boursier , with Sylvia Serfaty Coulomb gases and related topics. Josue Curojo , with Simona Grusea Quasistationary distributions and related topics. Ezechiel Kahn , with Benjamin Jourdain Stochastic calculus and random matrices. Hugo Magaldi , with Laure Dumaz Beta-ensembles, random operators, and related topics.

High dimensional probability Bangalore. Concentration of Measure Phenomena Berkeley. Random Matrices and their Applications Kyoto. Optimal and random point configurations: from statistical physics to approximation theory IHP Paris. Workshop on random matrices and their applications Hong Kong. Recent advances on log-gases IHP Paris. School on threshold phenomena and random graphs IHP Paris.

Workshop on random matrices and their applications Telecom Paris. School on random matrices, stochastic geometry, and compressed sensing IHP Paris. Fall School on compressed sensing, random matrices, high dim.

Photo of S. Modelling Blog post dated May Annals of mathematics: probability and statistics Blog post dated November How to give a bad talk Blog post dated September Starting point and curiosity Blog post dated June Publications: science, money, and human comedy Blog post dated January Version en ligne billet de blog.

Dynamics of a planar Coulomb gas Video capture Providence : Stream. Singular values of random matrices Rough lecture notes : PDF. Random projections, marginals, and moments Rough expository notes : PDF. PDF Exam without solutions. PDF Exam with solutions. Some historical documents around Brownian motion and stochastic calculus. Evans - An introduction to stochastic differential equations , AMS PDF Projet Matrices doublement stochastiques.

PDF Projet Approximations gaussienne et poissonnienne. MAP Markov et Martingales. PDF Notes de cours avec coquilles p. PDF Annales d'examens avec correction 72p.

PDF Notes de cours p. PDF Examen Rennes. PDF Examen Toulouse. PDF Biskra Notes de cours 57p. PDF Appendice - Quelques lois classiques. PDF Vieux manuel p. Informations en provenance du jury du concours. M ths en Ligne. Cours en ligne CEL. Dimension et Chaos. The Visual Math Institute. Blog posts speaking about… Julia , Emacs , Linux.

The w2m. The Girko circular law in Python via SageMathCell Click on the button below to evaluate the code online, it will produce a graphic. You can also edit the code online. Read and write my name. Read Dj alil like you read it in Django Reinhardt thanks Jack!

English speaking people should read my name as Jalil Shaf-i-e. Maybe I will try with berber's Tifinagh or MP3. Favourite prime number is , the th. Asymmetric cryptographic public key is here. Mathematical Reviews Author ID is Quanta Magazine. MathOverflow - for researchers. Math Stackexchange - for students. Digital Library of Mathematical Functions. What's new - Terrence Tao blog.

Freakonometrics - Arthur Charpentier blog. Research and lecture notes - Fabrice Baudoin blog. Combinatorics and more - Gil Kalai blog. How to write your own Computer Science papers.

How to write your own Mathematics papers. A very bad paper by Claude S. LightOn or how to bring light to AI. An introduction to Kolmogorov complexity and its applications. List of books on combinatorial optimization and information theory on my blog. Elements of queueing theory: Palm-martingale calculus and stochastic recurrences. Daniel J. Detexify LaTeX handwritten symbol recognition.

Thomas Bruss. The probabilistic method by Noga Alon and Joel H. Additive combinatorics by Terence Tao and Van H. Open problems by Yuval Peres. Open problems by David Aldous.


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