Most of us have heard or experienced first-hand the challenges of transacting with the government. Fortunately, the good news is we are in So you can forget about physically going to government offices to transact business and standing in long queues for hours. Instead, if you're a supplier and you intend to do business with the government, you can go for IFMIS self registration. The main purpose is to eradicate the hustle of delivering documents to County Government offices manually. Are you interested in government tenders?

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National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Mr. Henry Rotich, said the IFMIS e-Procurement module will also enhance transparency and accountability in procurement process from procurement planning, requisition, sourcing, and to payment. Rotich added. He urged governors drawn from the 47 counties to appreciate an overview of IFMIS e-procurement, deliberations on how to enhance implementation of the system and how to address the emerging challenges that may face e-procurement implementation process in the counties.

He recognized the commitment shown by the governors towards enhancing efficiency in public procurement in their respective counties, adding that the National Treasury will strive to release funds to the counties promptly to avoid any unnecessary delays of service delivery to the public.

Rotich said. He said the National Treasury is mandated by Section 12 1 e of the Public Finance Management Act to design and prescribe an efficient financial management system for the National and County governments which will also ensure transparent financial management and standard financial reporting.

Rotich said IFMIS e-procurement system is linked to an Item Master which has indicative prices for all commonly used items to ensure that there are no price inflations by procuring entities, thus enhancing value for money, adding that e-procurement has inbuilt approvals at all levels of the procurement process to enhance checks, controls and accountability. Apart from increasing efficiency in service delivery due to competition, transparency and lower transaction costs, the Cabinet Secretary said e-procurement system is designed to enable the government increase and monitor government procurement opportunities to the preference groups, including women, youth and persons with disability.

IFMIS e-procurement rolled out throughout the country to enhance service delivery to the public. The National Treasury. Desktop Version.


How to register on IFMIS as a supplier




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