We are often asked who Lamona are by people and the actual answer to that question is more complex than it really deserves to be. Lamona is a own label brand name used exclusively by Howdens Joinery as an own brand label. This makes price comparisons on appliances supplied by kitchen fitters and builder that use Howdens very difficult, if not impossible for people to make. It is a popular tactic employed by many larger companies that supply to both trade and public alike in our industry.

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Howdens Kitchens Reviews. Search everywhere only in this topic. Advanced Search. Classic List Threaded. Re: Howdens Kitchens Reviews. My kitchen was fitted in Mardch They removed x 2 faulty doors in January and send them off for quality testing. After threatening howdens with court, i now get a sales rep demanding yet another door but one without faults to quality test.

This same sales rep had recommended to howdens customer service that my entire kitchen is replaced. However, customer service and their quality assurance team have requested he gets another door off me with the intention to send off for tests. I directly asked the sale rep why more tests were needed and the answer was 'to probably prove that i caused the damage'! What a joke! I have only ever used windowlene on my kitchen and I have friends who use industrial chemical cleaners and their kitchen doors are not damaged!

I already have x 2 missing doors and my 3 year old loves messing with the cleaning products that are visible due to the door they removed in January. I am now looking at taking them to court.

I have email evidence, photo evidence the lot. They wont win. What judge would believe a customer self damages their own kitchen. The sale of goods act covers customers for 6 years in which goods have to be of satisfactory and fit for purpose.

After 8 months of use, doors bubble! I have given them 28 days and they i WILL take them to court. In reply to this post by John Tines. Please could anyone advise if they have had problems with the Lamona Intergrated Washing Machines from Howdens Specifically with the hoses, I have had a problem with a new fitted machine, after the third wash the hoses split, the machine was replaced with an identical model and again on the third wash the hoses split this time flooding my kitchen badly, damaging the wood flooring.

I live in a new property completely renovated thoughout and the Howdens engineers report say the hoses have been chewed in a circle around the hose by mice!! According to the engineers report both the machines were chewed in exactly the same places pictures were provided, this I feel is a very clever mouse!!!!!!

I have never seen any sign of mouse dropping, not heard any nor has my little dog, wouldn't you think a dog would pick up a scent of mice!!! Howdens however are accepting this report and I now have to get an independent report done before they will look into this any further!

Any advise would be helpful, thanks. Everyone was great, designer, depot staff etc Mark in design of worktop. Items missing from delivery. Still waiting for them to respond We will pay the fitter for his work, he won't have anything to gain through making a complaint. Go elsewhere and buy your kitchen, they're a sham. Hi everyone, now I don't usually write reviews and am a person who usually fixes issues myself unless the issue is beyond my capabilities so to get so angry about a company and its products and lack of customer service isn't in my nature.

It turns out that on some of their own brand electrical products there is a known faulty part which was replaced on both the items, two months later the fridge blew again and another part replaced. Now the ovens are playing up And the worktops are warping Have rang Howdens 5 times, phone calls are NEVER returned, only when the threat of ringing their head office did I eventually get a person to visit and state that he would file a report and would get back to us, that was three weeks ago and you guessed it - we have heard nothing We thought that buying from Howdens would result in quality products, however their own brand LAMONA products are to be avoided at all costs, google this - I found out too late that there are loads of similar instances nationwide.

On a separate note for the people who read this who has the responsibility for cleaning, LAMONA ovens cannot be stripped down to clean so if you get food splash In between the door glass they are an absolute pig to clean, the only way I manage is blasting them with a steam cleaner which in Howdens view is probably voiding the warranty Please do yourself a favour and shop around when buying your new kitchen, Howdens carcasses seem to be ok so far apart from you can't buy extra shelves post install, but do NOT buy anything else from them without careful consideration, honestly they are not worth it Purchased kitchen from howdens after 5 months a door split, after two years I have had three doors replaced.

Very poor quality. I have now noticed a fourth door has split as has a draw and the dishwasher door. Howdens stoke blame steam moisture Everything was checked to see if it was installed correctly.

It was. They said they never have this problem. After reading other reviews I beg to differ. I wouldn't have a kitchen off howdens if they were giving them away.

Poor quality. After 5 weeks the corner carousal unit's door fell off. The builder sent his chippie to temporarily repair and now, 5 months later, Howdens in Shirley are refusing to replace it as it 'never happens'. Won't recommend them, will tell anyone who needs a new kitchen not to use them. While cooking dinner my lamona oven caught on fire nearly burning down the kitchen, it was only 18 months old after contacting both lamona and howdens neither showed any concern after what is a major electrical problem with one of the products.

Now going to replace gas hood and hood. Recently bought full kitchen and integrated appliances from Howdens. Not cheap but the quality very poor. Dont expect any worthwhile after sales service. Company is a joke. After much investigation, we had initially decided on a solid wood kitchen from Wickes. However, it was suggested we try Howdens in Andover.

Right from the very start it was painful to say the least. Most of the staff with the exception of two were very unhelpful. Over inflated prices for extras, such as sink fittings. As for appliances, we stressed we wanted a Bosch built in fridge and freezer. We were conned into purchasing Howdens so-called equivalent sub-standard product badged as 'Lamona' - products totally unfit for service.

In the space of two years, the bottle holder in the fridge has broken four times, and two freezer drawer fronts have broken twice. I have since discovered Lamona are badged Beko products - Bosch equivalent eh?? As for the worktop, we wanted granite, but Howdens recommended a product called Getacore, which is a resin based worktop.

Apparently this was 'end of line' and this was offered at a good price - still very expensive i might add. After just over two and half years, i am considering replacing the entire worktop. The 'invisible joints' have buckled, and I have had to fill the cracks. The solid wood units are of poor quality, with the base units not matching the detailed units. The cornice started peeling after a few months, and I was told it was the result of steam.

They refused to do anything about it, until I managed to find the only contact I could on the internet - some marketing guy, who took this quite seriously and contacted the Andover branch.

I regret ever trusting Howdens, and buying a kitchen from them - something you ever do a few times in your life. Please do not use the Burnley branch, i have had such a nightmare dealing with Kevin Derbyshire and Shelley Ayrton manager. They are unprofessional, unhelpful and incompetent.

Firstly Kevin measured the kitchen incorrectly then tried to blame me for not checking his measurements before the kitchen was fitted - is it not his job to check his own measurements??

Then we had four deliveries as mistakes were made each time. When i rang to complain to the managaer she was rude and very unprofessional. This problem is still ongoing, we have had a number of problems with the appliances which are also still ongoing.

Basically i would not recommend you use Howdens. Disorganised and painful from start to finish. Several items missing or damaged on delivery. Not enough worktop supplied for the design. Ripped off on extras. I would advise against using them unless you want to be left in a hole paying frustrated workmen who cannot complete the job due to missing parts and badly measured plans.

The kitchen units were delivered damaged and the service went from bad to worse. Units were either damaged or missing and what units were supplied didn't fit Howdens design. Howdens refused to visit to see problem or rectify anything, not even an apology for their diabolically bad service.

I rang and complained to Customer Services and they couldn't even be bothered to ring back and when I eventially managed to speak with 'Jo' she was said quote " the design service is purely complementary designed to sell the kitchen only " Howden Customer Services stated that Howden Joinery Co take no responsibility if the units don't fit to their design plans provided. My advise do not use this company, as they only care about selling units and nothing else. Observation with regard to the ''reviews'' Thread by John Tines created on 19th Feb.

Between 19th Feb and 5th March only 3 replys with reviews. ALL posted between 7. Thereafter zero?? Hi Barry. You are wrong my friend ,it isn't zero. This post and a few others have been posted since,perhaps you missed them so here it is again.


Lamona Appliances

Howdens Kitchens Reviews. Search everywhere only in this topic. Advanced Search. Classic List Threaded. Re: Howdens Kitchens Reviews.


Stock Watch: Howden Joinery Group (Howdens)

Howden Joinery Group is the parent company for Howdens. Howdens was established in with 14 depots by its current chief executive Matthew Ingle when the business was part of the MFI Group. MFI was sold off in but the company it was known as Galiform back then was responsible for some significant onerous lease liabilities when MFI went into administration in These problems have now been sorted out. Howdens makes and supplies kitchen and joinery products to small builders through a nationwide depot network. Up until a couple of years ago Howden shares had performed strongly but they have struggled to make much headway since then. In this article, I am going to take a closer look at this company and see what the future might bring for its investors.


Howdens Kitchens Reviews

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