View pdf - Guido Argentini. Recommend Documents. Tanghi Argentini tanghi argentini per flauto e chitarra proposte di I due cd Libertango e Almas de Tango testimoniano questo lavoro di ricerca e la lunga amicizia. The research

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View pdf - Guido Argentini. Recommend Documents. Tanghi Argentini tanghi argentini per flauto e chitarra proposte di I due cd Libertango e Almas de Tango testimoniano questo lavoro di ricerca e la lunga amicizia. The research View PDF. View PDF J Arthroplasty. Universal also has a deep water quay and painting facility at the port of View PDF dunes occurs in the extreme northeastern corner of the sand from the Pinacates and its View PDF data provided root mean square error rmse values below 1 K in most cases when Hence, TIGR Guido Argentini He studied Medicine for three years at the University of Florence.

At the age of 23 he decided to turn his passion for photography into a profession and started to shoot fashion and beauty. You started shooting photographs at the age of 17, yet you waited until you were 23, when you stopped studying medicine, to became a professional photographer.

What made you confident that your could have a career in this field? Believing in yourself is the key to success in life. I had a friend there but I ended up staying at her place for one night only. Ever since I came to America I have felt a sense of freedom that I did not have in the country where I was born and where I grew up. Was it because America is a special place, because you were far away from Italy or simply because you were far away from the restrictions imposed by your milieu?

I believe everybody can find the place where he or she feels comfortable. I always suggest to everybody to live abroad for a long period of time, at least a few years. It always expands your mental horizons. Even if you end up going back to Italy, after your experience, you will see things from a different perspective. What type of commissions did you get at the beginning that allowed you to earn more money?

The problem today is that too many people want the same thing. Which photographers inspired you the most? They are very different from one another but they are all great photographers. Is there any that you think we should follow? The first camera is like the first love, you never forget it: Olympus OM To make the model feel comfortable it helps not to have people around, yet it is not easy in terms of organization.

So, what is your favorite travel equipment? I stopped using lights a few years ago. I just use what is available in the room where I shoot, a window, a desk lamp… Never liked reflective panels and I used flashes just for selective projects.

I try not to use a tripod when I can. Very little film these days. By the way, I always scan my films and then I work in Adobe Photoshop the way I used to work in the darkroom. It is just the most sophisticated darkroom ever existed!

A film on myself and my photography. I will become a film maker when I have a story to tell. You constantly refer to the concept of beauty, the focus of your research, as a way to attract attention so that you can tell your stories to a larger audience. In both books the main goal and the main subject was the beauty of the women.

Beauty should not be the only goal, it should be an element that helps to attract the attention of people but my photography must go beyond that.

Look at the work of Cindy Sherman for example. Everybody has a different approach when it comes to art. My approach, from now on, is to still use beauty in my photography but just as one of the elements I need in order to be able to tell a story. A concept must be supporting the new body of work.

If I did not want to show who I am I would not publish my work. To take pictures just for myself would be a very selfish act. Everybody has a different concept and idea of that. It is the same with Love. Often it is easier to create beautiful images with a woman that is close to you in life. Intimacy is there because you are a couple and, usually, women that like me like my work as well.

I love beautiful legs but the height of a model has never been an issue. Proportions are more important. It is easier now compared to when you started? They just do not care and are always interested just in commercial projects that can generate money. How often do you get paid for your books?

This way I know who really wants to be part of an artistic project… Many people think that I make money selling books, but, unfortunately, I make very little money with the sale of my published books. People should know that. How do you deal with that? Most girls do not really understand this. I try always to shoot something they can eventually use for themselves.

On your website you say that the pleasure of publishing a book is underpinned by the desire to tell something and share it. Have you ever felt misunderstood? And to tell a story with one image only is not always easy. You do not have movement, you do not have words, you do not have music.

The beauty of this is that everything is left to your fantasy and imagination. What happened before that shot and what will happen after is all left to the mind of the person that looks at the images. What is the woman in the picture thinking? What does she feel? He loved the project.

Let me give you some scenarios: are book printing costs totally paid for or are they split? Are copies given for free to the artist who can sell them personally or what percentage discount is typically given so that the artist can sell copies through his or her website?

There are no specific rules. It is all about the agreement which can be reached between a publisher and an artist. Is the printer chosen by the publisher or by the photographer? The photographer should be present for the printing process and I have always been there Publishers have become more difficult in terms of investing money in new projects.

You need a publisher if you want the books to be in bookstores worldwide. The goal is to have as many people as possible access my books. The best printers for photography books are probably in Northern Italy. I printed my books with different companies and I had good and bad experiences. Unless you make a dummy in a few copies, digital is way too expensive.

I used different papers and I like the spot varnish but it all depends on the project. What is important are images more than size, the paper or the way you varnish them. Do you have a distributor or have you established direct ties that you manage personally?

Colors are more real and vivid and BW looks very much as the fiber base prints I used to make in the darkroom. It all depends on the images. I recently made polished Aluminum frames for the silver collection and they look amazing. He has been a collector for 7 years already. What are the traits you would like to be remembered for one hundred years from now?

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View pdf - Guido Argentini

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