Not Rated min Drama, Family, Musical. This family is part of a joint family whose close knit bond is challenged by a misunderstanding. Director: Sooraj R. Not Rated min Drama, Thriller. Vijay falls in love Shivani and proposes her only to be rejected every time.

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Not Rated min Drama, Family, Musical. This family is part of a joint family whose close knit bond is challenged by a misunderstanding.

Director: Sooraj R. Not Rated min Drama, Thriller. Vijay falls in love Shivani and proposes her only to be rejected every time. However his love turns into an obsession and turns her life into a hell. Votes: 5, Raja, a taxi driver, falls in love with Aarti, a rich girl, and marries her against her parents' wishes.

Later, her parents try to create differences amongst the couple. Votes: 6, The eldest of seven brothers, who run a family farm together, marries a pretty nurse, inspiring his country-bumpkin siblings to follow his example. Director: Raj N. Votes: 2, Abdullah is a devout Muslim who lives in a small hut the middle of a desert in Persia, and looks after a well so that it provides water to thirsty travelers. One day a friend, Ameer, Votes: The setting is in scenic Simla, summer capital of the British Raj in the 's.

Chandramukhi from Bombay is on holiday with her parents and so is Naresh, a US educated medical professional One day Raju on his way to a job interview saves the life of a rich textile mill Votes: 1, The story revolves around three generations of the Diwan family, who live as an extended family in an ancestral bungalow in the suburbs of Mumbai.

The serial takes the viewer through their Chandrakanta is the story of eternal love set against the battle and strife between two kingdoms Naugarh and Vijaygarh. PG min Drama, Musical, Romance. Talented amateur singer after years of honest work became a famous professional, but an old enemy of his family is envy of his success. Not Rated min Action, Thriller. Large locusts attack the farmers and farmlands resulting in hefty damages. The Indian Government suspects that this is the work of some terrorists and assign this case to their best agent Not Rated min Romance.

Two lovers decide to end their lives in order to save them and their love from villagers. Family, Drama. Young and attractive Kunti has fallen in love with a young man by the name of Anil, and both intend to marry. They do get intimate which ends in Kunti getting pregnant. Kunti finds out that Shiva is blessed with magical powers of charming snakes.

He falls head-over-heels in love with Paro. The wealthy and lecherous Zamindar Thakur Vir Pratap Singh lord over a small region in rural India mercilessly killing anyone who opposes his rule.

He gets the male villagers addicted to Two college students, the slum child Raja and the dean's daughter Roja, chat with each other over the Internet and fall in love. However, Roja is engaged and Raja cannot bear to disrespect her father, to whom he owes his livelihood.

Professor Vijay Tripathi and Bhujbal Choudhury have a small land dispute between themselves forcing Bhujbal and his men to mercilessly kill Vijay making his death look as though lightning Hari R. Srivastav lives a middle-class life in rural India with two step-brothers, Govind and Rajesh. Circumstances compel him to get married to Seema, who dislikes Govind and Rajesh.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Ashok Saxena lives a middle-classed lifestyle along with his wife, Shobha, a former street dancer; and a younger college-going brother, Rajesh. His father Not Rated min Drama, Action, Crime. Amrit's generosity and kindness initially lands him in the bad books of a dancer; then in prison; and then as false son-in-law of a very wealthy man.

Hari and Giri are 2 detectives who suspect Brigadier of leaking defence secrets to outsiders who in turn is on an undercover mission to expose Boss number 1 who is a terrorist. Not Rated min Family, Drama. A widower has a run of good luck; a sudden increase in his fortunes, and a new woman in his life whose resemblance to his late wife seals the deal.

However, the new bride may not have the best intentions towards him. Not Rated min Fantasy. Kashish was a romantic TV show broadcast on Doordarshan in early 90s. A well known director Rahul Anand casts new actress Mohana Kumar for his film. How their indifference changes to love was shown in the serial, which had 6 episodes.

Action, Thriller. Airforce pilot Bhagat's wife Raksha and his father are killed in a bank robbery where his father works on the day he his celebrating his wedding anniversary and sons birthday. Bhagat notices This Dimple Kapadia starrer, inspired by the X-rated thriller 'I spit on your grave'; centered around a woman police officer who is gang raped in gruesome fashion - her ripped off jeans Not Rated min Horror, Mystery.

Thakur Madan Puri was a cruel man in the past. Then over the passage of time he changed to normal life and lives with his daughter peacefully, but suddenly a mysteries killer starts to A wealthy woman faces trauma when her husband is killed, and both her young sons abducted. She spends years looking for them, until one day she comes across a young man named Munna, who is Not Rated min Drama, Family, Romance.

Sawaal is a powerful confrontation of life's greatest motivating forces - self against selfishness, love against power, good against evil. Two lovers, who had scarified their lives to save their love, are reborn but will they be united this time. Votes: 6. Action, Comedy, Drama. Thakur is a wealthy, principled, and punctual man, who will not tolerate anything, even music in his palatial home. Thakur's only motto in life is money, and each and every second is spent Not Rated min Action.

Balwant is a ex-convict and former jailbird. He returns home after completing his sentence, and finds out that the wealthy Thakur has a treasure stashed away nearby with a map enclosed in a Sapna, and his brother, Sumit; kill his mother; Votes: 5. Subhash Gaekwad is a worker employed in a mill run by Lal and partners. Lal does not pay his workers well, and they decide to go on an indefinite strike. Lal does not really care, and soon Director: S.

Crime, Action, Drama. Kishinchand is a Customs Officer based in Bombay. He has been assigned to infiltrate and expose a gang of smugglers and drug dealers headed by two gangsters named Jaggan and Ajay Kumar.

Not Rated min Drama, Romance. Gauri lives a poor lifestyle in a small town in India along with her maternal uncle, Pandey, and aunt, Parvati. Pandey is the peon for the District Forest Officer, and his wife and Gauri Adventure, Drama. Four young boys tragically separated from their parents and each other grow up to become four different men with divergent values and conflicting methods. Fate eventually sets their paths for a head on collision. The film had musical score by Director: T.

His two elder sons are slackers and up to mischief and wrestling. They find Votes: 7. A young prince frustrated with his royal lifestyle encounters a man, Trishanku, who has come from a far away planet. As their friendship blooms, they develop a deep bond with each other. Shiva decides to give his criminal life and marry a dancer Seema.

But his past still haunts him forcing him to take back the criminal life.


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