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Science Explorer. Frequently Asked Questions. Multimedia Gallery. Park Passes. Technical Announcements. Employees in the News. Emergency Management. The program begins by reading a three-dimensional base grid, which can have variable row and column widths and spatially variable cell top and bottom elevations. From this base grid, GRIDGEN will continuously divide into four any cell intersecting user-provided refinement features points, lines, and polygons until the desired level of refinement is reached.

GRIDGEN will then smooth, or balance, the grid so that no two adjacent cells, including overlying and underlying cells, differ by more than a user-specified level tolerance.

Once these gridding processes are completed, GRIDGEN saves a tree structure file so that the layered quadtree grid can be quickly reconstructed as needed. Geological Survey Open-File Report , 39 p. The software versions below are provided online for historical reference only, and may contain outdated information or broken links.

In instances where an author is citing use of this software, it would be appropriate to cite both the report documenting the code and the specific software release version that was used.

Users do not need a license or permission from the USGS to use this software. Users can download and install as many copies of the software as they need. You can copy, modify, distribute, and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

This software has been approved for release by the U. Although the software has been subjected to rigorous review, the USGS reserves the right to update the software as needed pursuant to further analysis and review.

Government as to the functionality of the software and related material nor shall the fact of release constitute any such warranty. Government shall be held liable for any damages resulting from its authorized or unauthorized use. Any use of trade, firm, or product names is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the U. Skip to main content. Search Search. Release Date: January 6, Download Software.


Getting Started

Pointwise is a software system for the generation of two-dimensional 2D and three-dimensional 3D grids. Pointwise combines the grid generation expertise and history embedded in Gridgen with more modern software engineering and graphical interfaces to make grid generation as simple as possible. You can build a grid around any type of object using Pointwise; it is not limited to any particular geometry. The grids you create in Pointwise can be used with any type of analysis software including computational fluid dynamics CFD and finite element analysis FEA. In fact, Pointwise has built-in filters for many analysis codes as well as popular neutral formats. Note: Pointwise makes unstructured, structured and hybrid grids and can export them in many different analysis software formats. This User Manual describes in detail the use of each Pointwise command.


Airfoil tutorial Gridgen BC's



GRIDGEN: A Program for Generating Unstructured Finite-Volume Grids


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