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GOST Electric welded longitudinal steel pipes. GOST Electrically welded steel tubes. GOST Electrically welded steel line-weld tubes. Technical requirements. GOST Heating boilers with heat output heating capacity from 0.

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GOST Electric welded longitudinal steel pipes. GOST Electrically welded steel tubes. GOST Electrically welded steel line-weld tubes. Technical requirements. GOST Heating boilers with heat output heating capacity from 0. GOST Wooden drums for wire ropes. GOST GOST Vessels attaching rigs.

Erection lugs. Design and dimensions. Oblong erection lugs. Election lugs. Rules for execution of working documentation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Structure and dimensions. GOST Demountable tubular scaffold for constructional works. GOST Demountable tubular scaffold for construction works. GOST House-tube water-watered heat supply systems. General specifications. GOST Steel and cast iron tubes and pipes with protective coatings. GOST Automobile roads of general use. Supports of stationary electric lighting.

Supports of road signs. Adapter couplings. Basic dimensions. GOST 9. Metal and non-metal inorganic coatings. Control methods. General technical requirements. Requirements for gas distribution networks. Part 2. Steel gas pipelines. Steel piles of pipes used for foundation construction of above-ground pipelines supports.

GOST R Requirements for gas consumption networks. Part 0. Fabric ballasting devices. IM Automation systems. Handbook of materials. Part 1. Basic materials. Manual: Manual for impulse and low consumption fire extinguishing systems. MDS Installation, calculation, and operation. Manufacturing, installation, operation. MI Recommendation.

State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Consumption and volume of waste liquid. Measurement technique in free-flow conduits by filling level with preliminary calibration of the measuring section. NTP Standards of technological design of enterprises of the alcoholic beverage industry. ODM OST Aft water chambers with flat bottom, four-way. Casings, branch pipes with flanges. Forward water chambers. Connecting branch. Nominal pressure is no more than 2,5 MPa.

The plug for passage through the ceiling. Nominal pressure is no more than 4,0 MPa. The plug for passage through a roof. General technical conditions. OST Symbols of materials in the design documentation. OST Supports and suspensions of station pipelines Py. Types and basic parameters.

PB Safety regulations for gas-handling facilities of metallurgic and coke-chemical industries and enterprises. PGVU Dust-gas and air pipelines of thermal power plants. RD Instructions for the development of a project of coal mine fire protection. RD Instructions for the design of fire-irrigation water supply. RD Wire communications capabilities.

Stationary steam boilers. RM Process automation systems. Integrated norms of consumption of materials and products. RM Automation systems. Specification of equipment, products and materials. Directions for implementation. Allowance to GOST RM Industrial Automation Systems. Recommendations for the design of heating and thermal insulation of pipe wiring. General requirements for CAD. Design of electrical and pipe wiring. Electrical wiring.

RU Guidelines for the design of dust and air ducts of boiler units. SN Instructions for use in the construction of thin-walled steel pipes with a conditional passage from 15 to 50 mm. SN Consumption rates of materials, pipes, sanitary ware and heating devices per 1 million rubles. Light industry. Food industry.

Meat and dairy industry. Fish industry. SN Consumption rates of materials, pipes, sanitary wares and heating devices for 1 million rubles. Oil industry. Oil refining industry. Chemical petrochemical industry. Gas industry. Transportation of. SNiP 2. SP Design rules. Automatic water extinguishing systems for high rack storages. Designing and regulations rules.


GOST 10704-91

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