Find researchers, research outputs e. After I had graduated in general linguistics in Lund in and in semiotics in Paris the same year, I have mostly been involved in semiotic research. Semiotics is the science of meaning, not only in language. Most of the time I have been concerned to visual semiotics, the semiotics of gesture, cultural semiotics, the epistemology of semiotics, psychological-semiotic experiments with children and apes, and more, recently e, with evolutionary semiotics.

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Greimas, November 10, Associate professor of semiotics and director of the Department of semiotics, Lund University, since Scientific qualifications :. Participation in research projects:. Studies ranging from the semantic structure of the Mayan languages and Mayan cultural semiotics, to artistic structures, the pictorial means of communication in information society, and abstraction in pictures, as part of the projects listed above.

Research on cultural types, modernity and modernism, as well as visual rhetoric, in the framework of the position in cultural semiotics financed by the Faculty of Humanities, Lund University. Participation in editorial boards reviews :. Editor of the folloqwing issues of the review Heterogenesis: no. Stehag: Symposium, to be published in Bibliographical work:.

Has compiled the most comprehensive bibliography of visual semiotics existing so far, published in Eidos, Published on the Internet since Spring Organizer of the most complete linking index in semiotics, published on the web since Assignments as expert:. Twice member of doctorate jury at the Institute of literature, Lund University.

Member of a doctorate jury at Stockholm University, June Member of doctorate jury, Copenhagen, Member of doctorate jury, School of rchitecture, Lund, Many assingments for reviews and editors. English Romantic literature, semiotics, literary theory, modernism, composition Pedagogical qualifications:. Teaching and tutoring:. Graduate course in semiotics and phenomenology, for the Faculty of arts, Lund University, Spring Courses in pictorial semiotics as part of the theory courses for graduate students at the Department of art history, Lund University, , and Direction of the Semiotics seminar, started in September , at the Department of art history, Lund University, between 2 and 4 meetings every month Direction of the Seminar of cultural semiotics, initiated in September , at the Department of art history, Lund University, times every month.

Since , part of the curriculum of the Deparment of semiotics at Lund University. Two graduate courses in semiotics, a basic course 5p and a continuation course 5p , open to students from all the faculties at the University of Lund, given in the Spring term of Since , direction of the thesis of those students having elected to graduate in semiotics at the University of Lund.

Since the department of semiotics only exists since , and doctorate students have only been able to begin their study in , the first theses directed by me will only be finished next year. Gunnar Sandin, Architecture, Lund Elaboration of teaching materials:. Introductory text book in visual semiotics, written in Swedish, with the title "Bildbetydelser", published by Studentlitteratur in Lund in March ; required reading for students in art history at Lund University, where a provisional edition was used from onwards.

German, Spanish and French translations have been in preparation. Pedagogical development:. Elaboration in of a syllabus for graduate studies in semiotics at Lund University, officially sanctioned by the university in , revised in Member of an international advisory commitee for the elaboration of a curriculum in visual semiotics, Universidad Intercontinental, Mexico City, Mexico, since June Member of the directory of the rhetoric course since autumn Invited lectures:.

At the international level:. Six lectures on semiotic theory, visual semiotics and semiotics of culture, at the invitation of the Department of semiotics, Tartu University, Estonia, November 4 to 9, As of May , 4 out of 10 lectures online. Presentation of semiotics at the institutes of literature, art history, religion, linguistics, etc. Lecture on visual rhetoric, School of Architecture, Lund, April 17, Lecture about iconicity at the Institute of linguistics, Lund University, May 17, Presentation of research.

International experience. Congresses and colloquia:. Participation in many other congresses, e. Sixth Congress of the International Association for Semiotic Studies, Guadalajara, Mexico, July two conferences, organisation of one round table and moderator of two sections ; Symposium on the work of Roman Jakobson, Copenhagen, October International charges:.

Elected in October secretary-general of the association. Member of International Research Group on Prehistoric Pictographs and Petroglyphs, and international group of experts in semiotics and archaeology set up by Paul Bouissac, Victoria University, Toronto. Organised a workshop on visual semiotics in the framework of International Summer Institute on Semiotics and Structural Studies, Imatra, June also see below adminstrative qualifications.

Administrative qualifications:. Maintains a Web site on visual semiotics, since Autumn Also see international charges above Publications Publications in English Publications in French Publications in Spanish Publications in Swedish Publications in German Publications in other languages translated articles.

Publications in English. In preparation:. From the ecology of semiosis to the semiotics of culture. Inquiries into the semiotic heritage and its relevance for the analysis of the visual world. Lund: Department of art history Lund: Department of art history. Encyclopaedia entries:. New York: Oxford University Press Other scientific publications:. To be published:. In: Zimke, T. Frank eds. Body, Language and Mind. Vol 1. Berlin: Mouton. A view from ecological semiotics.

From hominisation to digitalization. Monterrey, Mexico, Octubre 19 a 22, To appear in the Acts of International Summer school for semiotic and structural studies, Imatra, Finland, June , History and Structure of the Semiotics of Photography. In Papers from the 11th early fall school of semiotics, Sozopol, Bulgaria, September , In Actes of I Encontro internacional para o estudo da semiosfera. At the crossroad of semiotics and cognitive science. Dyadic and triadic models of interculturality in the conceptions of the Tartu school, Bakthin, Cassirer, and Peirce.

A semiotic reconstruction. To appear in Trudy po znakyvym sistemam — Sign System Studies. To be published in the acts of the colloqium. To appear in Sign Processes in Complex Systems. Meaning as a resource in visual and verbal arts.

The question of pictorial metaphor. In Semiotics of metaphor. Lecture two: The Psychology and Archaeology of Semiosis. Second conference of a series published online at the Cyber-semiotics Institute. August In Semiotrix, , Bulletin 3 First edition. Semiotic review published on the net by Paul Bouissac. In Essays on fiction and perspective. Bern: Peter Lang. Papers from the symposion "Fiction and perspective", organized by Stockholm University and Kungliga Vitterhets-, Historie- och Antikvitetsakademien, October 3 to 7, From ecology to semiosis in embodiment.

Working Papers of the Project "Language, gesture, and pictures from the point of view of semiotic development", Lund University, Lund. A View from Cultural Semiotics. Lecture one: The quadrature of the hermeneutic circle. First conference of a series published online at the Cybersemiotics Institute.

January A view from cultural semiotics, contribution to the colloquium Logica, dialogica, ideologica, Bari, Italy, Febbrao, ,


New Semiotics

Human encounters constitute a central issue of the human sciences. From a European point of view, knowledge of other cultures expanded considerably in the sixteenth century, being as much conveyed by pictorial narratives as by verbal ones. This is still true today, when the meeting of cultures has become an iterative occurrence of everyday life. Yet there has been very little systematic research so far into such pictorially transmitted cultural encounters. These formulations are based on the Lund school model of cultural semiotics, which, to a greater or lesser extent, forms the backdrop of the papers written by the original project members and also by most of the others authors.


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