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The article seeks to discuss democracy on the basis of its most radical dimension, i. On the other hand, points out that born together, conceptually and analytically, the principle of popular sovereignty and the permanent power of constitute itself. To this is added a conceptual analogy between constituent power and democracy as far as both are relate with each other, and not only so, as both describe the collective action of self-legislation and self-change.

In this way, to discuss the contemporary democracy and its huge incompleteness it requires that be resumed the historical and conceptual linkage between constituent power and democracy. Only thus you rescue the radical truth of politics and modern democracy; its potential for human emancipation. Em primeiro lugar, o nascimento da moderna doutrina acerca da soberania popular coincide com o advento conceitual do poder constituinte.

Michel Foucault , p. Poder constituinte e soberania popular. Assim, ele assegurava, "cabe ao legislador [i. Nas palavras de James Wilson,. Como ele notoriamente declarou,. O poder constitucional se torna uma vontade nacional. Democracia constituinte. O primeiro confia na estrutura vertical enquanto o segundo opera verticalmente. Todos esses contrastes ilustram como o poder constituinte reimaginou em tempos modernos a democracia contra o paradigma de comando real. A charada estava finalmente resolvida Abensour, , pp.

Ao sublinhar o segundo componente do verbo co estabelecer , teorias do poder constituinte viram na soberania uma forma criativa de dar poder Negri, , pp.

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The inclusion of the other: studies in political theory.


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