He initially studied to become a doctor , but after being influenced by the works of Ernest Hemingway , he decided to dedicate his life to the study of literature. It is around this time that Soto began to publish his first works, Garabatos and Los inocentes , for which he won awards. He also published stories in Revista Asomante , a Hispanic magazine. In , Soto moved back to Puerto Rico, where he continued to write novels and short stories, as well as a few dramas , and he later became a professor at the University of Puerto Rico. Soto was a supporter of the Puerto Rican independence movement , a theme that often shows up in his books. Soto sued the commonwealth government and United States federal authorities for what he called "outright assassination".

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As a writer from the Generation, he sought to portray, through a neo-realiststyle, the difficult circumstances faced by the Puerto Ricans who migrated to New York, as well as the rejection suffered by the first wave of those who returned to Puerto Rico. His work also addressed the participation of Puerto Ricans in the Korean War and the social consequences of it.

He later entered Long Island University, where he completed a bachelor of arts degree in He completed a year of military service in the United States Army.

In , he completed his master of arts degree at Columbia University in New York. In , he finished his doctoral studies in Hispano-American literature at Toulouse University in France. He began his literary career writing short stories.

In each of the stories, Soto portrays human misery and moral disintegration with sharp irony and crude reality. His characters have one thing in common: anguish and frustration over the difficulty of adapting to the Barrio and nostalgia for the island. The dialogue draws from the popular speech of Puerto Rico, further enriching the expressiveness of his stories.

The novel won a prize from the Institute of Puerto Rican Literature, which he refused. Those who were called spiks in New York came to their home island in search of their roots and were called Yankees.

It focuses on old age. Specifically, it deals with the suicide of a father over the rejection he feels from his daughters when he is left a widow and becomes an undesired guest.

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