From onward, he was appointed the founding editor of The Economic Journal. Edgeworth was born in Edgeworthstown , County Longford , Ireland. He did not attend school, but was educated by private tutors at the Edgeworthstown estate until he reached the age to enter university. His father, Francis Beaufort Edgeworth, was descended from French Huguenots and "was a restless philosophy student at Cambridge on his way to Germany when he decided to elope with a teenage Catalan refugee Rosa Florentina Eroles he met on the steps of the British Museum.

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Utility and Probability pp Cite as. That the names were presented in that non-alphabetical order was not just Cambridge insularity but a universal perception. You know that to my mind, Marshall is simply a new Ricardo who has appeared in the field — and to be second to him is as great an honour as a scientific man can wish for, in our time.

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This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Books New and Old Methods of Ethics. Google Scholar. Mathematical Psychics.

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Edgeworth, Francis Ysidro

View three larger pictures. His grandfather was Richard Lovell Edgeworth, an author, inventor and educationalist who was married four times and had 22 children. Among these 22 children were Edgeworth's father and also Maria Edgeworth who was well known as a writer of children's stories and also for novels about life in Ireland. Richard Lovell Edgeworth had an estate at Edgeworthstown, northwest of Dublin, and it was on this estate that Edgeworth was born. He was the youngest of his parents five sons and when he was only two years old his father died. Two years later Maria, who also lived on the estate, also died.


Francis Ysidro Edgeworth

Edgeworth's father, Francis Beaufort Edgeworth was a restless philosophy student at Cambridge on his way to Germany when he decided to elope with a teenage Catalonian refugee he met on the steps of the British Museum. One of the outcomes of their marriage was Ysidro Francis Edgeworth the name order was reversed later , who was destined to become one of the most brilliant and eccentric economists of the 19th Century. Edgeworth was born in in Edgeworthstown, County Longford, Ireland into a large, well-connected and eccentric Anglo-Irish landowning family. The famous novelist Maria Edgeworth, of Castle Rackrent fame, was his elderly aunt. Although Edgeworth was the fifth son of a sixth son, all the other heirs eventually died, leaving him to inherit Edgeworthstown in A lifelong bachelor for a brief period, he hopelessly attempted to court Beatrice Potter , the Edgeworth line died out with him. Edgeworth was educated at Edgeworthstown by tutors until , when he went on to study languages and the classics at Trinity College, Dublin.

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