Finieous Fingers, the title character and self proclaimed "World's Greatest Thief", was a good-natured thief who was pestered by halflings hobbits and evil magic-users. He was generally found in the company of his two men-at-arms, Fred and Charly. The full-page comic was created by J. Webster, who was its sole author and illustrator.

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The creator, J. Webster apparently based his characters on friends he gamed with. The set was released in I've had the miniatures for some years although I recently picked up the box, courtesy of the wonderful artist Lissanne Lake. Only the leaflet to find now! An early advertisement Blackburn in I remember one strip where Finieous finds himself on a Space Hulk-type environment with aliens running amok. Not sure what happened in the end or if it was justified as I think there may have been confusion in thinking someone had re-released the original set.

These are definitely new sculpts although only 6 in this set According to an article from Comicvine ; He continued to appear there intermittently until 's issue 54, and his adventures were collected in The Finieous Treasury that same year.

A few comments from a thread from The Miniatures Page ; The production molds were burned up in the process of casting as many figs as we were able in the time allowed us. There were also 10 gold plated sets created at that time. Im sure T. Kask has his and I'm pretty sure T Meire still has his.

I have no idea where the other 5 sets are. Thats about all I can remember of them, its was about 20 years ago. Yeah, and Ravenscraft has the world's only unit of Grond. The Fineous figures made their debut at the Origins in Baltimore. During the big Partha management shakeup of '82, they decided to dump AG. A group of us tried to keep it going but we just didn't have enough capital. The Fineous figs were a last ditch effort to raise enough cash to cover production expenses.

They worked to a point, I think we got out issues on that money. Regards, the Gorb I believe the Shadis strips were "with permission". They did not look like JD's work, but they were welcome. Personally, I liked his mailing cover efforts for Space Gamer. Think Nuclear Hand Grenade. For those with a real Fineous jones, I think Boredflak's "targeting ring" is still available from Atlantis miniatures. If Atlantis isnt alive and kicking you can try contacting Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures who did production for Atlantis.

Man, do I miss Fineous! If anyone knows anything the 'targeting ring' mentioned above or indeed the gold plated sets please let me know. I can't find Atlantis Miniatures barring a new UK organisation. Heroes of Asfar Expansion. This was an addition for the original game details here. Images edited but borrowed from Boardgame Geek, full post here.


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Finieous Fingers



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