It is published in Arabic as is its website, almasryalyoum. An English version of the website was introduced in as the Al-masry Al-youm English Edition , which later evolved into Egypt Independent. The newspaper was founded in late by Salah Diab, an Egyptian businessman whose grandfather Tawfik Diab was one of Egypt's most renowned publishers in the s and s. Magdi El Galad is one the former editors-in-chief of the paper. The paper has a liberal leaning. It has been said that the paper's launch "helped inaugurate a new opening for independent media in Egypt.

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Egyptian journalists fear decision may impose more limitations on free press, while official bodies consider it needed measure. Article in state-owned newspaper follows caustic reports in newspapers Al-Masry Al-Youm and Al-Dostour that targeted police violations.

Journalists were covering new protests in Abdel Moneim Riyadh Square, a day after the violent dispersal of demonstrations left two people dead. Opinion pieces explore an assortment of domestic issues. Some columnists continued to discuss the impact of the Friday speech given by the Saudi sheikh Mohamed El-Oriefy, others ask who is Essam Al-Haddad and why is he exceptionally close to President Morsy? Al-Masry Al-Youm journalist summoned to the high court following a complaint filed by the President Morsy.

Advertising Area. Latest in Highlight Featured. Latest in Newspaper faced crisis over its coverage of presidential election. Fatma Lotfi September 10, Fatma Lotfi April 2, The journalists gave the administration four days, until Monday, to respond to their demands. Daily News Egypt December 8, Toqa Ezzidin November 6, Mahmoud Mostafa April 12, Daily News Egypt January 24, Business tycoon and son released from detention last. Amira El-Fekki November 19, Daily News Egypt November 8, The co-founders, including businessman Salah Diab, are charged with squandering public funds.

Daily News Egypt November 7, Workers vow to escalate as founder says that staff numbers have spiralled out of control. Emir Nader October 12, Businessman is accused of withholding due payments from Al-Ahram Foundation. Daily News Egypt July 29, Daily News Egypt June 15, Mahmoud Mostafa May 3, Daily News Egypt May 3, Emir Nader April 26, Adham Youssef April 20, Newspaper published seven pages documenting alleged police abuses. Adham Youssef April 19, Alliance condemns use of violence against anti-Mubarak protesters.

Adham Youssef December 1, Daily News Egypt October 20, Adham Youssef October 1, Egyptian newspaper negotiates with Promo Media to develop criteria for ranking news websites. Daily News Egypt July 20, Marwa Morgan July 1, Mostafa Salem November 13, Daily News Egypt February 23, Daily News Egypt January 14, Liliana Mihaila January 5, January 5, Breaking News No current breaking news.

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Founder of Egyptian paper Al-Masry al-Youm arrested

Salah Diab, a businessman who in founded Egyptian daily al-Masry al-Youm was arrested on early Sunday, along with his son Tawfik, his newspaper reported, however reasons for their custody are still not clear. The case was made against him and other defendants in after the prosecution bureau received a complaint about the alleged fraud. Diab and other defendants had used the land to build tourist resorts. Another official source told the state-owned al-Ahram that the authorities have found arms and ammunitions in his villa. The tycoon, according to al-Ahram, said he had kept the weapons for personal protection after the uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak in , in addition to quarrels with his neighbors. The source said Diab and his son were implicated in a case where 11 people were injured during a clash when neighbors attempted to climb the walls of his villa.


Egypt Independent

Egyptian Meteorologists predict moderate temperatures in Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt on Friday, with mild temperatures along the northern coasts, The Egyptian Drug Authority warned in a press statement on Thursday that the excessive use of vitamins may lead to US dollar to Egyptian pound exchange rates increased in favor of the dollar on Thursday, continuing a rise that began Cairo International Airport on Wednesday abolished the mandatory seven-day quarantine imposed on Egyptian citizens returning from abroad on charter flights

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