LogicsManager page - Figure LogicsManager - function ov List Of Parameters page page page page page page page page page page page page page page page page page page page page - APPENDIX G. Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents.

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Genset Control. Application Manual. Manual D. Read this entire manual and all other publications pertaining to the work to be performed before install- ing, operating, or servicing this equipment. Practi ce all plant and safety instructions and precautions. The engine, turbine, or other type of prime mover should be equipped with an overspeed overtempera- ture, or overpressure, where applicable shutdown device s , that operates totally independently of the prime mover control device s to protect against runa way or damage to the engine, turbine, or other type of prime mover with possible personal injury or loss of life should the mechanical-hydraulic gov- ernor s or electric control s , the actuator s , fuel control s , the driving mechanism s , the linkage s , or the controlled device s fail.

To prevent damage to a control system that uses an alternator or battery-charging device, make sure the charging device is turned off before disconnecting the battery from the system. Electronic controls contain static-sensitive part s. Observe the following precautions to prevent dam- age to these parts. This publication may have been revised or updated since this copy was produced.

To verify that you have the latest revision, be su re to check the Woodward website:. The revision level is shown at the bottom of the front cover after the publication number. The latest version of most publications is available at:. If your publication is not there, please contact your customer service representative to get the latest copy.

Important definitions. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation that, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation that, if not avoided, could result in damage to equipment. Provides other helpful information that does not fall under the warning or caution categories. Woodward reserves the right to update any portion of this publication at any time. Information provided by Woodward is believed to be correct and reliable.

However, Woodward assumes no responsibility unless otherwise expressly undertaken. Revision History. Chapter 7 has been added; minor corrections. Chapter 7 has been extended; minor corrections. Minor corrections. External A cknowledge. Firing Speed. New Parameters for the Critic al Mode. Close GCB in Override.

Override alarmcl. Break Emergency in Ove rride. Start Attempts in Ove rride. Connect V or V. LogicsManager : Create self-toggling pulsing relays. Interface Overvi ew.

Chapter 1. General Information. Additional Manuals. IKD 1 - Manual. Discrete expansion board with 8 discrete inputs and 8 relay outputs that can be coupled via the CAN bus to the control unit. Evalua- tion of the discrete inputs as well as control of the relay outputs is done via the control unit. IKN 1 - Manual.

A configured relay on the board of the IKN 1 will trip. LeoPC1 - Manual. PC program for visualization, configuration, remote control, data logging, language upload, alarm and user management, and man- agement of the event recorder. This manual describes the set up of the program and interfacing with the control unit.

PC program visualization, configuration, remote control, data logging, language upload, alarm and user management, and manage- ment of the event recorder. This manual describes the configuration and customization of the program. GW 4 - Manual. Gateway for transferring the CAN bus to any other interface or bus. ST 3 - Manual. Control to govern the Lambda value of a ga s engine. The Lambda value will be direc tly measured though a Lambda probe and con- trolled to a configured value.

Table Intended Use The unit must only be operated for the uses descri bed in this manual. The prerequisite for a proper and safe operation of the product is correct transportation, storage, and installation as well as careful operation and maintenance. This manual has been developed for a unit fitted with all available options. The present manual has been prepared to enable the installation and commissioning of the unit. On account of the large variety of parameter settings, it is not possible to cover every possible combina- tion.

The manual are therefore only a guide. In case of incorrect entries or a total loss of functions, the default settings can be taken from the enclosed list of parameters. Chapter 2. Application Notes Starting Firmware V1. The proportional values for emergency mode relate to the generator nominal voltage.

The mains has no own pa- rameters yet implemented in V1. The generator rated voltage relates to the secondary valu es of the generator voltage transformer. Since V1. When the mains return after a mains fa ilure and the DI release MCB is disabl ed, the GCB will stay closed as long as the mains settling time is active. After that the GCB will open and the generator will shutdown.

To prevent a dead busbar the unit needs a signal for "Start req. Chapter 3. To set up a preheating of the coolant water the following is required:. The first monitoring limit of this AI is set to the selected temperature, e.

The alarm class will be "control", the monitoring is set to "Underrun", and self acknowledge to "YES". The level 2 monitoring can be used for high temperature monitoring.

Example for all parameters in analog input 1. Parameter, German. Parameter, English. Type select hardware name only via LeoPC1 Hysteresis. Limit Stufe 1. Limit level 1. Stufe 1. Delay level 1 Monitoring level 1 at Alarm class level 1 Self acknowledge Delayed by engine.

Monitoring level 2. Limit Stufe 2. Limit level 2. Stufe 2. Delay level 2 Monitoring level 2 Alarm class level 2 Self acknowledge Delayed by engine. Drahtbruch Alarm Drahtbruch selbstquitt. The relay 2 is energized as soon as level 1 is reached. Figure It is possible to close the GCB before the delayed engine monitoring is active like in emergency mode. If the de- vice does not monitor the mains voltage itself it can get a signal from an external monitoring unit. Therefore you need:.

Enter the DI4 here Figure The parameter Flag 1 [1] is the default value, in this case there is no need to change it. The DI4 must be in the conditions for "Start req. Enter an OFF-delay time here 10s also to keep the engine running dur- ing a mains settling time or make sure that the signal is active for enough time, e.

The timer functions provide a wide range of possibilities how they could be used.


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