Dungeon was the first issue published solely via the web after Wizards of the Coast assumed control of the magazine from Paizo in October It contained five articles released online in that month:. I Solve Problems, game advice published only as a web page -Maps of Mystery: Delver's Dale, a map published only as a web page. Game advice from Stephen Radney-MacFarland, including an introduction by the author and advice on.

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This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. A madhouse of killers and deadly traps, plus a doomed future as fugitives and enemies of the Brelish crown awaits those who cross Viktor Saint-Demain.

Within this adventure, abbreviations indicate materi- als that appear in other supplements. Some still mutter that Raven, a deranged serial murderer who held the city hostage and reported his sick deeds to the populace in horrifying prose, will not be the last deadly puppet whose strings lead back to Viktor Saint-Demain.

They are fooled. He began with the warden and owner of the institution, one Dr. Lucard Karvasi, a rail-thin human arguably no less demented than his charges. Karvasi runs the asylum completely unsupervised, and he engages in all manner of horrific abuse, worship of the Mockery, and bizarre experiments on the inmates.

His sister also allows the deranged doctor to take his pick of convicted Brelish criminals. Karvasi chooses the most colorful — usually sadistic killers whose warped minds provide much entertainment to the good doctor as he deals with them in a manner that would give hardened, violent crimi- nals nightmares.

As soon as he gained control of Karvasi, Viktor began scheming in earnest. First he contacted an old friend — one he knew who would never turn against him. But years ago he was a Sharn Watch captain working his way up through the ranks and hot on the trail of Rrregla the Gasper, a brutal choker murderer who crushed the throats of over a dozen members of the Watch. He stabbed the choker through the leg and pulled her off Maldrake seconds before the captain slipped off the edge into oblivion.

Maldrake still bears the ugly scars across his throat and his voice never recovered, coming in rasps now. He also never forgot what Viktor did for him. When the events of last Wildnight came to light, he was crushed, but secretly in his heart never believed Viktor capable of any wrongdoing. All of this is, of course, completely false.

Preposterous allegations perhaps, but to a man like Maldrake, whose personal code puts him firmly in debt to Saint-Demain, they are hard cold fact. Wrought from the ancient sewers of the city, when it was still known as Shaarat, these reservoirs contain water reserves in case of a siege on Sharn. Viktor filled the reservoirs with alchemical poisons and infusions so toxic they could cripple all of Black Arch district if released into the general water supply.

The fact that his old enemy Viktor Saint- Demain is currently incarcerated there sweetened the deal immensely. Trelib jumped at the chance and began transferring funds to Karvasi. Now Viktor has scheduled a face-to-face meeting between Dr. Trelib is relishing the opportunity. The inmates have control of the asylum and they wait to ambush the PCs.

While fires burn below, a blizzard descends from above. Soot and snow fall as one from the heavens, plunging the entire city into darkness. The lanterns, and all light sources, are hazed by the ashy snow cutting their area of illumination to half and the entire city is suffering from blizzard conditions D MG 94 throughout this adventure. In addition to a common blizzard, the blackened snow and floating ash threaten to choke anyone moving about the city.

For every hour spent out of doors, a PC must make a DC 15 Fortitude save or take ld6 points of nonlethal damage from the choking black soot. The storm has continued to intensify for weeks, and the streets are nearly abandoned by all save those with darker business. Viktor has been planning his framing of Trelib for months, and he included the PCs in his letters in case they bested his protege. They may decide to survey his activities of their own accord.

Lucard Karvasi smells some- thing incredibly odd about the whole affair and decides to break his oath of silence. Alternatively the PCs need have no earlier con- nection to Viktor, instead the madman could have followed their exploits from features in the Sham Inquisitive and made them the targets for his awful frame-up, fabricating whatever evidence he needs to connect them to Baron Trelib d'Medani.

Perhaps investigating the imprisonment of Daragun Mroranon or looking into Dr. He brings copies of the transactions of gold from Trelib to Karvasi.

The quori infest- ing his nightmares takes control of his sleeping form to commit dreadful acts. Tyranok is a wealthy member of the Mroranon Clan. Lucard has always been strange, but now he has sequestered himself in his asylum and sees no guests. Before leaping into the fires of Hell, the PCs might want to gather intelligence first. The things they keep locked up in there I shudder to think it.

Dark things go on there if you ask me. Sick bastard he is. They come back burned and twisted if they come back at all I need another ale. The hobgoblins what work for Karvasi have gone all strange. Got a wild look to his eyes — used to be such a soft-spoken man. They are almost like kin. The good baron would never do anything to hurt the crown, and the King would do anything in his power to help the baron out.

Never been any bad blood between them. He wishes to expand his holdings in Sharn, and he would jump at the chance to purchase a ready-made prison facility. The place is designed to contain horrors no mortal should ever see, and obsidian walls with razor-steel teeth atop them surround it. Three obsidian spires rise from the asylum proper, and the middle, tallest spire has arches at the top that frame a large brass bell.

If the PCs observe the facility from the outside, they notice that no one leaves or enters at all. These reservoirs are now filled with emer- gency water in case of a siege, though they have been ignored for the most part since the Last War came to an end — no one patrols them any longer. A DC 20 Gather Information or Knowledge local check grants a PC the above information on one inmate determined randomly each check, and a PC might get repeated information with multiple checks.

Scorn went completely insane. His condition surfaced in response to the horror of watch- ing his father-figure creator slaughtered in front of him and his inability to accept it. Scorn has been killing ever since. Lucard Karvasi one of his more successful experi- ments. He worked as a cobbler in Callestan for over forty years.

During the last two decades of his career more than eighty corpses turned up in the alleys and gutters, all with their feet hacked off at the ankle.

Now Saal calmly cobbles shoes in his ten-by- ten cell, seeming nothing more than a grandfatherly sweet old goblin. The goblin never makes a sound as Lucard tortures him. Viktor is not stupid and leaves this unpredictable homicidal killer behind bars. Mako: Killing is all Mako knows. When he shifts or when he catches the scent of fresh blood, his eyes go milk white. Mako claims he cannot remember the faces of the twenty-six people he devoured, though he dreams fondly of past meals.

After Viktor unleashes him, Mako prowls the sewers waiting to prey on the party. His rocky hide still flakes bone-white chips, and he has added a few more finger-bones to his trophy necklace since the last time the PCs crossed his path. While Lucard Karvasi usually handpicks his patients, his arrangement with the crown is contingent upon allowing them to dump a few un- desirables on him from time to time.

Anyone brought to the asylum is immediately restrained in a straitjacket and leg irons -4 penalty on all attacks, saves, and skill checks, plus take only one standard action or move action per round, cannot take full-round actions, casting spells with somatic components is im- possible as well.

A DC 35 Escape Artist check is neces- sary to slip the jacket and wriggle free of the leg irons. A DC 30 Open Lock check though it cannot be made by the person restrained frees the person as well.

Unless they have the ability to spring them- selves, they wallow here until Viktor springs his trap. The Sneaky Way: The PCs may decide to infiltrate the asylum through magic dimension door or by crawling through the sewer tunnels. They need only make a DC 1 0 Hide or Move Silently check every hour to avoid crossing paths with the rambling inmates though feel free to narrate some tense close calls as you like. He is a proud half-elf and has no wish to appear nervous or weak in front of Viktor, or Dr.

Karvasi for that matter. He refuses to allow the PCs to accompany him on his visit unless they succeed on a DC 30 Diplomacy check. Dungeon October 7 Julian Gevard II: Julian Gevard II was born with a strange mutation resulting in an unfortunate and uncanny resemblance to an anthropomorphic walrus.

Estranged from his family, he worked as a carnie for a while before being offered a job as butler for an eccentric socialite who took great pleasure in employing freaks and oddities on his serving staff. It was silver. Where appropriate in this chapter, you can find sidebars detailing the most obvious options players may take. The hobgoblin orderlies have all been murdered and replaced with simulacra that bumble about.

Under orders from Viktor, the psychopaths have laid traps and ambushes for the baron and his party. Lucard Karvasi greets him and his retinue. Divide and conquer is the order of the day.

They split into a few groups and begin to check out the asylum — all groups check for threats to the baron dozens of bloodthirsty killers are locked up here after all. They quickly overpower the half-elves. Krader lures the baron himself into A13, where the gas trap there renders Trelib, Zelina, and his closest bodyguards unconscious.

He then employs a scroll of teleport to get them down to the reservoir A This requires a DC 25 Diplomacy or Bluff check. The encounters and room descriptions assume this is the case and are written as if the baron has already been placed in his death trap in A20 and his sentries are already neutralized or in some cases being horribly tortured to death. Run the encounter and add three sentries to the PCs party, though they are likely slain quickly by the swarms of vermin bursting from the display cases there.


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