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OJ L , In force: This act has been changed. Statele membre stabilesc modalitatea de efectuare a acestei trimiteri. Dune fixate decalcificate euro-atlantice Calluno-Ulicetea. Dune maritime de pe coastele mediteraneene. Astragalo-Plantaginetum subulatae phrygana.

Criterii de evaluare a siturilor pentru un anumit tip de habitat natural din anexa I. Coregonus spp. Skip to main content. This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website. EU case-law Case-law Digital reports Directory of case-law.

Quick search. Need more search options? Use the Advanced search. Help Print this page. Expand all Collapse all. Title and reference. Languages, formats and link to OJ. Official Journal. Multilingual display. Cod :. Dune cu Hyppophae rhamnoides. Dune cu Salix arenaria. Dune fixate de pe litoralul Crucianellion maritimae. Dune cu Euphorbia terracina. Lande umede nord-atlantice cu Erica tetralix. Sarcopoterium spinosum phrygana. Zingel spp. Narcissus pseudonarcissus L. Narcissus triandrus Salisb.

Jasione crispa Pourret Samp. Dianthus cintranus Boiss. Petrocoptis montsicciana O. Centaurea micrantha Hoffmanns. Crepis granatensis Willk. Leontodon microcephalus Boiss. Iberis procumbens Lange. Ionopsidium savianum Caruel Ball ex Arcang. Gentiana ligustica R. Festuca brigantina Markgr. Holcus setiglumis Boiss. Sideritis incana. Anthyllis hystrix Cardona, Contandr.

Genista holopetala Fleischm. Melilotus segetalis Brot. Hyacinthoides vicentina Hoffmanns. Paeonia clusii F. Armeria velutina Welv. Limonium dodartii Girard O. Limonium lanceolatum Hoffmanns. Chaenorrhinum serpyllifolium Lange Lange. Hill o. Buxbaumia viridis Moug. Dicranum viride Sull. Distichophyllum carinatum Dix. Scapania massolongi K. Tayloria rudolphiana Gasrov B. Helichrysum oligocephala Svent. Stemmacantha cynaroides Chr.

Lotus callis-viridis D. Chueca D. Prunus lusitanica L. Gradul de reprezentativitate al sitului pentru respectivul habitat. Argyranthemum pinnatifidum L. Senecio lagascanus DC. Pinto da Silva. Wagenitzia lancifolia Sieber ex Sprengel Dostal.

Thymus villosus L. Spiranthes aestivalis Poiret L. Phymatholithon calcareum Poll. Doronicum plantagineum L. Malcolmia lacera L. Murbeckiella pinnatifida Lam. Dorycnium pentaphyllum Scop.

Scrophularia grandiflora DC.



Pentru realizarea re. Where they consider it necessary, Member States shall endeavour to improve the ecological coherence of Natura by maintaining, and where appropriate developing, features of the landscape which are of major importance for wild fauna and flora, as referred to in Article The opinion shall be delivered by the majority laid down in Article 2 of the Treaty in the case of decisions which the Council is required to adopt on a proposal from the Commission. The Commission, acting in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article 21, shall periodically review the contribution of Natura towards achievement of the objectives set out in Article 2 and 3. A coherent European ecological network of special areas of conservation shall be set up under the title Natura Webb Saxifraga florulenta Moretti Saxifraga hirculus L. When Member States adopt such measures, they shall contain a reference to this Directive or be accompanied by such reference on the occasion of their official publication.


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