Shakti Gawain is a pioneer in the field of personal development. For over three decades she has been a bestselling author and one of the brightest lights in the consciousness movement. Shakti has assisted thousands of people across the globe in developing greater awareness, balance, and wholeness in their lives. Her body of work is considered by Oprah Winfrey, and many others, to be part of a shift in human consciousness.

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It resides within each one of us as a deep wisdom or an inner knowing. In fact, our intuition is a very practical, down-to-earth tool that is always available to help us deal with the decisions, problems, and challenges of our daily lives.

Although the message may come through a bit at a time, if we learn to follow this information, step-by-step, the necessary course of action will be revealed. As we learn to rely on this guidance, life takes on a flowing, effortless quality. Our life, feelings, and actions interweave harmoniously with those of others around us. Our intuition needs to be the guiding force in our lives… Many of us have programmed our intellect to doubt our intuition.

We must train our intellect to respect, listen to, and express the intuitive voice. All of us have intuitive feelings all the time. Many of us automatically ignore, discount, or reject those feelings.

This often happens unconsciously. So that you can become aware of these inner dialogues and catch them as they are happening or shortly thereafter. Next up: how to interpret intuitive feelings, how to act on them. Very successful people follow intuition; intuitive guidance can come through dreams. In general, when we follow an intuitive feeling, things tend to work out well. We feel energized and enlivened and there is a sense of being in the flow of life.

Later: will work to distinguish intuition from other feelings. We can follow our gut feelings about who to go to for advice or support. If we were drawn to them, there is likely to be value for us.

Open to learning and receiving guidance from others … without giving our power or authority away. Many of us have the pattern of being overly concerned about pleasing or caretaking of our families.

Or being overly concerned with trying to live up to their expectations of us. We may be reluctant to even tune into our intuitive feelings if we sense that following them might cause us to do things which might upset our friends or families. Things work out better when everyone can express their needs and feelings, including their intuitive feelings. How did you feel about it afterwards?

How did things work out? Write a bit about this experience. Many of us are aware of spontaneously having intuitive flashes from time to time. Our intuitive wisdom is always there inside of us.

And it is always trying to come through to guide us. Just listen a little more deeply than usual for your own sense of truth. Try not to get caught up in needing to have an immediate answer. You may be in-process.

Inner guidance usually just lets us know what we need to do in the moment. When clarity is meant to come, it will. Develop the habit to pause several times during the day to tune into what your intuition may be telling you. Go into the bathroom or Take a moment to sit or Walk outdoors. Just the fact that you are taking a moment to tune into yourself will be deeply healing. Will make you more present and hence more likely to be tuned into our feelings. You will begin to develop and deepen a relationship to your intuitive self.

And intuition will come to you more frequently, more clearly, more visibly, more easily. Put little reminders where you are likely to see them … to remind yourself to do this exercise at regular times during the day.

Something which conveys to you the feeling of connecting to your intuition. Maybe move the reminders around periodically so that they stay fresh and visible. Develop habit of checking intuitive messages frequently. As we keep following our inner guidance, a path evolves. How to build trust in intuition? Exercise: List every reason you can think of about why you are afraid or doubtful about acting on your intuition. Keep updating as you think of others.

Exercise: For some pre-defined period of time, allow yourself to pretend that you are absolutely trustworthy in every intuitive inclination you feel and ACT that way. Let go of your doubts. Your true intuition is always correct but you may not always know how to interpret it correctly.

Ways in which you may experience your intuition:. Almost always a feeling of uncertainty or risk involved in following intuition. Take in the feedback that life gives you and learn from it.

Things open up smoothly and easily. You may experience synchronicity with people and events. Things might happen miraculously. May get profound sense of Higher Power acting in the situation. When life is following smoothly like this, we are getting great feedback that we are following our intuition properly.

Sometimes we find ourselves on a much bumpier road. Our intuition often leads us down a very different path than we expected. Our intuition may advise us to take a different path than rational logic would suggest. Or we might end up at a different place than we thought we were headed. Our intuition might lead us right into the challenge that we hope to avoid. Something difficult or seemingly disastrous brings a wonderful result. Sometimes may need to let go of something we are very attached to.

Or we may feel that our lives are falling apart. When you are listening to your intuition and acting on them, you keep your channel open so that the life force can keep flowing. You literally have more energy moving through you. Living in the present moment. So in order to suss out your intuitive feelings on something, test whether you feel a certain aliveness more with one of the options. If we pay attention to what enlivens us, it sometimes comes from expressing a different part of ourselves than we are used to expressing.

Quite often when people begin paying attention to inner guidance — may not get any message at all. Let go of all of the need-to-be-doing. After relaxing, our energy will be replenished and moved into new direction. Our energy moves and rests. We must rest. How do I distinguish my intuition from all the other thoughts and feelings going on inside me?

Hal and Sidra Stone. If you are overly identified with action and achievement, you need to develop the opposite polarity relaxation and play. In so doing, you will actually be enhancing your action and achievement strengths. We have primary selves. There are certain other selves that we are afraid of, ashamed of, or try to keep hidden. These are our disowned or shadow selves. According to Dr. Gawain, these are often the opposites of our primary selves.

Our primary selves make most of our decisions and run our lives. Their objective is to keep us safe and to make us as successful as possible. We are lured by false cravings when we are not conscious of our true needs and desires OR when we do not know how to fulfill them. We must heal our addictive patterns — because they keep us from being aware of what we truly want and need. Workaholism, obsession with relationship, … Even meditation.

Anything we do habitually to avoid the pain. The more we allow ourselves to be in touch with our emotional feelings, the easier it is to be in touch with our intuitive feelings. When we are in the flow emotionally, our intuition comes through more easily. Each emotion has a particular energy; and our intuition has a unique energetic vibration as well.

We may feel these differently in our bodies. Our emotions and intuition often go hand in hand. If we have disowned our emotions, how do we do our emotional healing work? Need someone supportive that we can talk to about our feelings.


Developing Intuition: Practical Guidance for Daily Life

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