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A radical and new thinker in the world of close-up magic and mentalism. Derren performs forty-five minutes of hardcore mind-reading and close-up hypnosis.

Volunteers are slammed into trance-states, achieving bizarre mental connections with each other in some mind blowing routines that are now earning Derren a dynamic reputation.

Then controlled remotely, by the will of another volunteer. SMOKE : An incredible routine, where a card that has been merely thought of by a spectator, is first named by Derren then disappears from an untouched deck only to impossibly appear Then slowly bent at the will of another volunteer. All are then perfectly described in immense detail by both Derren and audience members. This mind-blowing routine is Derren at his very best. An immensely useful video for both the budding and established mentalist.

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This is a fantastic dvd, especially if you like derren brown. It is the film from a lecture derren gave where he discusses a lot of the psychological aspects of his material. He performs a variety of effects but you only see 1 real explanation. The discussion of the philosophy, psychology and motivation behind the methods is extremely valuable.

If you are interested in pure, psychological mentalism then this is a must. Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review? Derren Delightful This is an excillent DVD showing some new Derren effects that will wow and amaze you. Over the past few years this type of suggestive showmanship magic has grown into each little miricle.

He arrives again with his brand of pure magic endorsing Magic, misdirection, suggestion, misdirection and showmanship. You will be putting thoughts of cards into peoples heads, remembering a shuffled deck of cards and visually seeing how many cards have been cut from the deck in seconds.

This DVD is what weve all be waiting for besides the late arrival of his terrific books. So add this to your mentalist collection and get Browned Just once in your life Great DVD!!!

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Derren Brown - Reminiscence

Embed Size px x x x x The icy, savoury joy oI the sorbet has the peculiar eIIect oI rendering the salmon hot and sweet to the yearning, proud tastebuds. The discriminating diner will be aware oI cuisine that has him giggling with delight - this hors d'oeuvre has such an eIIect. When a thing oI beauty presents itselI in all its splendour and exquisitely wrought symmetry, sometimes one can only respond with Homeric Iou rire. This is not to say that I have discovered perIection, but "Reminiscence" is Ior me something close enough Ior now. I have taken the notion oI ambiguous scripts and double-talk used in their eIIects to achieve some proIoundly disturbing mind reading.


Magic Tricks

Posted: Dec 31, pm. Newbie here, hopefully I've posted this in the correct place. A couple of answers really. Is it because DB performs it?


Derren Brown - Reminiscence.pdf


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