Read this first Minimum firmware levels for common library features Contacting Dell Contents Figures Tables Safety and environmental notices Danger and caution notices Laser Safety and Compliance Performing the safety inspection procedure Rack safety Preface Chapter 1. Error codes Chapter 9. Library Configuration Form Appendix H. Lib ra r y. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. Reproduction in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Inc.

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Installation and Configuratio Error Codes page - Error codes page page page page page - Sub error codes page page page page - Warning Events page page page page - Chapter 9. Service Procedures page - Access holes for the right magazine page - Left magazine pulled out of the 2U libra Check, Adjust, Remove, and R Sense Data page page page page page - Drive Sense Data page page page page page page page page page - Appendix D. Notes on IPv6 Compatibility Library Configuration Form page page - Appendix H.

Quick Links. See also: Reference Manual , Configuration Manual. Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Chapter 7. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting table Dell encryption key manager and library managed encryption - best practices and faq 26 pages. Tape library library-managed encryption enablement instructions 2 pages.

Page 4 Other trademarks and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Dell Inc. Page 5: Read This First Dell provides several online and telephone-based support and service options. Service availability varies by country and product, and some services may not be available in your area.

To contact Dell for sales, technical support, or customer service issues follow the steps listed below: 1. Page 8 Replacing Cartridge Magazines. X-1 Replacing the Library Enclosure.

Page 9: Figures Figures Front panel of a 2U library. The 4U library Configure Library: Logical Front panel of a 4U library. Page 10 Checking for gaps in the seams of a A Configuration of a two - partition system cartridge. Page 11 A Configuration of a four - partition system A Drive Identity page elements. Ultrium data cartridge compatibility with Page Safety And Environmental Notices Safety and Environmental Notices When using this product, observe the danger, caution, and attention notices that are contained in this guide.

The notices are accompanied by symbols that represent the severity of the safety condition. The sections that follow define each type of safety notice and give examples. Danger Notice A danger notice calls attention to a situation that is potentially lethal or extremely hazardous to people. Page Laser Safety And Compliance 9.

Check the cover of the library for proper fit. It should be in place and secure. Check the product label at the rear of the library to make sure that it matches the voltage at your outlet. Page Rack Safety Rack Safety The following general safety information should be used for all rack mounted devices.

Page 18 Attempting to move the drawer partially or completely out of the rack may cause the rack to become unstable or cause the drawer to fall out of the rack. Follow the general guidelines as listed below whenever you relocate a populated rack cabinet within a room or building: v Reduce the weight of the rack cabinet by removing equipment starting at the top of the rack cabinet.

Related Publications Refer to the following publications for additional information. Page Chapter 1. Air vents These vents draw cooler air into the library enclosure and allow warm air to escape, which helps keep the library at a normal operating temperature. Page Rear Panel Table The drive sled is a customer replaceable unit CRU , and is hot-pluggable, which is designed for easy removal and replacement.

Page Bar Code Reader Table Page 28 5. Configure the EKM application. Please refer to Chapter 4. Start the EKM application. Please refer to Chapter 5. Chapter 1. Product Description Rack mount mm Page Operation Specifications: Ultrium meters ft. Depending on the ISV you are using, you will use either the sg or st driver. Page Chapter 2. User Interfaces Chapter 2.

User Interfaces This library has two user interfaces. The Operator Control Panel will also display an appropriate error code to help identify the failure. This inactive mode can interfere with host-based application software, causing data loss. Important: If you click the X in the upper right corner of your internet browser window, you will not log out of the Web User Interface.

Page Chapter 3. Installation Planning Chapter 3. Installation Planning Before installing your library, take time to review the following information. Determining the Number of Logical Libraries You can partition the library into as many logical libraries as there are drives in the library. Basic Guidelines v Each logical library must contain at least one drive.

The Path Failover feature can be installed by the customer. For more information about using the path failover feature, see the Dell PowerVault TL Failover Configuration Guide, included with the library documentation if purchased at point of sale and with the customer kit if purchased later.

Page 47 the 4U library. Additionally the 2U library can now be configured into one or two partitions. Each library must contain at least one drive per logical library partition.

In a partitioned library, the Operator Control Panel OCP only reports the status of logical library 1 in the main menu due to space limitations. The user must navigate to the logical libraries status in the OCP to get the information on the additional library partitions. Configuration of a three - partition system Configuration of a 4 - Partition System A four partition system must have four drives.

It will only see the tape drive. Page Host Interfaces HD-connectors. SCSI adapters must be properly terminated. Before installing the SCSI cables, inspect all cables for damage.

Do not install a cable if it is damaged. Report the damage immediately by contacting Dell customer care. The Medium Changer device may additionally be addressed via LUN 1 of other drives in any logical library. Any other bus is referred to as a data path.

Page 55 are designed to share drives. Before you install a drive that would allow two systems to share it, check that the systems and their software support sharing. If your software does not support sharing, note that Fibre Channel switches have a zoning capability to form a SAN partition. Page Chapter 4. Installation And Configuration Chapter 4. Installation and Configuration Note: Review the information in "Installation Planning" before installing your library.

To install a desktop or rack mounted 2U library or 4U library, perform the procedures in this chapter in the order they are presented. Remove the blue label that is securing the lock to the top of the library, then remove the lock see Figure on page Shipping lock and label 2.

Store the lock and label on the rear panel of the library as shown in Figure Figure Page 62 2 v Packaged in the small bag with "Square Hole" on the label: 9 screws to be used on racks with square holes. Rack Kit mounting hardware 2.


Dell PowerVault TL4000 User Manual



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Dell Powervault Tl2000 Users Manual Tape Library And TL4000 User's Guide


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