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Quick Links. This guide provides comprehensive information on setting up the. Table of Contents. Microsoft windows xp service pack 1 on notebooks 10 pages. Compaq evo notebook nc series and evo notebook nc series software guide 85 pages. Patent and Trademark Office. Page 4 Contents Standard Keys Page 5 Adjusting Volume Page 6 Contents Docking Bases Record the Product Key for your operating system. It is essential for the software setup.

When you start the computer for the first time, you may be prompted to enter the product key. Page 9 3. Connect the computer to an external outlet. Plug the AC Adapter cable into the power connector 1. Plug the power cord into the AC Adapter 2 and into an electrical outlet 3. Power cords and electrical outlets vary by country. Hardware Guide Hardware and Software Setup 1— Page 10 Hardware and Software Setup 4.

Open the computer by sliding the display latch to the right 1 and raising the display 2. Page 11 5. Turn on the computer by sliding and momentarily holding, then releasing, the power switch 1. The battery pack in the primary battery bay and the external battery pack if attached begin to charge and the battery light 3 turns on. You can install third-party applications or preloaded Compaq utilities at any time after initial setup is complete.

To install a third-party application, refer to the documentation included with the application. Do not place anything on power cords or cables. Arrange all cords and cables so no one may accidentally step on or trip over them. Releases the display to open the computer. Adjust or mute the system volume. Connects wireless communication devices, such as a Bluetooth or Initiates and exits Suspend. Hardware Guide On: The primary hard drive is being accessed.

Allow airflow to cool internal components. Allows an optional security cable to be attached to the computer. Connects the computer to an optional Mobile Expansion Unit. Identifies the computer; Covers the memory expansion compartment that contains one memory expansion slot for a memory expansion board.

Connects a serial device. The computer serial port is disabled when the computer is connected to an optional Mobile Expansion Unit Connects a television, VCR, camcorder, overhead projector, or Page Additional Standard Components Additional Standard Components The components included with the computer vary by geographic region and the computer hardware configuration ordered.

Hardware Guide A Look at the Computer 2— Page 28 A Look at the Computer Some components, such as the hard drive and the primary battery pack, ship inside computer bays identified in previous sections and are not included in this illustration. It functions with any software that supports a Microsoft-compatible mouse.

The TouchPad buttons for function or application selection. To operate the TouchPad, slide your finger across its surface in the direction you want to move the cursor, and click the left or right button to make a selection or complete an activity.

The pointing stick keyboard includes the pointing stick 1, left pointing-stick button 2, scroll pointing-stick button 3, and right pointing-stick button 4. Page Hotkeys Keyboard and Pointing Devices To disable this feature, press the that the feature has been disabled, rather than enabled, no beep sounds. While this feature is enabled: Whenever you press the indicate that the next key you press will be interpreted as the other key of an commands can still be entered by simultaneously pressing key and the other key of the Page Shortcut Keys To use hotkeys on an external keyboard, which does not have an key, press the scroll lock key twice, then the other key only of the hotkey combination.

Page 36 Keyboard and Pointing Devices Windows 98 with MultiMonitor Disabled—Toggle to switch the image among: Computer display External display Simultaneous display computer and external displays The external monitor can be connected through the external monitor connector or the composite video-out jack. Windows 98 with MultiMonitor enabled— Windows NT 4. To select a preset battery conservation level, choose among High—Maximizes running time from a single charge.

Medium—Balances system performance with running time. None Drain —Runs the computer at full power. When MS-DOS is running under Windows and the resolution of the desktop is set lower than the display resolution, press stretch the text. The character in the upper right corner of each of the keys indicates the keypad function of that key. The standard keyboard functions of the keys in the keypad are disabled when the keypad is enabled.

Page Using The Easy Access Buttons The embedded numeric keypad can be enabled or disabled with in either startup state. Page 42 Keyboard and Pointing Devices For procedures on programming the Easy Access buttons, refer to the online help file.

From the Easy Access Buttons window, select Help. Page Battery Packs Charging Battery Packs The computer supports up to two battery packs: a primary battery pack located in the battery bay, and an optional external battery pack that can be attached to the computer. When the computer is attached to an optional Mobile Expansion Unit MEU , the system supports up to four battery packs: the primary and optional external battery packs on the computer and one battery pack in each of the MultiBays on the MEU.

Page 46 Battery Packs To remove the battery pack, turn the computer bottom side a. Slide the left primary battery release latch forward 1. Slide the right primary battery release latch forward and hold it in place 2. Swing the front edge of the primary battery pack up and back 3. Page 47 To insert the battery pack, turn the computer bottom side up. Slide the left primary battery release latch forward 1 b. Insert the back edge of the battery pack into the battery bay 3.

If the optional external battery pack is the only power source, initiate Hibernation. Drive activity may delay Hibernation. Close the display. Insert or remove the external battery pack: To remove the optional external battery pack, turn the computer bottom side up.

Page 49 a. Make sure the external battery pack is located behind the computer rear panel, then slide the external battery release latches toward the inside of the computer 1.

Rotate the external battery pack 90 degrees toward the computer 2. Page 50 Battery Packs If the optional external battery pack is being inserted for the first time, make sure the external battery pack plugs are removed.

To remove the plugs, turn the computer bottom side a. Slide the external battery release latches toward the inside of the computer 1. Page 51 To insert the external battery pack, turn the computer bottom side up. Insert the external battery pack onto the computer until the contacts connect 2.

To prolong the charge of a stored battery pack, place it in a cool, dry place. Page Drives The computer contains a hard drive compartment that supports only the hard drive and allows you to store and access data. Caring for Drives Drives are fragile computer components that must be handled with care. Page 54 Drives 3. Turn the computer bottom side up. Remove the T8 screws securing the palm rest. Turn the computer top side up with the front facing forward.

Open the computer. Page 55 Drives 7. Slowly lift up the back edge of the palm rest 1 until the RTC battery 2 and pointing device cables 3 prevent it from lifting any farther. Hardware Guide 5— Page 56 Drives 8.

While holding the palm rest at a degree angle, slide the front edge of the palm rest away from the base assembly 1. After the front edge of the palm rest clears the base assembly, swing the front edge of the palm rest up and back 2, and rest the palm rest on the keyboard 3.

Page 57 Drives Remove the hard drive spacer 1 from the base assembly.


Compaq Evo N400c Software Manual



Compaq Laptop Service Manual: Compaq Evo Notebook N400c Series



Compaq Evo N400c Hardware Manual


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