Quick Links. See also: Installation Manual. Table of Contents. What's In the Carton?

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What if I don't subscribe to cable TV? How do I arrange for installation? How does the residential gateway connect to my computer? After my residential gateway is connected, how do I access the Internet?

Can I watch TV and surf the Internet at the same time? Residentia l Gateway User Guide. In This Docum ent. Notice s Notice t o Inst aller s.

The servicing instruct ions in this notice are fo r use by qualified service p ersonnel only. To reduce the. Fach person al bestimmt. Um die Gefahr eine s elektrischen Sc hlags zu reduzieren, sollten Sie keine.

A vi so a los i nst alado res de sistem as CA TV. Do not b lock an y vent ilatio n o penings. Inst all in accord ance with t he ma nufact urer's. A groundi ng - type. The wide blade or the third. If the provid ed plug doe s not fit into your. When a cart is used , use caut ion when m ovin g the. S ervicing is required when the.

Power Sour ce W arning. A label on this product indicates the correct powe r source for t his product. Operate t his product only. If you are. The AC inlet on the unit m ust remain accessible and operable at all t imes. Ground the P rodu ct. If this product co nnects to coax ial. Groundin g provid es some. Protect the Pr oduct f rom Li ghtning. In addition to disconnect ing the AC power f rom the wall outl et, disconnect the signal input s. The li ght ma y go o ut when t he app aratu s is t urned off, reg ardl ess of whethe r it is st ill plu gged.

Elim inate AC Mains Overloads. Do not o verload A C mains, out lets,. For pr oducts that requir e batt ery. Provid e V entilatio n and Select a Locat ion.

Pr otect from Exposu re to Moistur e and For eign Obj ects. Do n ot expose t his product to. Objects f illed w ith liqui ds, suc h as. Unplu g this product bef ore cle aning. Do not use a liq uid c lean er o r an aeros ol clean er. Nev er pus h objects throu gh th e. Foreign objects can cause electrical shorts that can result in.

Service W arnings. D o not ope n the cov er of th is product. O pening or. I f you open th e co ver, your. This product contains no user- ser vic eable p art s. Check Pr oduct Safet y. Upon completion of any se rvice or repairs to this pr oduct, the service t echnician must perf orm safety. Protect the Pr oduct W hen Movi ng It. Always d iscon nect the powe r sourc e whe n moving t he ap parat us or con nect ing o r discon nec ting.

This dev ice has be en teste d and found to c omply with the limits for a Class B digi tal dev ice,. Thes e limits are design ed to provide reasonable. This e quipment gener ates,. If not i nstalled and used in accordance wi th the. Howev er, there is. If this e quipme nt. Any change s or modifica tions not ex pressly app roved by Ci sco Syste ms, Inc. The phone num bers list ed are fo r FCC - rela ted que stions o nly an d not. Plea se cont act you r. Declara tion of Conf ormit y. This device c omplies wi th Part 15 of FCC.

Ope ration is sub ject to the follo wing two. Manufac tured by:. Cisco Syst ems, Inc. Lawren cevil le, G eorgia USA. Telephone: - - 1 Canada EMI Re gul ati on.

Some co nfigura tions of this pr oduct may o pera te in the 0 - MH z and. If y ou select a chann el in these frequ ency ranges, th e product is. The use of this pro duct on the affected.

Radiati on Exposur e Statem ents. Note: This tra nsmitter must not be co - l ocate d or opera ted in c onjunct ion with a ny othe r. This eq uipment should be ins talled and operated wi th a minim um. America n National S tandards Insti tute limits.

T he evalua tion was based in accorda nce with. T he min imum. The e valuation was based on eva luation per RS S - Rev 2. The minimum s eparation. The eva luation was. The mini mum sep aration d istanc e from the antenna to gener al. This syste m h as been eval uated for RF expos ure for humans as referenc ed in the Australi an. Commis sion on N on - Ioniz ing Radi ation Pr otecti on li mits. The minimum se parat ion dist ance. CE Com plia nce. This decla r ation is o nly va lid for configura tions combi nations of s oftwar e, firmwa re a nd.

The u se of. Note: The full dec laration of conf ormity f or this pr oduc t can be f ound in the D eclar ations of. Confor mity and Regula tory Infor mation se ctio n of the a ppropria te produc t hardw are. The foll owing s tandar ds were applied during the a ssessme nt of the p roduct agains t the. The CE mar k and class - 2 identifier ar e affixed to the product and its pa ckaging.

T his product. National Rest rict ions. This prod uct is f or indo or use onl y. For 2. There are no res trictions when used in other parts o f. Il n'y a pas de r estrictions p our des. This prod uct meets the National Radio Interface and th e requiremen ts specified in th e.


Cisco Dpc3825 Users Manual And EPC3825 8x4 DOCSIS 3.0 Wireless Residential Gateway User Guide

But if you do not have the manual for your router or you do not want to read the whole manual to find the default login information then you can use the quick guide below. To get to the router login page it's necessary that you are connected to the router. Open your web browser e. Chrome, Firefox, Opera or any other browser Type


Cisco DPC3825 User Manual

What if I don't subscribe to cable TV? How do I arrange for installation? How does the residential gateway connect to my computer? After my residential gateway is connected, how do I access the Internet? Can I watch TV and surf the Internet at the same time?


Cisco DPC3825 Default Router Login




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