The series is offered in six sizes and four distinct spindle types. All models are ruggedly designed for long-life and trouble-free performance. The series spindle is available with a wide variety of horsepower and speed combinations. The series is a bracket mount design, while the series features a foot mounted design. Both models are ruggedly designed for lasting trouble-free performance.

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I-VII Transformer. Its the time in percentage compared with a unity of time given by the transformer OEM generally 3 minutes during which the oultet power of the secondary remains stable.

After this time, the power drops off. This information is very important, because when the control box starts the ignition of the transformer, the duty cycle of the transformer must not be longer than the duty cycle program. Example : The LOA 24 duty cycle program starts the transformer immediatly before the first electrovalve opens pre ignition then electrovalve opens ignition and after the transformer works untill the second electrovalve opens post ignition.

Its components were thought by heating engineers and are very appreciated. Composition and item codes for resupplying : 1 Transformer LAT Ref 1 Transformer PER Ref 1 tool kit : 2 electrode curving tools Ref 1 transformer tester Ref 1 terminal kit : 6 square insulated plugs Ref 6 straight insulated plugs Ref 6 Rajah terminals Ref 6 terminals to be screwed Ref 1 electrode kit : end fitting of 6.

Ref 2 electrodes 11x70 lead of Ref 2 electrodes 6x55 lead of Ref 2 electrodes 12x70 lead of Ref 1 terminals Ref 1 terminals 6. Ref 1 covers Ref 1 covers 6. Screw kit 2 ignition leads lg mm with terminals with a 4 end fitting Ref 2 terminals Ref 2 terminals 6.

Ref 2 covers Ref 2 covers 6. Equipped with interference suppressors according to VDE law of november. Supplied without lead. Stock your electrode 4 and change it in 6,35 with the socket HV connection. Description Ref Socket HV connection to change 4 in 6.

Relay engaged if ame presence, if inactivity after cutting of, or if non igni- tion. It replaces the UV cell for ignition spark detection when the use is compromized. For semi-automatic installation. Gives an indication of ame current. No needs to replace the base. Control unit AL. In that case move the polarization pins. There are 2 measuring sockets to control the ame signal and one simulation selector it can also be used with an additional adapter KF and a base LOA for base burners which can help to determine the box breakdown by testing burner functions and comparing them which the default.

The new KITS are easy to x and avoid the replacement of the base ; they are designed to keep the same height position. When a replacement is needed, a wiring modication may be necessary : the instructions are then provided. LAC 1. LAC 2. LAC 3. Comment : Adjustable pre-ventilation time from 8 to Link with LEC program. LFL 1. Flame monitoring by ame sensing probe or UV probe. Low voltage safety. Remote control release. Air pressure control when startup. It replaces the LFL relay. Description Ref LGK It uses blinking reset switch with different modes.

When operating without any motor, it is necessary to lead on plug 3 a resistance type AGK A 27 except for LGB41 to avoid instant safety procedure. Replacements for atmospheric burners LFM 1. Base re-wiring and a new cell are necessary, when you take a new box.

After each activation cycle the box controls automatically the airtightness. It prevents the burner from starting if necessary.

The box includes an ignition generator and a single or double electrode. Supplied without base. Ref SE Flame sensing 38" - 2,5" 3" Ref SE Flame sensing 30" - - 5" TF 12" 12" 20" 10" Features : 2 rates TF 12" 12" 3" - 5" 10" Features : With amplier of the detection circuit. Replaces without changing the base the TF with an extension lead for the release button. TF 12" 12" 18" 10" Features :.

Flame monitoring by photo-resistant cell. TF 12" 12" 18" 10" see Features : Safety low voltage. TF Remote release control. With or without recycling. The reset switch blinks with different modes, which indicates the defaults location. If burner fails, difcult to be reactivated. The reset switch blinks with different modes, which indicates the default location. For remote control reset use FR ref TFI maxi Kw mod 10 -- 10" non 10" Features : for atmospheric gas burner 2 rates replaces box TFI without changing the base ; with an extension lead for release button.

Flame formation time delay : 1 second. Flame safety time delay : 1 second. The isolation transformer primary circuit is supplied through the same supply as the control box. Comment: be careful this transformer is equipped with a different primary and secondary circuit. The fact of using the primary circuit and the secondary circuit is harmful.

Its zero indicator allows measure even if the wires are commutated. A micro Ammeter is installed in series on the same line as the probe or the cell to be measured. Bipolar connection between the neutral lead and the earth of the burner.

The same piece can be connected between different installation equipment such as the circulator, the regulation and the control board. For the 6 poles plug, we choose the locking type. Anyway, the 2 parts stay pluggable, with or without a locking system.

The detection avoids any trouble in case of short-circuit electrode. On the new generation relays, breakdowns are automatically detected by electronics, thus enabling quick diagnosis and reducing repair time. No ame at the end of TSA Defective or clogged fuel valves Defective or clogged ame probe Wrong burner adjustment, no fuel Defective ignition system Blinking 4x.

Flame disappearing too often Defective or clogged fuel valves Defective or clogged ame probe Wrong burner adjustment Blinking 8x. Pressure switch does not open; parasite light when burner starts Defective "LP" "LP" not adjusted Blinking 5x parasite light during preventilation or internal default Blinking 7x. Flame stops during the operation Wrong burner adjustment Defective or clogged fuel valves Short circuit between ame sensing electrode and earth Blinking 18x. The pressure switch opens during preventilation or operation "LP" wrongly adjusted ame stops for the 4th time Blinking 19x.

Defective ouptput contacts Wrong wiring Or another power supply at the output Blinking 20x. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Read Free For 30 Days. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers.


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