It is an automated grade calculator designed keeping in mind the CCE assessment guidelines to create and generate progress cards of n-number of students at once, evaluate and analyze their scholastic and the non-scholastic performance in school. In , The CBSE Central Board of Secondary Education Board in India withdrew the old one test exam pattern that evaluated students with a single examination at the end of the academic year and introduced the CCE grade-based assessment process to test candidates with several small tests taken throughout the year. This reduces the burden of students, emphasizes on non-academic recreational activities, focuses on real-time teaching and learning , encourages implementation of education technology such as virtual classroom and smart classes and, ensures proper impartation of academics. With many various tests to assess throughout the year, it becomes difficult for the teachers, educators, and principals to track, analyze, and generate report cards for each-and-every student manually.

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Board Registration No. The Formative Assessment FA comprises of paper-pencil tests as well as assignments, projects, practical work etc.

Only the grades maybe reflected in the column under FA and SA. Separate registers may be maintained by teachers to record the marks obtained by students in different tasks. These marks may be converted into grades according to given grading system and entered in the columns.

Promotion is based on the day-to-day work of the students throughout the year and also on the performance in the terminal examination. CCE Report Card. This page was published 10 years ago, which means that the content may be out of date or no longer relevant.

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CBSE CCE Software - Create Report Card (2020)

Download Certificate of School Based Assessment. The suggested format of a Report Card is given below. It is merely suggestive and not mandatory for schools to print a similar Report Card. Guidelines to fill up CCE Report Card and details about the new assessment scheme are available at cbse official website. This system in distressing the students more than the boards. So please we want our previous pattern back.


CCE Report Card



Download CCE Card Report Card and related Information


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