You simply exchange the knobs! The display is fully visible during pipette operation and the large pad ensures easy tip ejection. Ecopipette is a fully autoclavable lab pipette except for the detachable knobs and requires no disassembly before autoclaving. Wide range of micropipette sizes starting from 0. This ergonomic pipette will ensure ultimate comfort in your daily work.

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From the moment you recieve your new CAPP ecopipette you will notice the difference. The packaging is made entirely of recycled or recyclable materials such as post-consumer paper or lightweight cardboard for reduced environmental impact. The pipettor itself is designed and manufactured to stand the test of time. The aluminum tip cone is resistant to breakage and will not deform like the lower quality plastics used in other pipettors.

This combined with the double o-ring design provides a better fit with a broader range of pipette tips. The three-year warranty ensures longterm performance and reliabilty which minimizing discarded pipettors going into landfills. And while you are going green, you can save some "green" by taking advantage of the very attractive pricing on these quality name-brand adjustable volume pipettors. Color-coded control knobs make it easy to identify which volume range you have on the pipettor body.

The control knob can be inserted in either direction to allow right or left handed operation. Since the volume display is on the control knob, your fingers do not obscure the display from sight. Volume setting is easy and requires half the number of turns compared to other pipettors. The volume locking device prevents unwanted volume changes. Ergonomic features include very low pressure required to depress the plunger for aspiration, dispensing, and blowout; large tip ejector pad; and a comfortable index finger loop.

Ecopipette bodies are fully autoclavable without disassembly. Our specialists are here to help you find the best product or part available for your application. Call or Email us and we will make sure you get the right product or part for the job. Language English German. Sign In.

New Customer? Register Now. Representative image only. Add to Compare. Go green with this environmentally-friendly and economically-priced line of pipettors! Recycled or recyclable materials used for packaging Durable construction and long warranty period decreases waste. See All 7 Items in this Product Family. Add To Cart. Key Features Recycled or recyclable materials used for packaging Durable construction and long warranty period decreases waste. Call Us At.


Capp Ecopipette Adjustable-Volume Pipettor, 20-200 ┬ÁL; Each



Capp - Ecopipette



ecopipette - Innovative micropipette


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