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Thank you so much for your enlightening research. I grew up reading the Cancionero Picot and I wish we had kept a couple of copies. The stories in verse were so interesting that I read them over and over.

An, of course, I enjoyed learning the lyrics to many of the popular songs. If somebody has a copy of any of the books, I'd like to buy it from you. Filiberto El cancionero Picot era un librito completo. Post a Comment. Almost always, I am rewarded by a unique and colorful history that makes it well worth the effort. It is a carbonate type aid for acid indigestion and it comes in the form of a powder that you dissolve in water.

It immediately starts to effervesce when it hits the water and you drink the vigorously bubbling liquid to initiate a cure for your upset tummy. The phrase "sal de uvas" literally means "salt from grapes" and the word "Picot" refers to "Laboratories Picot" which is the name of the company who developed the product in In order for me to explain the "sal de uvas" part we need to drop back in time to at least and take a look at the invention of baking powder.

Up until this point in time most bread was made with some form of yeast. The yeast provided the bubbles that made the bread rise. One could also use bicarbonate of soda, called "baking soda" but only if the bread dough had an acid component to react with the baking soda which is a base. Baking "powder" was developed from baking "soda" by several individuals between and in order to be able to make bread without having to wait for yeast to rise or without the need for an acid component in the bread dough.

Interestingly enough, the British military was one of the first entities to take advantage of this new invention to make biscuits to feed His Royal Majesty's troops. Perhaps it arrived with the English when they built the first railroad from Veracruz to Mexico City or perhaps it arrived with the Americans during the Mexican War with the United States.

I hate to show my ignorance but I always thought that cream of tartar was some kind of cream but that is not so.

It is a white powder that is used to supply acidity in the realm of cooking. To make baking powder they originally mixed bicarbonate of soda with cream of tartar in dry form and when added to a liquid it formed bubbles because the cream of tartar is acidic and when dissolved in liquid it reacts to the bicarbonate of soda base.

Cream of tartar comes from grapes and is obtained when tartaric acid is half neutralized with potassium hydroxide and becomes a salt. Tartaric acid comes from the grape skins and is what gives wine its tart and acidic tasting properties.

The argol that it comes from is a reddish brown in color and sometimes the white crystals would grow inside of a wine bottle, especially around the cork. How romantic can you get, eh?

Sal de Uvas Picot is a similar product and made its debut in Each serving size envelope contains 2. Like many contemporary products it became a household word through promotion via the new media, radio. It was distributed in pharmacies and house by house, and contained many of the lyrics of songs heard on station XEW. One of the most effective features of the Cancionero Picot were Chema and Juana, two characters who always announced the virtues of the product in the form of verse.

His female counterpart Juana looks like a rather plump Mexican version of Betty Boop. Together they were a smash hit. The ironic thing is that cream of tartar is no longer used in baking powder because cheaper and better chemicals have been discovered and put to use. You just mix two spoonfuls of cream of tartar with one spoonful of baking soda and one spoonful of corn starch.

In my search for cream of tartar and the history of baking soda I encountered a cast of characters second only to the Wild West or the Sopranos gang. There were baking power wars, and baking powder barons, and a corner on the argol market, etcetera.

By the way…what brand of baking powder did your mother use? My ma used Calumet brand and I can still remember the picture of the Indian Chief on the can.

Who knew that such a simple thing could have such an interesting past. And so, as I close this chapter on my quest for the truth I tip my hat to the Sal de Uvas Picot people who made their product a vibrant part of Mexican. Posted by Conchita Bouza at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.


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It was opened in based on a collection of commercial packaging, advertising, graphic arts, common devices and many other objects dating back to collected by Bruno Newman over more than forty years. The museum is dedicated to the preservation of its collection of more than 30, items from two centuries and to the research in the history of design and communications. Art collectors and other kinds of collectors have been behind museums such as Soumaya , Franz Mayer , Museo del Juguete and others. Collectors have also been important to the development of state museums in the country as well. MODO is considered to be the first of its kind, with many of its objects not normally displayed in museums in the country. Work to establish the museum started in , with the inventorying, cataloging and photographing of each of the pieces. The last was done not only for conservation purposes, but also to allow access to the pieces electronically.



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