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Please enable Javascript in your web browser. Samo valjana e-mail adresa je potrebna. Registriraj se: Coming soon. Those who have never been to Budapest have not seen the country either.

Due to the diversity of the capital and its surroundings tourists can choose from so many sights and relaxing activities that they will spend weeks here without a moment of boredom. And what are the factors responsible for this high number of visitors? If you ask them, each will name something different, because Budapest means different things to different people. A walk in the downtown evokes the atmosphere of the 19th century.

The stately ornate buildings could easily be the set for a historic movie. It is not difficult to imagine the scene showing gentlemen, with top hats, walking with elegant ladies and cabs rolling along the streets. The image of the inner city and the castle district has remained unchanged to the present day. The two historical districts used to be the centre of two separate cities, Buda and Pest, which were divided by the Danube. At the end of the 19th century the two districts were connected with the construction of Chain Bridge, which has become one of the symbols of Budapest.

Buda castle can be reached from the inner city after a short walk over the Chain Bridge. The atmosphere here is not of the 19th century, but rather of the 17thth. Walking on the cobbled streets you can find houses which have been occupied since the 17th century.

The streets are lit yellow with ornamental lampposts, the old shop signs on the walls creak in the wind, and the patios are still filled with cheerful and busy crowds. Buda and Pest differ in a number of factors. The Buda part has a scattering of several hills and green areas.

Its mountains, woods and beautiful dripstone caves offer a wide range of exciting tracks for hikers. Horse riding and gliding are also available. On the other hand Pest is completely flat and it is livelier. The political and economical centre of the country is located here. Most of the museums, theatres and universities can be found on this bank of the Danube. Thanks to the unusually high number of hot springs Budapest is the only capital in the world which has so many spas.

The old, traditional spas are now equipped with modern and varied therapeutic treatments. In spite of the numerous sights in the capital, its surroundings are also worth visiting. For instance, Szentendre is a favourite destination; this jewel box-like city is a unique part of the country.

It has streets with Mediterranean atmosphere and narrow passages which came into being with the arrival of the Southern Slavs seeking refuge from the Turks. This city is one of the most marvellous sights of the area with its castle placed in a picturesque landscape with the Danube Bend at its feet.

Its castle was the royal holiday home in the times of the Monarchy and the favourite place of Queen Elizabeth, also known as Sissi. Varied programmes are organized around the area of the castle, thus recalling the hundreds of years of history of the castle.

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Budimpešta i njegove okolice (Središnja Mađarska), Mađarska

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