The ability to plan and develop attractive mobile devices and services is becoming increasingly important for success in the mobile communication business. And now, with third-generation mobile communication systems being deployed globally, we're seeing the appearance of sophisticated new applications such as video call service and MMS Multimedia Messaging Service. In July of , Anritsu introduced the MDA Signalling Tester, making it possible to perform both the development and verification of mobile phone applications in one unit. Since then, Anritsu has continued to take steps to make mobile phone applications development more efficient.

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Print Search. Bicurico Frequent Contributor Posts: Country:. It may take two or three weeks until the device arrives - hopefully in working order. Why did I buy this device? Hard to tell So I spent around Euro a tiny bit more, for the pedantic amongst us in order to have this interesting device and basically to learn more about how 2G This device basically emulates a network and antenna. So your phone can register to it as if it was a regular mobile phone provider. And of course you can do all kind of measurements.

Hacking wise, I am interested to see, if one can unlock or activate phones. To reset and initialize an iPhone, for instance, you need to have a SIM of the locked operator and register to it. Note that I don't know if something like this is possible or what could be possible. That is the goal in first place: to educate myself. And for such education, I find the purchase price OK. This post is, however, not meant to justify why I spend my money on weird things!

What I really want to know: 1 Who else has such kind of test equipment? What do you do with it? Unfortunately, after registration and submission of the serial number, I am prompted with the further requirement of having a valid support contract!

Why on earth don't they ask for that in the first place? I don't actually need them, since the device is supposed to be in working order, but I like to do my homework and build a repository, just in case. Thanks for reading! Regards, Vitor. Oh, and you can absolutely do what you were interested in. Even just for tracing the network traffic they are great.

You can also write custom scripts like for the MDC , and send individual data packets. Regarding software, yes a backup is important - that stuff is insanely hard to obtain. Even when Anritsu for my MGA for example claims that you can just download their software, they stopped talking to me after they heard that I'm not the first buyer of the device Luckily the installed firmware works well. My intention is same as O. I'm yet to find out the Software Options Installed. The problem is I'm unable to get any resources for this Unit from Anritsu.

I was planning to contact Anritsu directly but after reading the reply from tmbinc I don't think it's going to be helpful. In short, how shall I start using this Unit? I should have started another thread probably but as O. Thanks in advance Sorry for answering only now.

I received my device yesterday andi it seems to be fully working. Optically it looks almost as brand new. As you I don't have any documentation or software.

I will have to do a full cline of the HDD as soon as possible. For that I need to figure out the best way without having to open the device as it still have the original seals in place.

But fortunately the different applications have a minimal online help. Regards Vitor. Hi, Does anyone know if I can connect a regular phone handset or if a special Anritsu handset is required, as mentioned in the manual? Hi, Thanks for the response and sorry for this late reply. I've received my Unit today only. It powers on fine. That's the only thing I can test at this moment.

Unfortunately it does not have any V. Out Port, Only U. It looks fine visually No serious damage marks, slight bent on front left side.

Though I doubt how much 'Good Transport Handling' this Unit has seen, specifically being a heavy unit. You have a difficult task ahead Fortunately, on my device there were a few PDF manuals. I don't know if your device has an internal HDD which you could try to scan for documentation. I think your unit is remote controlled by units similar to mine. This will allow to build up a bigger simulated mobile network with routing, simulated Internet services, etc. Note: I am not sure about any of this!

No idea how to configure that. Send me a PM with your email and I send you my manuals, which at least can serve as a starting point. Hi, I've sent you P.

Anyone got any more information on this. I'd like to see some internal shots. I could do the necessary backups without opening the device. Opening the device for no other reason as to look inside comes with a loss of value, in case I decide to sell it on in the future.

Not that I could afford it The same reasoning might prevent others to open theirs, which is why I am explaining all of this.

Just what i wanted. I'm also looking at MFA. I am hoping it has faster uP.. There was an error while thanking. SMF 2. EEVblog on Youtube.


Signaling Tester

Also, the PPP server functionality is included. Test and Measurement. Components and Accessories. Products Quality Assurance. Service Assurance. Sensing and Devices.


Anritsu MD8470A WCDMA Mobile Phone Testers

Be the first to write a review. Included Items: This sale does not include probes, cables, manuals, power cords or any other accessories unless otherwise stated. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Shipping and handling This item will ship to Germany , but the seller has not specified shipping options. Contact the seller - opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location.

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