Taking place during the early twentieth century, it follows the collision between a British archeologist's family and a resurrected mummy. The novel ends with the statement, "The Adventures of Ramses the Damned Shall Continue", and twenty-eight years later, Rice fulfilled this promise with Ramses the Damned: The Passion of Cleopatra , written in collaboration with her son, novelist Christopher Rice. During the Edwardian period in , a wealthy shipping-magnate-turned- archaeologist , Lawrence Stratford, discovers an unusual tomb. The mummy inside, in its left-behind notes, claims to be the famed pharaoh Ramses II , despite the tomb's dating only to the first century B. Before he can fully investigate this claim, Lawrence unexpectedly falls dead, and those around him fear he was the victim of a curse placed on the tomb. Nonetheless, the mummy and other belongings are shipped off to London , and placed on temporary display in Lawrence's house before they are taken by the British Museum.

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Mummies are commonly featured in horror genres as undead creatures wrapped in bandages. The mummy genre has its origins in the 19th century when Egypt was being colonized by France and, subsequently, by Victorian Britain. The first living mummies in fiction were mostly female, and they were presented in a romantic and sexual light, often as love interests for the protagonist ; this metaphorically represented the sexualized Orientalism and the colonial romanticization of the East. Everett ; the latter actually has the protagonist marry a mummy which takes on the form of a beautiful woman.


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