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Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? If you cannot post, please visit our Forum Talk forum for answers to more frequently asked questions. Is your post missing? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. I am VERY new at drumming and this is my first kit ever.

I looked on here to see if this was previously asked and didn't see it. When I kick the bass the 2 trigger as appropriate lights up, but recently the 4 trigger my tom is lighting up too when I kick the bass and a bad sound is coming out. I have tried reinitializing and moving the pedal to other spots on the bass pad, but this sound keeps happening every few beats.

Any thoughts? The manual for this kit is crap IMO. Apologize if this question is very remedial. Tags: None. I just got the Alesis DM5 Pro kit, so I don't know if this is the same problem, but you may need to edit the sensitivity for the 4 trigger, and lower it. It's apparently responding to the vibrations set up when you kick the bass. Comment Post Cancel. Still tweaking it a bit, but find the manual equally as frustrating. For the toms, Snare and cymbals, I have been having some success with the following settings on the DM5.

I have been tweaking to get some dynamic response and accurate triggering for soft and quick hits instead of having all of the hits sound the same as shipped: Gain: 60 Xtalk: 70 Noise: 1 Decay: 0 V-curve: 3 Make sure to note the part in the manual regarding xtalk and noise regarding which pad to adjust. It states to address the pad that's false triggering and has a proceedure to fine tune.

The bass is a bit different as the sensitivity is much different with the batter vs. I have been trying to get some dynamic range and equal hit sounds with the double bass batters while avoiding double triggering - still working on this one. Another problem I have been having is missed hits. I play very fast and a lot of punk type stuff and when I am doing lots of stuff, the module seems to "miss" a fair number of hits. Still working on this as well. The piezos should arrive in a week or so.

I also have replaced the heads with Pearl Muffle Heads, but with the foam packing per factory set up, the heads make a strange ticking noise and are substantially louder than the factory mylar heads. I'm glad to know there's a fellow DM5-Pro-Kit user here!

I'm wondering about adding a separate trigger mounted to the snare rim only actually the rubber of the snare rim to trigger a rim-shot sound. I've ordered a cheap close-out trigger can't recall the brand right now from Zzounds to try the concept with.

I'll be interested to find out how your replacement of the trigger or are you adding a second trigger? I think the "missing hits" issue for the double pedal may be related to the decay and the v-curve. I found that I couldnt' get a realistic roll from my snare pad until I set the v-curve to 5 and the decay to 0. I've also found that the gain isn't the same from pad to pad within a drum set. I've been using the Jazz set 4 as my basic set and tweaking that, and the toms are uneven with the defaults.

But then when I switch to a different set, the stuff has to be tweaked again. All rights reserved. Yes No. OK Cancel.


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Jun 14 am. Not ideal output. Big problem. I would have given up since not having a changing velocity would render the drums rather lifeless BUT when recording the MIDI signals of the drums into Reason the velocity of the drums change according to how hard I hit them!




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