Posted: Dec 11, pm. Does anyone have this book. I recently came across it on Elmwood magics site, and it looks quite interesting. Any reviews would be appreciated.

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Posted: Dec 11, pm. Does anyone have this book. I recently came across it on Elmwood magics site, and it looks quite interesting. Any reviews would be appreciated. Posted: Dec 12, am. Do a search for some of his other products and the reviews of his service from customers and you'll get a FREE bonus effect..

It's a PK finger lock that will freeze your finger above the purchase button.. When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth Luke Jer-maybe you'll get your products sometime The best way to get LJ books is second hand from purchasers so that you know the product exists and if so that it might be sent as well Wow- thanks for the info guys.

Now I suspect I know why. Quote: On , Pete Legend wrote: I had it.. Good book though! Penguin Magic sells it, so it shouldn't be hard to find. In fact, they usually give it away in their promotions, because I got mine for free. I have read it fast, and it has one of the best non prop impromptu mentalism effects. It's a great book Posted: Dec 14, pm.

Buy a bootleg, then send the money you would have spent on it to someone who remains out of pocket from their business with Luke. Send me the truth: davitsicseek gmail. I bought this book from Penguin Magic when it was first released. Within a week of that purchase I received an "email update" which contained pages that were "erroneously left out" of the original manuscript. Not a good feeling at all.

I mean, I appreciate sending me the missing information, but I would much prefer to have had the book in its entirety from the start. I really can't give a fair review of because, quite honestly, I haven't read more than the first few pages. Perhaps there are some good items in this volume, but I have yet to give it a fair shot due to the grammatical and typographical errors I have encountered thus far. It really does feel like reading a book that is in another language Posted: Jan 13, am.

It is not always easy to review a book in terms of quality. If I were to evaluate the many great ideas, thoughts and concepts that can be found within , I would certainly rate it "Excellent". The problem with books, however, is that there is yet another, equally important aspect that needs to be reflected upon: quality of form and research.

I do not criticise a book for some errors that may pass the eye of an editor unnoticed. The crucial problem with this particular book is the sheer amount of bold spelling mistakes, grammatical oddities and its style that really confirms Jermay's introductory sentence: "I am presented with exactly forty-five minutes to sum up my feelings about the book".

It seems the whole book was written during this flight. Again, my criticism is not content-based in the first place although, to some degree language always affects the contents it tries to convey. There is hardly a single page without some mistake jumping straight at you. Had the author read his script a second time only, he would have noticed that he didn't mean to write "the drawings should be finished but he time he reaches zero", but "by the time".

Furthermore, since Jermay doesn't intend any reference to Don Quixote, he wouldn't repeatedly refer to "Duel Reality" as a concept of mentalism. Innumerable spelling mistakes such as "I do not apologies","looked" instead of "locked", "their" instead of "they're", etc. One may call me nit-picky on the aforementioned points, I agree — if only it didn't affect the contents of the book. But it does. This is an original quote from "It is possible to appear to mention out loud to the each person to repeat their thought in such a way the audience hears it as you instructing them each to do so but clearly stating the different thoughts as you go.

And it gets worse. The book doesn't only suffer formal injuries but also factual misconceptions: Jermay attributes the 'Rashomon Principle' to "an old story-telling technique first used by the late and great Rashomon".

This is simply made up. In fact, it was named after the narrating principle of a film by Akira Kurosawa, featuring four distinct testimonies on the same incident. Although Jermay claims T. Waters' "Mind, Myth and Magic" as his source, he doesn't seem to have double-checked. The name 'Rashomon' doesn't even derive from a person — but a Japanese gate which wasn't capable of telling too many great stories, I believe. This is not just factual misconception; this is poor research.

There are some gorgeous methods for building up Dual Realities on the principles introduced by David Hoy, Ted Karmilovich, Banachek and others. No doubt: Luke Jermay is one of the great thinkers and performers of modern mentalism and this book is filled with ingenious ideas. But: It is a book. For anyone considering to purchase it: Wait for the next edition.

Posted: Jan 15, pm. Quote: On Jan 13, , 1ukas wrote And as such, it is a very unsatisfactory read It's an OK book as far as Content. No it's not a book test. Yes there areistakes as it wasn't proofread enough but the Bible isn't easy to read either and it's considered by some to be the greatest book in history.

Posted: Jan 16, pm. Posted: Jan 17, pm. I don't have a problem with the typos. It's not a novel. I too received my copy from Penguin Magic a couple of years back and received the update with the missing pages. There's good information in this book, including a really nice envelope test.

I'm quite happy with my purchase. I remember Luke said in an interview that he does not like his own books published during this period. Posted: Jan 18, pm.

Hi Mindpsychic, I bought a long time ago and absolutely love it. It does have a lot of typos but that isn't important to me. The book has a lot of great ideas like all of Jermay's work , a few effects that I perform quite frequently, a few effects that are absolutely insane pipe dreams, and more import than all of that a bunch of essays that changed the way I think about my job as a mentalist.

In my opinion, any one of the essays in is worth the price. Buy it. Read it. Be a better performer because of it. Nathan Pain Inner circle iowa Posts. Pete Legend Inner circle Ireland Posts. Virungan Inner circle Here and There Posts. PsiDroid Inner circle Posts. Tjernobyl Regular user Denmark Posts.

Davit Sicseek Inner circle Posts. Just checking is it's not a book test is it? Some of them read in a really unsatisfactory way too. Thanks for the review by the way. Love this! Oscar Veteran user Posts. Raum Loyal user Posts. All Rights Reserved. This page was created in 0.


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I am presented with exactly forty-five minutes to sum up my feelings about the book. A lot has contributed to the style in which this book has been written; among other things a recent transatlantic relocation from the UK to the USA to make a home in Las Vegas. I now find myself a married man, and to top it all off I have even begun work on that traveling freak show I have been dreaming about for oh so long. As I write this I am currently on my way out of Las Vegas--the magical capital of the world--feeling very ill from the extreme turbulence on an otherwise uninteresting flight.


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3510 by Luke Jermay

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