The purpose of this activity is to investigate the current vs. The PN junction diode is a device which is commonly used in circuit applications such as rectification where current is allowed to flow in only one direction. When the diode is fabricated in silicon, the forward voltage drop is typically 0. I D characteristic relating diode voltage and current can be described by an exponential relationship:. Each type of diode has a specific schematic symbol which are variations of the conventional diode symbol shown on the left in figure 1. The arrows pointing away from the diode denotes an LED as in the symbol on the right.

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No Preview Available! Available on. The popular 1NB-1 thru 1NB-1 series of 0. These glass, axial-leaded DO Zeners are also available in various up-screening levels by adding a prefix identifier as. Microsemi also offers. Screening in. See part nomenclature for all available.

Also available in:. Junction and Storage Temperature. Thermal Resistance Junction-to-Lead 1. Thermal Resistance Junction-to-Ambient 2. Steady-State Power Dissipation 3. Forward Voltage mA. Solder Temperature 10 s. MSC — Lawrence. Lawrence, MA Tel: or. Fax: MSC — Ireland. Gort Road Business Park,. Ennis, Co.

Clare, Ireland. T4-LDS, Rev. Page 1 of 5. Diode to be operated with the banded end positive with respect to the opposite end for. Zener regulation. Consult factory for quantities.

Reliability Level. MQ reference JAN. JEDEC type number. Zener Voltage Tolerance. MQ 1N B -1 e3. RoHS Compliance. Metallurgically Bonded. Reverse Current: The maximum reverse leakage current that will flow at the specified voltage and temperature. Maximum Regulator Zener Current: The maximum rated dc current for the specified power rating. Temperature Solder Pad: The maximum solder temperature that can be safely applied to the terminal.

Reverse Voltage: The reverse voltage dc value, no alternating component. Zener Voltage: The Zener voltage the device will exhibit at a specified current I Z in its breakdown region.

Dynamic Impedance: The small signal impedance of the diode when biased to operate in its breakdown region at a. Page 2 of 5. Type No. Note 1. T est. Max Zener Impedance. Note 2. Max Reverse Leakage. Max Zener. Note 3. Devices with guaranteed limits on all six parameters. Page 3 of 5. NOT ES:. Zener impedance is measured at two points to ensure a sharp knee on the breakdown. Test conditions for temperature coefficient are as follows:. Device to be temperature stabilized with current applied prior to reading breakdown voltage at the specified ambient temp.

Zener Voltage V Z. Page 4 of 5. Ltr Inch. Min Max Min Max. Dimensions are in inch. Millimeters are given for general information only. Package contour optional within BD and length BL.

Heat slugs, if any, shall be included within this cylinder. The BL dimension shall include the entire body including. W ithin this zone lead, diameter may vary to allow for lead finishes and irregularities other than heat slugs. Page 5 of 5.


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1N5230 Datasheet



1N5230B DIODE. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent


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