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I have no idea what caused this, but all of the sudden, I have 4 vm,s windows xp sp2, that I cant backup using veeam backup, as there is a snapshot in progress. Meaning, veeam needs to take a snapshot before backing up a vm, but, there is already a snapshot in progress. I have ESXi 4. L - Lideres y Expertos en Virtualizacion.

Autor del libro Secretos de VMware vSphere. If you find this or any other answer useful please consider awarding points by marking the answer helpful or correct. I have just upgraded to ESXi 4. HbaIsShared was going to be the answer In case it is important, this previously was used for vmfs, though that Datastore was deleted. HbaIsShared it was ticked. I unticked it though I've actually tried both ticked and unticked. Am I missing something e. Where can the hpacucli utilties for an ESXi 4.

Then, what is the procedure to install? I have been struggling with joining an ESXi 4. I cannot find the netlogond log described in the KB article when I export system logs. It has a unique hostname, and is configured with the domain that is identical to the AD Domain Name. The search domain is configured as the AD Domain name.

I have verified that DNS lookups are working correctly see connectivity section below. Time seems to be synchronized to the second, and the Kerberos Authentication seems to be working as demonstrated in the network trace.

The following summarizes the trace in chronological order with timestamps to correlate to the log files below. Response returned 1 result, blank objectname, type netlogon. Oct 18 Hostd: I have experimented with 2 different AD accounts with enterprise admin rights, including the original administrator account. I was able to join Windows 7 workstations and another identical ESXi host to this domain in the past.

This may or may not have been before raising the domain functional level, I cannot remember. Is there a way to enable verbose logging in ESXi to get more information? What am I missing there? I would expect to see some SMB traffic during the join operation. I made and attempt to convert a virtual machine running windows server r2 over to the ESXi platform which has worked for many virtual machines up until this point.

Windows R2 , x64 VM. Jumbo frames, flow control, etc. It all works well. Performance is good. Once this happens, both of those LUNs are re-connected exactly 1 minute later. During this downtime, the VM completely locks up. No network access, even the VM's console inside of the vSphere client locks up. Also, is this not a good idea to do iscsi initiator inside a VM? I need to troubleshoot the freezing issues, not sure where to start.

I have this all working on a test physical server without issue, so its got to be something on the vmware side of things. I think. Reason: Argument list too long. It seems like system is trying to load from the snapshot "MapViewer If I am correct, it should be trying to load from MapViewer.

I couldn't find the parameter to change this in the configuration anywhere. Here's the directory listing for this virtual machine:. I've tried the investigating locks on the files, and I can remove them, and start powering on the VM again, but then it hangs again.

I've tried a couple reboots. Attached is the log for the VM. Can anyone help? As usual, I was happy just one week. Now that DC is shuting down every hour. No errors, no warnings. If a VM works as a DC, it keeps going off every hour after one week of stable work.

This machine that I converted was a terminal server, for some reason now, I am unable to RDP into it. I can ping it on the local network, I can acces the internet from the machine and the local network. RDP is enabled, the windows event logs don't show any errors, all services that should be running are running. I am stumped.

My next move will be to shut down the machine, edit the hardware, remove and add the network card. We are running a VMWare Esxi 5. Suddenly from today we are seeing datastore1 is inactive. Due to this we are unable to access our VMs through console.

Now, how can we re-active the datastore. Please help!!! We have just gone through the process of upgrading our vSphere server from 4. We then upgraded the second and moved our primary mail server onto it. It was when we did this we started to get errors where people were losing connection to the exchange server, after some investigation we Event Views and we were seeing the error:.

Recovery attempt is in progress and outcome will be reported shortly". This error only occurs on the 4.

So as far as we can tell it is not a networking issue since the iSCSI traffic for all blades flows over the same switches to the Lefthands, and we were loosing connection to volumes on both Lefthands. We have a call logged with HP on this, but as of yes we can not determine what is causing this issue, nor how to resolve it.

This box was originally installed with Redhat Linux ES 5. During the VMware instance setup, I get this:. However, bit operation is not possible. Longmode is disabled for this virtual machine. I am trying to install Vmware 4. But the installation failed with No place on disk to dump data.

I have attached the snapshot. Please help me in solving the issue. Latest Popular Top Rated Trending. Browsing All Articles Latest Live. Mark channel Not-Safe-For-Work? Are you the publisher?

Claim or contact us about this channel. Any help would be greatly appreciated. When trying to join the domain I am getting "Errors in Active Directory operations.

I appreciate any help that anyone can offer, as I am pretty much out of ideas. Friends, I am having trouble accessing the server by vSphere 4. I know there's different advice and methods for growing disks.

It's on an ESXi 4. Thank you, Tom. Power Management settings switched from Balansed to High Performance doesn't solve the problem.

How can I get around this? Thanks in advance.


Vmware Vsphere Install Configure Manage v6 5



Friends, I am having trouble accessing the server by vSphere 4.1, anyone have any solution :



VMware VSphere Optimize and Scale [V6.5] - Student Manual


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