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By Lyn Buchanan. Perhaps the most intense military work we did was for Desert Storm. There was hardly a move made by Saddam Hussein and his troops that we had not predicted and passed up the chain of command the day before it happened. My major tasking throughout the war was to access Hussein and learn of his plans and intentions for the coming day.

In the daily process of accessing him, I learned one thing very quickly. He is not what I would call a bad man. He is absolutely what I would call a totally crazy man. His craziness, though, does not take the form of irrationality or erratic behavior.

In the early s, I stumbled across what well might be the most profound story in human history, yet even today most Americans remain unaware of it. This story concerned remote viewing, the wondrous ability to view persons, places, and things outside the normal five senses of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch.

When I found that the United States Army was teaching military intelligence officers how to psychically spy on the Soviets and others, my journalist hackles were raised. I knew I was onto a good story. In my skeptical mind it was an either-or situation—either remote viewing was not real, in which case this program was a giant fraud on the taxpayers and hence a good news story, or remote viewing was real, in which case it might well represent a quantum leap in the evolution of humankind and hence a great news story, perhaps one of the greatest ever.

I researched the subject for three years as carefully as I could, considering it was still a secret government program. To my amazement I found it was all true. Not only can humans perceive apart from the usual five senses, but this perception is limited by neither time nor space. The story of remote viewing has got to be one of the most underreported stories of the past century. Today, several experienced viewers are teaching remote viewing, or RV for short. Others have spoken about it in books, articles or public speeches.

Even some dubious entrepreneurs now advertise psychic readings reportedly accomplished through RV. Yet, despite the fact that remote viewing was developed by various tax-supported government agencies, including the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and even the U.

Army, a majority of Americans still have never heard of this faculty. And many of those who have are not aware that scientific studies have shown that each and every person has the innate ability to remote view. Of course, people with natural ability can do it better than others.

This is why learning to remote view has been compared with learning to play Beethoven on the piano. With enough practice, almost anyone can do it, but some folks will require much more practice than others. Learning to properly remote view can be a life-changing experience. It certainly changed the lives of the men and women employed in its use for the government. And I got caught right in the middle of it all. I experienced firsthand the difficulties faced in trying to disseminate truthful and objective information regarding remote viewing.

My encounter with this subject began in early , when I learned of a speech presented by a military intelligence officer at a public conference in Atlanta. His matter-of-fact tone regarding controversial topics intrigued me, for here was no starry-eyed New Ager but a decorated military intelligence officer. Intrigued, I contacted this officer and soon learned the story of our military remote viewers.

It is now clear that this officer was no loose cannon. During his Atlanta talk, he was flanked by Col. John Alexander, a leading luminary in military nonlethal weapons research who moved freely between both military and intelligence programs, and Maj.

In hindsight, it appears that his appearance was not happenstance, but the beginning of a conscious program of disinformation. The object was to allow the topic of remote viewing to slip into the public with the least amount of credibility, as the officer involved was prone to speculate on space aliens and doomsday scenarios.

The designated officer had left the military and started a remote viewing company. He became a regular guest on a popular late-night nationwide radio talk show despite a continuing loss of credibility. Neither happened. I spent three years working on the remote viewing story. The work was arduous, particularly so because I was dealing with a subject most people wanted no part of, not to mention that it involved a top-secret government program. Many sources refused to be interviewed and others demanded anonymity.

Hard facts were difficult to come by. Additionally, my Harmony editor decided a narrative or story line was necessary to enliven my original manuscript, a lean and journalistic recitation of the facts concerning RV.

Over my objections, I was required to add scenes and dialog involving others in the remote viewing unit. In early , as the book was nearing publication, the officer who had gone public in suddenly began to object to the manuscript because of the inclusion of this material. I found it most ironic that this obstruction came from the very person who had initiated the book in the first place and nothing he had contributed had been altered or deleted.

Some observers saw a darker purpose behind this apparent petty jealousy. They felt someone believed the book more credible than they desired and took steps to block its publication. The officer, who by this time was claiming to be in contact with alien grays, sent a letter via an attorney to Harmony disavowing the book, even though he had previously signed a release statement based on my completed manuscript. The senior legal counsel, who had approved publication of the book following a lengthy and thorough legal review, was suddenly no longer there.

The matter was turned over to a law firm unconnected to the publisher and I was ordered not to contact or talk to the attorney there who decided the book had to be canceled because of the threats from the officer. I was told by the new editor that, while she neither understood nor agreed with the course being taken, she was powerless to prevent the cancellation. Everyone involved with the book came to believe that the cancellation had been ordered by someone with great authority, perhaps within the government.

Subsequent events only supported this belief. The book was canceled in late July , despite substantial advance orders from book sellers. On August 27, the story of RV broke in a London newspaper. The story, entitled Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Psi, was written by Jim Schnabel, who earlier that year had received a copy of my manuscript from the officer previously mentioned.

About that same time, the CIA, apparently about to be reassigned the RV program, ordered a study of remote viewing. Ray Hyman of the University of Oregon, an avowed psychic skeptic, and Jessica Utts from the University of California were commissioned to review the remote viewing program.

Their finished report, dated September 29, , concluded that, despite the fact that a statistically significant effect had been observed in laboratory RV experiments, no compelling explanation has been provided for the observed effects … to say a phenomenon has been demonstrated we must know the reasons for its existence.

This tabloid treatment, obviously leaked by government sources, was a kiss of death to anyone in the mainstream media taking the subject seriously. Remote viewing was officially acknowledged on November 28, , when the story received superficial and dismissive coverage in The New York Times and The Washington Post. These articles described the psychic spies merely as a trio of citizens with suspected paranormal powers who were located at a Maryland military base.

Even with this watered-down version, the story moved no farther than the East Coast, and nowhere was there any mention that the remote viewing methodology had been simply moved to even more secret government agencies, as I suspect, and where I believe its use continues today. Meanwhile, the American public has been left to study only the available bits and pieces of information on remote viewing.

Some of this information comes from persons with suspect motives, some from scientific and government documents, and some from former psi spies like Lyn Buchanan. As he points out, the complete and factual story of remote viewing may never be known, as everyone involved in this secret program knows only what they saw, heard, and experienced. Everyone has a different perspective. No one is more qualified to tell the story of the operational use of remote viewing than Lyn Buchanan.

This book is a personal account of the many changes in my life and my belief systems as I was trained and gained experience as a psychic spy for the U. It goes into some depth about Controlled Remote Viewing CRV , the system used by the military to do such spying, but is not designed to teach you how to do it on your own. That takes years of training and supervision.

I have been training people in CRV for many years, and have found that there are many reasons people become interested in this field.

I would therefore like to address some of those interests which you may or may not have as you stand in the bookstore, deciding whether or not to buy. If you think this book is about the overmind, the all-seeing mind of God, the collective unconscious, etc. In fact, they are not what CRV is about. CRV was designed for finding hostages and missing children, solving crimes, spying on people and countries, determining the plans and intentions of political, military, and business leaders.

Its targets exist right here in the workaday world. So, to be honest with you right up front, if you are looking for something mystical and occult, you would be more satisfied by buying another book. But this book will teach you a great deal about the mysteries of the human mind, and maybe something about the human spirit as it relates to real life and real people living in the harsh reality of the real world. If your main interest is self-improvement and self-enhancement, the exercises within the appendix can take care of that desire.

Buy the book and turn directly to the appendix, where you will find the self-improvement exercises. Do the exercises and a tremendous change will take place in your life. The exercises will provide you with more self-improvement than going to some guru for a month and living on saw grass and swamp water.

But if all you do is the exercises in the appendix, you will have missed the main point of CRV. It is an applications-oriented science. Its main uses are for police work, medical diagnostics, business, archeology, or any of a hundred other real-world fields including, of course, military and political espionage, for which it was originally designed.

If you want to improve your soul and spirit and well-being, learn a way to bring home a missing child. There is nothing like it in either the real or the ethereal world. CRV deepens your character and forever changes your life for the better. And believe it or not, that is only a mere side effect.

Controlled Remote Viewing is a natural, psychological, and physiological process that is very tightly anchored to the real, hard-core physical world around us. It is, in fact, more of a martial art than a psychic or mental discipline. It is the process developed under the auspices of the U. It does, however, make what may seem like one exception. Once that was accepted in a scientific way, it was possible to develop inroads into a field previously inhabited only by natural psychics.


The Seventh Sense: The Secrets of Remote Viewing as Told by a "Psychic Spy" for the U.S. Military

By Lyn Buchanan. Perhaps the most intense military work we did was for Desert Storm. There was hardly a move made by Saddam Hussein and his troops that we had not predicted and passed up the chain of command the day before it happened. My major tasking throughout the war was to access Hussein and learn of his plans and intentions for the coming day.


The Seventh Sense: The Secrets of Remote Viewing as Told by a "Psychi

Clicking on image takes you to Amazon. Lyn Buchanan's The Seventh Sense is two books in one. It is a riveting - often chilling - account of his own participation in one of the U. But it also is one of the best discussions yet in print of the "Controlled Remote Viewing" CRV methodology that was developed and exploited by Ingo Swann and the military for espionage purposes.



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