This is the first time I've been using a practice to unseal or un-nail a mantra, and I'm starting to get a little curious about sealing and nailing, and I'm wondering if anyone can offer any insights or point me towards some add'l info resources on this. A little context for this topic is this: In the large Teacher of Mantra manual, on page 78, Namadeva explains that "In ancient times some mantras were esoterically and secretly "locked" so that the power would not be released simply by chanting them. This practice was called "sealing and nailing" the mantra. Meditate on Kshraum and in your mind's eye see the thing being unlocked and available ". Also, in Namadeva's workshop on the Mysterious Kundalini, he offers three brief methods for the removal of the Seal and Nail on a mantra.

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Any mantra is necessary to invoke and connect to a deity god or goddess. Without chanting a mantra, it is hard to establish a unifying bond with a deity, and also obtain their boons and blessings.

Chanting mantras with faith and devotion always yields positive results. Additionally, performing mantras with specified processes and methods always guarantees success in the desired outcome as per the wishes of The Supreme Divine Energy. It is a very powerful mantra, from which an aspirant could be blessed with power, fame, health, prosperity, wealth, and bliss as long as it is approved by The Supreme Divine Energy. It is surely a precious jewel, which becomes even more precious and beneficial when polished more and more.

Hence, practicing the mantra over and over with faith and devotion one can expect miraculous lifelong results. In a lifetime, one needs to recite this mantra at least , times either in one sitting or multiple sittings with the utmost faith and indestructible dedication.

Ka means Brahma, the creator. Indra is the chief of all gods and goddesses and is victorious in all the battles against demons. But this is not just a dot. More than these V-s and dots, the pronunciation is important. With reference to the five basic elements, sa means air element. Possibly this could mean that sustenance is the most difficult act and dissolution is the easiest act.

But the time factor does not apply when the mantra is recited mentally. Skip to content. Home Panchdasi Mantra. Panchdasi Mantra.


Panchdasi Mantra

It is a very powerful mantra, a channel for infinite power, wealth, health, fame, enjoyment and grace. Even in Vedas, it is given in coded form only. It is not usually written down in the mantra form because it is supposed to be transmitted from Guru to sishya disciple directly, orally. Even if it is written in books, it cannot be taken from there, as it will not yield results. Like a woman of quality, She can be had only through proper marriage, meaning, initiation from a Guru; not even any Guru, but one who has attained its fruits. It is an unthinkable asset, blessing. It is like an uncut jewel.


Guruji Amritananda on Panchadasi Mantra



Panchadasi Mantra


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