Toll Free Phone Quick Reference Guide. Knowing Your Sewing Machine. Name of Machine Parts and Their Functions. Pattern Selection Dial Choose from 10 different stitches.

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Toll Free Phone Quick Reference Guide. Knowing Your Sewing Machine. Name of Machine Parts and Their Functions. Pattern Selection Dial Choose from 10 different stitches. Buttonhole Fine-Adjusting Screw For use if the stitching on the two sides of the buttonhole do not appear uniform. Thread Take-up Lever Guide thread through the lever from right to left.

Upper Tension Control Dial This controls the tension of the upper thread. Reverse Sewing Lever To sew in reverse. Presser Foot Holder Assembly. Presser Foot Screw. Presser Foot Zigzag. Needle Plate. Shuttle Hook. Bobbin Case. Needle Clamp Screw. Shuttle Cover. Thread Cutter. Spool Pin Pull up on spool pin to level thread.

Bobbin Winder Place unfilled bobbin on winder. Handwheel Use for lower threading. Foot Controller Jack Insert plug in jack to operate foot controller. Presser Foot Lever Used to raise and lower the presser foot. Built-in Handle Ideal for easy and efficient transporting. Solution Center. To eliminate unnecessary repairs, listed below are common problems and possible solutions. Please refer to your instruction manual for further instructions. Bobbin is Wound Incorrectly Use a small pair of scissors to remove thread.

Brother International Corporation recommends the use of genuine parts and supplies and proper maintenance to keep your product running smoothly. Many of our resellers carry genuine Brother parts, accessories and supplies. If you are unable to locate these items, please visit us online at www. Relative Chart of Sewing Fabrics,.

Needles and Thread Combinations. Sewing Fabrics. Needle Sizes. Thread Sizes. Fine tricot, Fine lace,. Thin linen, Silk, Organza,. Fine Mercerized Cotton. Voile, Taffeta, Synthetics,. Cotton, Gingham, Poplin,. Percale, Pique, Satin,. Velvet, Lightweight wool,.

Fine corduroy, Suitings,. Denim, Gabardine,. Mercerized Heavy Duty. Polyester Long Fiber. Single knit, Double knit,. Cotton Wrapped Polyester. Brother manuals. Sewing machines. Brother LSi User Manual Quick reference guide knowing your sewing machine, Solution center, Name of machine parts and their functions. Pages: 1 2.

Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. This manual is related to the following products: LS , LS


Brother LS2125i

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Brother LS-2125i Instruction Manual

The Brother LSi has a total of 10 different types of stitches, including 1 buttonhole stitch. Standard or full-size machines are the most versatile machine size as they work for a range of sewing applications. Full-size machines are usually wider than compact machines and this gives you slightly more space to manoeuvre the fabric around the needle area. If you already have presser feet that are compatible with this type of shank from a previous sewing machine, then in many cases you will be able to use the same presser feet on this model as well.

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