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If a whole or part of a paragraph has been amended, the date of the amending regulation appears in square brackets at the end of the paragraph. If a whole paragraph or sub-paragraph has been deleted, the date of the deletion appears in square brackets beside the deleted paragraph or sub-paragraph. According to the recommendation of the Ministry of Economics and the Ministry of Interior the limited liability company Standardisation, Accreditation and Metrology Centre shall publish the list of national standards of Latvia which are to be applied for the fulfilment of the Construction Standard LBN on the internet site www. The requirements of the Construction Standard LBN at the places of imprisonment, short-term detention facilities, institutions of social services, medical treatment institutions and in other structures, where the competent authorities have restricted the freedom of movement of persons, shall be applied insofar as it is not in contradiction with the requirements of the regulatory enactments regulating the operation of such institutions which are connected with the deprivation of liberty and with limited rights of a person to move freely.

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Always consult the official source when making use of legal information. Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. No 51 Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers of 28 November , the provisions of the "rules on no Latvian et seq of the LBN " public "buildings and structures" Latvian journal, , Prime Minister Godmanis economic Minister i.

Gerhard Editorial Note: regulations shall enter into force with September 1, Approved by the Cabinet on July 21, General questions 1 et seq of the following terms: 1. The CAP floor, attic floor, Penthouse, basement floor and technical explanations of terms are given in the Act, regulations for high-rise residential buildings. This requires new et seq of the public buildings and premises public building design, existing public buildings reconstruction or renovation design, insofar as it is not contrary to the law on the protection of cultural monuments, as well as for the design of public space in industrial buildings and other structures.

Et seq does not apply to small architectural forms-kiosk, public transport stops, open shelters, pay telephones, booths, and other small and temporary structures design.

Public buildings and premises of the functional groups mentioned in annex 1 of this et seq. If a public building is intended for the use of other facilities such as residential, industrial , the project according to the design of the use of regulatory laws. Public interest that public buildings and premises of load-bearing structures seismic stability provides the standard LVS EN "Euro code 8 — Seismic resistant design of structures-part 1: General rules, and the rules of seismic effects on buildings".

When designing public spaces, separate parts of the building reconstruction or renovation plan and related functional changes affect all the buildings operation and need to change the design of the premises, building engineering supply network diagram or external appearance of the building e. Public buildings the main characteristics 2. Number of floors Number of floors in the public building depends on the intensity of the land parcel and building height restrictions in accordance with the municipal planning and building regulations and more detailed is prescribed if necessary in accordance with the laws and regulations , or the planning and architectural task.

The roof, which is located in its own premises located at people or have our own jobs, as well as built in the attic floor is excluded. If the public parts of the building have a different number of floors or buildings located in the land of variable terrain floor shall be determined separately for each part of the building and the largest figure specified in the accounts. Building the intensity and floor area Floor area in square metres m2 determines the public buildings within the outer perimeter.

Building plot Building area including the area under buildings and parts of the building, located on the columns, caurbrauktuvj area under the buildings, as well as the area under the porch, terraces and external staircase.

The total area is excluded in the attic the technical attic , technical underground, open spaces and external staircase. The landing of all or part of the area including its floor area, from which a staircase led upward. Public building built using different rooms such as residential, manufacturing space area including basement and attic floor is calculated according to the use design regulatory laws. Room area includes the built-in wardrobe.

The room area is excluded in part room under the internal staircase and low sloping structures placed, in the case where the relevant part of the height from the floor to the bottom of the design surface is less than 1. Outdoors area Design requirements 3. Land building land Stand Fire protection compartment maximum area in public buildings constructed according to the fire protection of the laws and regulatory requirements.

Public rooms minimum height from floor to ceiling is 3 m reconstruction or renovation project-not less than 2. Floor, below or above the public spaces, as well as public buildings basement and ground floor of the CAP may not be in the warehouse or manufacturing space for explosive substances and material storage or operation on them.

Space lighting Public spaces provide natural light through the Windows in the exterior walls or skylights roof covering, as well as artificial lighting under the appropriate hygiene requirements.

Natural light can not provide toilets, sanitary rooms and shower facilities, as well as in other people's short stay in rooms where it is necessary for the appropriate use of space and design conditions of the task. Room Acoustics and noise insulation Sound insulation parameters, as well as the permissible noise levels determined in accordance with the hygiene requirements and noise level of regulatory laws.

The staircase project as a separate fire compartment under the fire safety regulatory laws. The step number one ladder in the release may not be less than three and not more than 18, and one ladder must be placed in different height risers. Some of the landing without the project level, lauzum length depth adopted no less than building wider exits required, but not less than the width of the staircase width according to fire safety regulatory laws.

Ladder starplaukum podium length constructed no less than 1. Let the width of the stairs shall be adopted in accordance with the laws governing the fire safety requirements.

The step height of the evacuation routes are between 12 and 18 cm. Step width and height of the two amounts must be from 60 to 63 cm. Handrails or other containment structures, which is not less than 0. The width of the ladder is not less than 0. If the stairs are open, people escape through these steps in the calculation may include half of the expected number of customers in the grass.

The rest of the shoppers and employees evacuation made for not less than two locked stairwell evacuation requires two and over stairwell. One way out of public buildings apart from the building's functions can be directly to the lobby, wardrobe, some in the hall or Foyer that connected with open staircase.

The theatre building block of viewers viewers available can be an open staircase and not less than two closed staircases to exit to the attic and roof. Evacuation estimates include the open staircase from the hall floor level up to the next floor the floor level. The next block of viewing floors of rooms provides isolated escape routes leading to the closed staircases.

The theater scene in the utility room of the building block required at least two closed stairs staircase with natural lighting or emergency smoke extraction, which is output to the attic and roof. Entrance and exit from rooms that are possible or carry flammable or explosive atmosphere, designed through the fire hall.

The glass containment structures such as glass, doors are visually apparent. Children's institutions and institutions for persons with mental disability by the glass structures shall be provided with supplementary boundaries up to 1.

The premises intended to be split with transformational walls, evacuation routes require separate from each of the enclosed parts. The space underneath the structures allocated in separate sections, area is not larger than m2 which can be monitored from the inside. The design of the cover may be from hard combustible materials. Persons with disabilities, wheelchair and wheelchair users convenient access and mobility in public buildings, as well as the application of Assistant equipment in separate premises such as hotel rooms, toilets.

Persons with Visual or hearing impairments in public buildings provide chances to get the audio or Visual information. If between rooms or between the building and the sidewalk is level difference, need pandus ramp.

The visitors — wheelchair users-corridors project available at least l, 8 m wide and doors — at least 1. In public buildings that are taller than one story and which could be used by persons with mobility impairments or construction which fully or partially intended for State or local funds, wheelchair and wheelchair users provide at least one passenger elevator or conveyor ramps serving all floors.

Each floor shall be at least one toilet room that is accessible to wheelchair users. Wheelchair users in shower rooms provided for the minimum width and length is not less than 1.

Corridors corridors Corridors corridors width provide appropriate fire safety regulatory laws, but not less than 1. The corridor the corridor ceiling height free provide appropriate fire safety regulatory laws, but not less than 2.

Evacuation corridors that are longer than 30 metres and which provides natural lighting, smoke and heat output according to fire safety regulatory laws.

Exit from the elevator on the ground floor and basement of the CAP project through the elevator hall or the fire hall, separated from the other rooms by fireproof partitions EI 60 and fire door EI Public building in the area of the work space for one employee in the project according to the requirements and standards of hygiene, but no less than 4.

The audience halls seating one area covers at least 0. Medicinal products intended for formal training institution legislation, one seating area provides at least 0. Medicinal products designed for conferences, seminars and similar events, each Member shall provide at least 1. A continuous line should be deployed: Of the Hall evacuated people is equal to the number of viewers visitor.

If Hall including balcony at the same time staying no more than 50 people, the distance from the farthest audience jobs to the means of escape shall not exceed 25 m, there is no need to design a second means of escape. The audience halls with fixed seating aisle width between lines shall be constructed not less than 0.

If the level difference between the seats are larger than 0. Toilet and hygiene equipment minimum number is calculated according to annex 3 of the present et seq. Men and women of separate toilet facilities. Common toilet room can be places where the calculation requires only one toilets for the people, and it consists of separate cab and the Hall no urinals , which is the sink. Stall minimum designed not less than 0.

If the washing box installed in the wall and room doors open outwards, toilet facilities or the cab length can be reduced, but it may not be less than 1. From premises where people reside, toilet separated by a hallway. The toilet or the Hall must be equipped with hand basin sink. The toilet and shower facilities ceiling height to trim the plane project at least 2.

Shower rooms, changing rooms, toilets and it will be forced Hall artificial ventilation. Education and science building Preschool educational institution buildings stairs, where the distance between the put in is greater than 0.


Cab. Reg. No. 498 - Latvian Construction Standard LBN 201-10

Specific table added which determines. The induced resistance was stable in all strains after subculture in the absence metronidazole and also after storage and freezing. Wood board — a sawn wooden product, thickness is less than 38 mm, width — it is more than 75 mm. However, none of the known IS elements that have been associated with nim genes were detected upstream of nimI. NimI was also recently detected in two other P. Other authors have also shown that metronidazole-resistant mutants may be selected from nim -negative Bacteroides sp.

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LBN 201-10 PDF

If a whole or part of a section has been amended, the date of the amending law appears in square brackets at the end of the section. If a whole section, paragraph or clause has been deleted, the date of the deletion appears in square brackets beside the deleted section, paragraph or clause. The Saeima 1 has adopted and the President has proclaimed the following law:. The purpose of the Law is to create a living environment of good quality, determining efficient regulation of the construction process in order to ensure sustainable State economic and social development, preservation of cultural and historical and environmental values, as well as rational use of energy resources. The Law shall be applied to the construction of new structures, as well as to rebuilding, renewal, restoration, demolition, placing of existing structures, to changing of the type of use without rebuilding and to preservation.





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