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Forgot Password? Today's Posts. Mark Forums Read. RC Radios, Transmitters, Receivers, Servos, gyros Discussion all about rc radios, transmitters, receivers, servos, etc. JR XP update 2. Reply Subscribe. Thread Tools. Search this Thread. My most recent hiatus from the hobby happened when I met my now ex wife back in I already plunked down some cash on real flight 6. It took about 2 minutes for me to feel comfortable with all the airframes in 6.

I think I purchased them both at or around 99 or The transmitters have the old style battery connectors, I know because I just replaced the batteries.

They both have been meticulously cared for, and look brand new. I still have the protective covering on the button selection area. Any advice updating older JR radios to 2. Anyone with some solid input on the upgrading path to a new radio for someone looking to get into larger aircraft would be appreciated too. Radios that have caught my eye are the Airtronics SDG which doesn't seem to get much love, but offers a lot of bang for the buck, and the funky looking JR 11X.

I was also looking at the Spektrum DX18, but a little concerned about build quality, and signal link reliability. Or do I just keep it simple and fly on old 72? Regards, Steve. Reply Like. View Public Profile. View iTrader Profile. My Feedback: 3. If you loved your old , I did, you will love the new radios from JR. I fly a 11X and love it. The programing with this radio is super simple it makes flying so much more fun.

Every JR radio has very simple programing but yet it will allow you to do anything the others will or at least very close. Go to JR Americas and look at the new radios they have.

Welcome back! Send a private message to keithtsr. Find More Posts by keithtsr. Art ARRO. My Feedback: 5. Steve, You might want to consider the purchase of a Spektrum 2.

The module now has an integrated antenna instead of the coax connector which was prone to problems. The module comes with a 7 channel full range Spektrum receiver that is already bound to the module, truly plug-n-play. I've been flying this setup in an F propjet all season with no issues whatsoever. The best part was that all the F TX settings crossed over to 2. I do recommend upgrading to a 6. Welcome back to the hovbby and good luck on this.

Thanks for the replies! I have been doing so much reading my head is going to explode! I think I have narrowed down some of my options in the process tho. After trying to retain all of this recent knowledge I've made the decision to upgrade to 2.

I've narrowed the brands and models to 3, and I'm leaning towards pulling the trigger on the new Hitec Aurora 9X. The radio has gotten rave reviews, and offers a lot of bag for the buck. With the Tower Hobbies discount, free shipping, and Hitec purchase rebate incentives for a free 7 channel receiver, data link PC cable its a hard to deal to beat.

Never really considered telemetry until I read about people saving their planes because telemetry informed them that there was issues ahead of time before a total loss of control.

Rx battery info and signal strength alarms are something I'm definitely interested in having. Being able to monitor engine temp, rpm and GPS data is icing on the cake. Being that I'm a sport flyer I don't see myself needing more than 9 channels so the 9X fits the bill there too.

Obviously a couple extra channels would be icing too, but not necessary. I gave a serious look at the JR 11X, and the newer version of the 11X. I liked everything except the price tag, at almost double the cost of the Hitec 9X. If the 11X had a touch screen I think it would make it much more attractive at its current price point. I also have some serious concerns over their build quality outside of their 18 channel radio which apparently is made my JR. I've held a couple spectrum radios, and none of them made me want to own one.

That being said I haven't held the 18 which is more than what I need anyway. I'm continually amazed at how far the hobby has come since I've been out of the scene, and super excited to be involved with it again!

Steve, I suggested the Spektrum 2. About years ago I purchased a JR X integrated to 2. I too am wary of the Spectrum systems but their receivers, and now servos, seem just fine-plus Horizon does service JR at very reasonable prices. I just don't want to look away from my models to see the telemetry information. Good luck in whatever you purchase. Received 1 Like on 1 Post. Send a private message to bchapman. Find More Posts by bchapman. There certainly is a lot of choices out there for a guy to ponder.

It's not an easy choice until you pick up a JR Radio I owned one Hitec radio back in 96 and just didn't like the programing. I have been with JR since they came into the country, Circus Circus Hobbies, and have nothing but good luck with them. JR has great customer service, easy programing, and feel that no one else has.

Time for a new transmitter. The is history. I still have and it is great. Last edited by grizzly59; at PM. Send a private message to grizzly Find More Posts by grizzly If you want to go the cheap route, consider a FrSky module. Drops right in and gives you a telemetry radio system. Last, nothing wrong with staying on We still have a few guys who have not moved. But if you like flying at events, most will only allow 2.

Send a private message to wildnloose. Visit wildnloose's homepage! Find More Posts by wildnloose. The rf links work on all the new stuff -as long as YOU do it right-this is old news. I also have owned a number of radios inc ones I built The absolute handiest one of the bunch is the new DX9 Spektrum- All my flying is -flying- - I really don't play much with telemetry -tho it is good at that too. The tx is light -easy to use and very accurate in doing tiny inputs.

The new voice thing is extremely handy for time announcements - one of the best ideas in years. Last edited by rmh; at PM. Send a private message to rmh. Find More Posts by rmh. Thanks for all the input!


JR Direct The Ultimate Radio Control System XP8103 User Manual

Arashimi In answering your question about latency i can tell you from first hand experence that it is very noticabe. I highly recommend, that once you have determined the optimum setting, that you program both switch positions for dual rate and exponential to be exactly the same. The XP also sports a new and much larger screen. One feature that you are not going to discover unless you read the manal manual is that the contrast of the display screen is adjustable. To set reflex mode, follow the instructions for launch mode with the following exceptions:. Page 5 Table of Contents Programming Charts.

102 PDF

Programming the JR8103 by Sherman Knight



JR XP8103 update 2.4 or upgrade to new radio?



JR Propo XP8103 PCM 8ch RC Radio Control Airplane Transmitter 72mhz FM


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